A little of sun makes people do silly things

Well this is my third attempt at a fandom story, the first that I've actual done enough to finished and publish. I never realised how people pull off all these brilliant stories when I found it so hard just to come up with this and I know it's not good. Anyway, I love criminal minds and I just wish that TPTB would have given us a little Hotch/Prentiss love thing! ANYWAY…. Feel free to add constructive criticism, and I mean constructive, don't leave hateful review because nobody likes nasty people and also writing doesn't come naturally to me, i like to read more than write. There are most likely spelling and grammar mistakes so I apologise in advance.

Disclaimer; I do not own Criminal minds, its characters or anything associated with them. If I did, Paget wouldn't have left, Hotch and Emily would at least be having a secret relationship and so would Morgan and Garcia!

It was getting late into the evening. Everyone was getting fed up. The team had been in Miami for 3 days now and no closer to catching their suspect. Rossi was starting to nod off in the corner, Reid was annoying Morgan with his statistics, JJ was on the phone with Will and Henry, Hotch was just hunched over a desk, wondering why they bothered coming her, when all the information they had so far, they could of got back in DC, but Noooooo, the girls had to convince him to take the case, just so that when they were finished up, they could all spend the day on muscle beach, much to Reid's dismay. This left Garcia and Emily. Garcia was asleep having spent most of the day stuck inside, in front of a few dated computer screens. She had spent the last hour arguing with Kevin and this had her tiered out, so she decided she would close her eyes until someone decided to tell them all to call it a night. Emily had managed to fight Derek for the only comfy chair in the room they were allocated at the local station. Emily was leaning back in the chair, both feet up on the desk, staring at Hotch. She just sat there staring at him, wondering what it would be like to kiss him. Wondering what I t would be like to taste him, to run her tongue over his, wondering what that tongue could do to her. It wasn't the first time she had thought this. She had done this too many times to count since she started at the BAU. She could feel her cheeks begin to burn as she got carried away with her thoughts, she was getting so turned on just from thinking about him kissing her lips, her neck and breasts, her stomach, her hot delicious core. She was so lost in her fantasy that she didn't notice when Hotch turned round and looked in her direction. He did a double take and started to look around at what she was staring at, not realising it was him. Hotch reached out on the table for a piece of paper, looked back up again at Emily and scrunched the paper into a ball and threw it at her; he swiftly turned back a round, as if it wasn't him that threw it. "What the f...!" Emily muttered quietly, no one looked towards her, so she passed it off, waiting to see if somebody decided to play silly beggars and do it again. Hotch sat with his back to Emily, stifling a laugh in JJ's direction. JJ noticed this and just raised an eyebrow and smirked at him, confused as to what had him with a shit eating grin on his face. Still curious as to what hit her on the chest, Emily looked up at the exact time JJ had a smirk on her face. "Right Miss Jureau, paybacks a bitch!" Emily said quietly, picking up a small pencil rubber off the desk she was at. Emily waited until JJ turned round to continue talking to Will. Prentiss picked up a case file and opened it, getting ready to use it to shield her face. Emily was pre occupied with getting JJ back; she wasn't paying attention to who was staring at her this time. Emily launched the rubber across the room, aiming for any part of JJ's body she could hit, unfortunately for JJ; it smacked her right, bang in the middle of the back of her head. "Shit!" Emily muttered, quickly shoving the file in front of her face. "OUCH, what the fuck was that?" JJ said, turning around getting the whole rooms attention at her outburst.

Hotch sat there, smirking to himself. He knew Emily wouldn't think it was him, plus, he had an excellent poker face. He quickly spun round in his chair, facing JJ. He couldn't help but have a little giggle to himself. He noticed JJ giving him a confused look and decided not to tell her what he had done; he thought it would be more fun this way. Hotch gave it a minute or so before he turned back round to face towards Emily, sticking on his poker face. He noticed her eying up her friend with an evil look in her eyes. "No! Surely not? Prentiss must think JJ threw the offending bit of paper? Oh, this is going to better than my original plan! If I know Prentiss well enough and I know that look she has, she is going for payback, payback that should be for me! This is going to be fun" Just as Hotch finished that thought , he picked up his coffee to take a sip, he noticed Prentiss pick up a case file and open it, then reached across the desk she was at and picked up what looked like a white pencil rubber. Five seconds later, she threw it, straight across the room, right at her best friend and hit her right in the back of her head. Hotch didn't have time to swallow his coffee, as he ended up spitting it out of his mouth as he watched the rubber hit his subordinate. Reid unfortunately got hit by Hotch's coffee. "Eww, Hotch what was that for?" Hotch was trying to control his giggle, which wasn't easy considering the destination of where his coffee landed. "Sorry Reid! Went down the wrong hole!" Hotch said trying not to laugh even more as Reid's, so called, angry face disappeared into that of a scared school boy! Reid hadn't noticed the real reason for Hotch's mishap and just carried with what he was doing, which he soon realised was nothing.

Morgan was the first one to speak up about JJ's outburst, not really paying attention to Hotch spitting his coffee all over Reid, but still stifled a giggle. "What's up baby girl?" JJ spoke in an annoyed tone, "something just hit me on the head and I know someone threw it cos it hit the back of my head" Something caught Derek's eye on the floor underneath Reid's chair. He bent down to pick it up and gave it JJ. "Catch baby girl, was it this?" JJ caught it and examined it, "I don't know, it hit the BACK of my head, so I didn't see it coming MORGAN", She said as the emphasized his name. "Calm down, I was just helping, I didn't throw it" Morgan said putting his hands up defensively. Emily decided this was the perfect time to escape before she got caught. She got up, taking her phone out of pocket, pretending to have a call and started walking towards the door. "Prentiss, yeah just give me a minute mother, I'm just in the local police station". JJ noticed Emily get up and shouted to her with an annoyed look on her face, "Where are you going? I want to know who threw this." Emily pretended to speak to her mother still, looked at her best friend, putting a finger in the air and mouthing 'one minute' to her. And that was it; Emily was safe for the time being. As she exited the building, she went round the corner and put her phone back in her pocket, ending her imaginary phone call with her mother. "God that was close" she said to no one but herself. "What was close?" Emily whipped her head round and there was the man of her dreams, raunchy dreams neither the less! "Shit!" she thought. " Erm, my mother, she…., she wanted to me to….., to come round when we get back home" ' yes, great idea Em, quick thinking, now you just need to make your face go back to its normal colour instead of the flushed face that it is!' She thought to herself 'I'm sure that's the reason, does she seriously think that I would believe that excuse!' He thought to himself, looking at Emily with a raised eye brow. "why are you looking at me like that. It's the truth" Emily felt herself getting flushed at the blatant lie and that sexy, dimple clad smirk of his. Hotch decided to see how far Prentiss was going to take the white lies. "So... any idea who threw that rubber at JJ?" Emily felt her cheeks start to burn yet again, red with guilt and embarrassment. "I have no idea what you are going on about", she said the last of her sentence turning her head away from Hotch to hide the grin on her face. "mm mmm, sure you don't! It was i good shot though! Bet it hurt", Hotch replied trying to catch her out at her lie and it worked. "i know! I can't believe i managed to hit her smack bang in the middle of her head!" Hotch was quick off the ball," thought u didn't know what i was talking about? Did i her hear a confession agent Prentiss?" Hotch couldn't keep the smile off his face now. Emily was silent. Her face flushed crimson red. Prentiss didn't know where to put her eyes. Then she finally spoke;" I, Err...what?" flustered, she couldn't come up with an answer. "you basically just confessed to throwing the eraser at your best friend, so don't try and get out of it, plus I was watching you Em!" Emily decided she was caught out and decided to just be honest. "What… what did you call me?" It was Hotch's turn to get flustered. "I called you Prentiss" Emily tried to keep the smile off her face. It was her turn to get flustered. "I don't think so Hotch. You called me Em, not Prentiss or even Emily, but Em". Hotch didn't know where to put his face. He couldn't believe he dropped that clanger and the fact that she just pulled him up on it. "Erm, well..., that's what friends do don't they? Have pet names as such, for their friends, like...Morgan and Garcia, they're always at it!" 'Great example Aaron, like that one isn't obvious' "yeah, but Pen has major drools for Derek and if I'm not mistaken, I think Derek feels the same". 'Ha! Have that Hotch! Let's see you get out of that one' thought Emily.

"I think we're slightly getting off track here Prentiss. We were talking about you throwing objects at your colleagues and not Morgan and Garcia's feelings for each other, which I will have to speak to them about, rules and all". Emily felt a pang of guilt hit her. She couldn't let Hotch talk to Morgan and Garcia. They would kill her if they found out that she had revealed their feelings to someone else, let alone the unit chief. They both now Hotch is like family to them but they also know that Hotch is all about the job and sticks to the rules; he didn't need Strauss to have more things to split his team up. Emily needed to rectify the situation quickly. "first of all Aaron, don't talk to PG, she will know I've said something, secondly you brought them two up not me and thirdly, it was ONE eraser and it was at ONE colleague, so there!" Emily stuck her tongue out at the last part and blushed slightly. God, did he love this playfully side of her. It gives him a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Hotch couldn't help but bring out his shit eating grin, dimples and all.

During their little banter, they had both managed to move closer to each other and not realise it until their hands brushed against each other. The electricity that shot through the touch was amazing. Just as they started to get lost in their own little dream world about the other, JJ came storming out. "Em, you've been out here long enough, what's keeping y...? Oh, hey Hotch!" "JJ" Hotch spoke out, back in his usual tone, as not to give anything away , he turned towards Emily and said " we will continue this later Prentiss!" and then he winked and brought the dimples back out, only for Emily to see. He turn back around and went straight back inside. JJ stared at Hotch as he entered the station again, waiting till he was out of ear shot. "soooo, what was all that about Em? You and Hotch looked cosy!" JJ said giving Emily a wink and a little hip bump, as they linked arms and went back inside. "WHAT...I…I Don't know what you were talking about" Emily said dragging her

Friend back in and then sitting back in her seat. Ten minutes later, still no new leads. Hotch decides to wreak more havoc. Not exactly sure what he is going to do, he looks round for some inspiration. Nothing catches his eye, so he decides to take a walk round the room to stretch his legs. He gets half way round the room and notices Morgan leaning back on his chair, his hands behind his head. 'watch out Morgan' Hotch said to himself. Two seconds later, Morgan's flat on his back and Hotch is back on the other side of the room, Morgan none the wiser. At this point the whole room is staring at Morgan. Garcia is by his side straight away, making sure her chocolate thunder is ok. JJ and Prentiss are both struggling to keep their laughing in check and not burst out laughing hysterically. "it's not funny guys. I could of swore someone kick the legs of the chair" Dave chirped up "chairs have for legs for a reason Morgan, try using them, then maybe next time you won't end up flat on your back!" Hotch just stood there laughing thinking of his next plan of attack on the rest of the team. He only meant to tease Prentiss, but then she took it to the next level and threw a rubber at JJ, and Morgan.., well, that was just too hard to resist. Now he had an evil plan to play pranks of some sort on the rest of the team.3 down, 2 to go.3 if you include Strauss into that, but even Morgan isn't that crazy to prank Strauss! But maybe Dave is? He thought to himself, but that will have to wait until he has finished getting Reid and Dave himself, otherwise they will be wise to his plan. Getting back to the current situation, he had to get his thinking head on; he had to think like a teenager would. What could he do that wouldn't be directly linking to him. Maybe he could make it out that Prentiss was pulling the stunts as payback? That would get her riled up if the team think she is behind it all. And GOD, was she sexy when she was pissed off, almost makes him want to bend her over and take over that desk now! He thought to himself, starting to feel the stirrings in his low half of his body.

"Aaron...Aaron" Hotch groans at the sound of her moaning out his name whilst he slides in and out of her.

His eyes are glazed over, face slightly flushed, half a frown on his face. "Aaron...HOTCH!" Dave shakes him out of his fantasy, "mm...Mmmm" Hotch mumbles, coming round after his little daydream. "Oh, shit!" "Yeah, oh shit! Where were you then Aaron? Somewhere nice I'm assuming by the notice that comes out of your mouth?" Dave said leaning into him. "You're lucky it was just me that heard you, oh... And Emily, judging by that smirk on her face!" Dave sat back giggling. "What?" Hotch swung his head round, looking straight at Prentiss. The smile dropping instantly from her embarrassed face, flushed cheeks and look replacing it. Emily didn't know where to put her eyes. And neither did Hotch for that matter, soon sporting the same look as Prentiss. Dave being the nosey profiler that he was noticed both the looks on their faces and could resist the urge to push Hotch's button and winding him up about it. Leaning in to whisper to him, Dave says "so Aaron... Was his a dirty thought you were having? About a certain brunette over there?" "what...No, don't be absurd" Hotch muttered back, trying to dig himself out of that hole that was getting ever so much bigger! Dave wasn't letting it go. He seen something in both their eyes and wanted to see if he was right. "Aaron don't give me that, in case you forgot, i taught you how to profile! I saw it in your eyes whilst you were off thinking in dream Prentiss land and that shocked look when i told you Emily had heard you to. Do you have feelings for her?" "NO!" Hotch quick of the bat to try and climb back up out of this hole. "I was not having inappropriate thoughts about my subordinate, and for the record, keep your thoughts to YOURSELF". Hotch snapped back at him, getting up and storming out of the police station and getting everyone's attention. "nice one Rossi, what you done now? It's bad enough that we are we are stuck here; we don't need a pissed of Hotch to add the equation. This place is small enough and then you throw in a pissed off Hotch, nice! Well done Rossi" Morgan chipped in, still upset that he was humiliated earlier. Only if he knew what had got Hotch angry, he would have thought it was funny and stared ribbing him too, as he was certain that it was Hotch that knocked his chair earlier but couldn't prove it. "oh, shut up Morgan, I was just ribbing him. If you knew about what, then you would be doing it too!" Rossi got up and walked towards the door after Aaron, passing Morgan on his way, yanking him backwards on his chair, "ROSSI" Derek shouts. "what did I tell you earlier? Chairs have four legs, use them!" Dave got out of the door just to miss what came out of Derek's mouth. "I will wrap Em round ya head the next time you do that".

Emily just sat there contemplating whether or not to follow Dave. As she made her way to the exit she could hear Dave talking. "why are you getting so defensive Aaron? I was only joking around, lighten up." Hotch turn towards him with a raised eyebrow.

"Look, I know you like her, it's obvious, but unless you want the rest of the team to know, you need to watch what you do." Aaron was about to confirm Dave's suspicions but changed his mind at the last second. "I don't know what you're talking about Dave, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't go round spreading that rumour" Dave was starting to get annoyed now; he knew his friend was only deflecting. "whatever Aaron, I'm just trying to be a good friend but you are obviously in denial, so I will let it go, but remember what I said". With that said, Dave made his way inside, on his way back in, he bumped into the said person in question. "oh, hey Emily! What you doing lurking in the corridor?" 'Oh shit' Emily muttered to herself. "hi Dave, I was just err…. Err I was just returning my mother's phone call, you know how she can get when you don't ring her back". 'great save, dim whit, he isn't going to believe that lame excuse', she thought to herself. Dave just stood there smirking, "oh I'm sure that's what you were doing Em! Are you sure? Cos if I knew you any better, I'd say you came out to see how Aaron was!" Prentiss' heart was going ten to the dozen, she couldn't believe she got found out, and by the FBI Romeo, who happened to be Hotch's oldest and closest friend. "Dave, I seriously haven't got the foggiest idea what you are going on about. Why would I want to check on Hotch? I didn't even know you two were out here". Her heart started going faster, her cheeks started to flush. "ok Em, I believe you" Dave moved to whisper something in her ear as he was passing. "Don't be shy Em, he will be pleased to see you and don't worry, and he doesn't bite! Or is that what you want?" And with that, he headed back in to the conference room. Hotch was stood outside listening, wondering how much of his conversation with Dave she had heard. He started pacing back and forth, fist clenching. He could feel the heat rising inside him. He swore to get Dave back for this. He couldn't have Emily knowing about his feelings for her if they aren't reciprocated. Emily made her way slowly outside side, pretending to be on the phone yet again to her mother. "ok Mother, I have to go, I'm working, yeah, yeah, love you too, bye" and with that, she fake, hung up! "oh hey Hotch! Didn't know you were out here." Emily couldn't control her heart. Every time she was around him, she would get butterflies in the pit of her stomach. God, how much she loved that man. Hotch turned round quickly and looked dumbfounded. His bad mood, instantly draining away and a nervous flutter in the pit of his stomach starting to form. "Erm…Prentiss, Erm…. Hey back!" What that woman does to him with just the slightest of smiles! The amount of inappropriate thoughts he had about her, he could make his own version of 50 shades of grey!

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