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Hotch and Prentiss had made their way into the BAU when Hotch's phone went off.

"great, just what I need"

"what's wrong Hotch?"


Hotch answered his phone like he didn't know who it was.

"Hotchner...What? No Beth, we have literally just got back and walked into the building...No...Prentiss and myself...Listen Beth, I'm not getting into this right now. It's been a long week and I need to sort things out here before I get was but Hayley had to work an Jessicca is on a date...because he is my son and …."

Hotch pulled his phone away from his ear and looked at it, then put it back into his pocket.

"She hung up on me" he said slightly shocked

"Wow, she has balls I'll give her that" Emily sniggered

"I'm not a total hard ass you know!"

"I never said you were, I just wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of you...Again"

"Oh really! And what side of me would you like to get on Agent Prentiss?" he said leaning into Prentiss

Emily turned he head in shock but could feel the blush quickly rush up her neck to her cheeks.

"I swear people have no idea you have this side to you, so...what's the word I'm looking for..."


"well that wasn't the word I was looking for but lets go with that!" she said mockingly.

The Elevator dinged as they reached their walked out followed by Prentiss.

"I would of said your flirtatious side" she said as she exited the elevator but muttering under her breath "wouldn't mind getting you on your back though!"

Hotch turned round and and looked her right in the eyes, Emily blushed yet again


"Nothing Prentiss, thought you said something else, about a bed!" and with that he winked at a gob smacked Prentiss and walked up the catwalk to his office, with a smug grin on his face.

Emily just stood routed the the spot, wondering what just happened. Just then,. the rest of the team came out of the elevator. Morgan walked over to Prentiss and put his arm over her shoulder and said

"Hey Princess, what you standing there for? Are you putting off doing your paper work again?"

Emily finally came out of her shock from what Hotch said

"What? Oh hey, when did you guys get back?"

"Em, was you just in la la land again? Thought I told you about day dreaming on the job!" Morgan said in a playful manner.

At that moment Dave decided he was going to rub her up the wrong way

"She normally does that when she is drooling all over a certain, 6ft 2, dark haired, stoic,unit chief!" Dave started to walk past her, smirk plastered all over his face.

"I do not drool over Hotch and besides Aaron isn't always so serious" she said going all dreamy again. Dave paused at the glass doors and turned round at Emily

"Aaron now is it,not Hotch? And I thought you said you don't drool, cos you might want to mop that bit of saliva off your chin" with that Rossi walked through the doors laughing out loud.

JJ nudged Prentiss to get her attention " Come on Em, you can have a wet dream about Hotch later, we should finish our paper work, I'm starving and want to get home to my boys"

"JAY! I do not have wet dreams about Hotch" she whispered angrily trying to keep her voice down.

"Keep telling yourself that Princess! Come on lets get finished and go home before Reed starts on one of his lectures"

45 minutes later, Hotch came out of his office with a not so cheery look on his face and walked through the now empty bullpen to Prentiss' desk.

"Prentiss, I need a huge favour?" he asked with a pleading look

"go on, what do you want me to do? I'm not distracting reed so you can prank him?"

Hotch chuckled "no it's not that, even though I may call on that favour later!" he said releasing his dimples on her and wiggling his eyebrows.

"oh no you don't. That's not playing fair. You can't bring the dimples out to get what you want. I bet that's where Jack gets it from?"

"talking of Jack, that the favour I need. Hayley is bringing him here and I've got a meeting with Strauss and might not be here when Hayley drops him off"

"OK sure I will drop him off at yours if you want? I love Jack, we have fun."

"thanks but I need you to watch him for me till I'm finished. I will give you my keys and you can use my car, it has his seat in it, saves switching the seats about."

"OK, sure. Wait, is Beth not going to be at yours? Cos, you must know by now that I'm not her favourite person for some reason" Emily looked a bit taken back by her own comments, wondering why Hotch's girlfriend gives her weird looks every time she sees her. Then again, she isn't really that concerned because Beth isn't high on her friends list either. Maybe if Beth wasn't dating the man she had a crush on, then that would be a different story. Nope, she just doesn't like her either way.

" Don't worry about Beth, she won't be there. She is meant to be coming in soon, insisting on having a talk in the office. I swear that woman drives me crazy"

"well, you chose to be in a relationship with her"

"I'm very well a aware of that Prentiss" he said in a slight;y angry tone

"hey, just because you are having issues with her, don't take it out on me" Emily was slightly taken aback by his tone.

"I know I'm sorry, OK, I didn't mean to snap at you. Can you take jack for me when he gets here please I really need to go before Strauss decides to cut our coffee bud... oh speak of the devil"

as he was in the middle of his conversation with Emily,the phone rung with that unmistakable ringtone of the Death march from star wars, alerting him that his superior, Strauss, was calling.

"Hotchner... yes I'm on my way, I was just..." Hotch looked at it phone yet again."what is it with people hanging up on me today!" he was half relieved that he didn't actually have to talk to Strauss for that long, but then again, he was going into a meeting with her, so he hadn't escaped that easily.

Emily thought of something that would lighten his mood.

"tell you what Hotch, I will ring you later and whisper dirty things to you then hang up, I'm sure that will be the better one of your phone calls, they do say it comes in 3's!" Emily giggled to herself as she sure a slight hint of red grace Hotch's cheeks, and a dimple come out. " and if you bring those bad boys out again, I may make it a LONG dirty phone call! That did it, his dimples were out in full force .

"why do I even bother with you Emily, I swear you have a one track mind!, right , here are my keys, give me yours so I can take your car later if I'm running late"

they exchanged keys are Hotch started to walk off through the was in a playful mood now and decided to ring Hotch as he was walking away. Hotch's phone rung with one of Emily's favourite songs- Bruno Mars-just the way you are. Hotch looked at his phone and stopped just as he got to the glass doors. Prentiss it read on his screen, he answered it but chose not to turn around and look at her, slightly embarrassed by the ring tone he had set for here.

"yes, Emily, what could you have possibly forgot to tell me in the 30 seconds since I left your desk?"

Emily answered him in a very low seductive tone, "Well hello big boy! I seen you shaking that sexy ass of yours as you were walking away! Are you going to get the big guns out for the dark lord? Mm mm, dimples are to die for, so sexy! Mm mm yes, yes, yes, that's it, harder. Faster, take me, take me, oh, yes, yes, mmmmmm," then she went quiet and just did some heavy breathing down the phone, then hung up laughing, turning her chair fully to see Hotch still stood at the doors, frozen still.

Hotch couldn't believe Emily just gave him the dirtiest phone call ever, in work, in the bullpen, just as he was heading of to a meeting with his boss. What the fuck was she playing at. His cock was rock hard. How the fuck is he going to hide that. He needed to think of something to get his dick back down. He turned round to look at Emily, who was still giggling. Theirs eyes met but then Emily's drifted down to his crotch. Even though he had black pants on, you could still see the obvious bulge in his pants. Emily's laughing instantly stopped and her cheeks were now bright red.

Hotch loved the fact that she was slightly embarrassed and decided to play on it.

"you so did not just do that when I have a meeting to get to." he got an evil grin on his face "two can play that game Prentiss, pay backs a bitch!" with that he winked and set the dimples out, full force, the walked out the door, straight to the toilets to get rid of the growing tension in his pants.

Back in the bullpen Emily was loving what what she started. It wasn't very often you got to see this side to Hotch, especially at work. "bring it on Hotch, bring it on, I can't wait" she said to a now empty bullpen.