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Summoning Arc

Chapter 4: Building and Breaking II

Patience is necessary, and one cannot reap immediately where one has sown.

~Soren Kierkegaard

Ciel Phantomhive was feeling nauseous.

He had only been back for a few days and he wasn't adjusting well. He couldn't keep his food down, he always felt fatigued doing the simplest tasks, and he couldn't stop flinching at even the softest of noises. It didn't help that the demon butler was absolutely horrendous at doing his job. Unpalatable food, awkward manners, and red rimmed cuffs against pristine ivory revealed the incompetence of the butler at his job. Along with the demon a foreign girl was thrown into the mix of events.

But after all the things he'd been through, all he had to do was remember he wasn't sitting on the harsh metal celled floor anymore. He wasn't the center of attention of leering gazes, he no longer tasted plastic from the food funneling tube they shoved down his throat, and he didn't have to hear the childish screams and cries of his cellmates anymore.

He didn't feel any of those things anymore, well except in his nightmares.

But he was head of the Phantomhive household now. As he clenched his fist he vowed to make them pay. He would litter the ground with the corpses of his enemies and he would avenge his parents deaths.

For the boy to do so, he was willing to do anything.

Even if it meant dealing with the devil himself.

So he would never have to grovel on his knees and have snot mixed with salty tears drip down his face. Never again would he just want it all to be over, never again would he have to watch as children became deformed and defiled. He wouldn't have to hear the steady stream of liquid slicked with iron dribble onto the floor in a steady hum

As the boy passively sat in his chair, watching tufts of dark blue hair fall to the floor he gave the demon an order.

"Train her."


"It will be quite difficult my lord, as she seems rather inadequate as a fighter."

Narrowing his eyes and staring fixed at the ground, the boy muttered. "I don't care, I want her to fulfill her role properly."

Ciel wasn't going to let it stand if the mediocre teenager who was sent to protect him turned out to be useless. He was going to make sure she did her job properly.

After all the deities have already proven themselves incompetent. How useful could they be if they failed to respond to his pleas all those weeks ago? As he watched through half lidded eyes the horrors that occurred in that dark place and was surrounded by the stench of varying body fluids mixing in the air, all he did was pray. Only for them to answer far too late with a potentially useless girl to make up for it.

But if he could have a demon on one side and a supposed protector assigned by a goddess on the other, the boy could be unstoppable.

Heaven and hell combined would make him impervious to the ill intentions of others.

The boy would turn a blind eye to the way the adolescent would stagger into the room, sluggishly moving and looking at him with bags under her eyes. It didn't matter if she looked queasy with her nose upturned and how her breathing ran shallow.

She was meant to protect him from the things he had faced and he was never going back to that abyss again.

"Do whatever you can to bring her up to par."


Paige stirred as she heard a knock on her door. Ignoring the noise she raised the blanket to her ears and snuggled into her covers, only to jump up at the sound of a deep baritone voice.

"Miss Lee, it is time for your chores."

The balls of her feet slammed into the ground and white spots danced into her vision as she all but threw the door open.

Upon seeing the pristine black waist coat of the butler, the girl nodded quickly and ran out the door before she could get an earful of the demon's lecture.

Water slopped out of her bucket as she trudged down the trail to the stables to complete her role as a stable-master. Opening the barn doors with a hard shove from her shoulder she smiled upon the sight of her horses.

Well technically the horses were all owned by her little blue eyed master. However since she was the one who catered to their very needs and was always elbow deep in their fecal matter, Paige thought it was only fair that she had some say in ownership.

She hadn't been an animal person previously, but really when the only company a girl could have was either a broody traumatized preteen or an irate demon she would rather just talk to the horses.

As she brushed Samantha's long chestnut brown mane, a beautiful mare, she warily looked at the only other horse in the room. The asian teenager hadn't named the stallion yet, but she would rather not get too close to the horse that almost dislocated her shoulder. Shuffling over to the stallion, she all but ran when he began to dig his hooves into the soil, leaving large angry marks.

Sighing to herself she muttered, "Not today either I guess."

Without much thought, she mechanically hefted the hay and began shoveling poop into a bucket.

The days had gone by for her fast as she fell into an unfortunate routine.

She would wake up, clean up the mess of gore surrounding the Phantomhive mansion, go to the stables and take care of the horses, and run a few kilometers all before breakfast.

Then with Ciel and Sebastian she fired a few rounds for target practice, occasionally she would learn different weaponry. As the sun reached the center of the sky, she would leave and prepare the horses for Ciel's riding lessons. After all of that was over, she would sneak into the kitchen and eat whatever food looked edible before she was forced to go outside and follow Sebastian's physical regimen he assigned her.

By dinner time she stank of cold sweat, dirt, and manure. For the sake of her little charge she no longer ate in the same room. Instead she opted for bringing her food near the lake, where she slumped against a tree and looked up at the sky.

By the end of the day she was sore and covered in grim, all she ever wanted to do was sleep as she entered her room.

No longer bothering to shower, she would hit the bed after changing. Sometimes she would even forgo putting on new clothes. After all what was the point when she would just be covered in dirt the next day? Then the day after that, the same thing would happen over and over again.

It might have made her feel better if she could write down her thoughts, but at this point it hurt to even move a finger.

Her body would throb from pain as she lay down on the covers, making it difficult to fall asleep at times.

Staring at the blank ceiling above her, all she wanted to do was call it quits.

She had tried to call out to Chala, she had screamed and cried the goddesses' name at the lake where she was found when no one was looking.

But she never got a response.

There was a large part that started feeling numb. She was getting used to the dead bodies in the morning, no longer being gentle as she flung the bodies onto the wagon. She was getting used to the cold, constantly shivering as her knuckles would dry out and splotches of blood would appear between cracked skin. She was getting used to the lack of human contact, the occasions she interacted with blunette were minimal and she refused to be in the same room as the ruby eyed demon if she could help it.

But her sanity could only take so much as the girl's composure was slowly chipping away, one day at a time.


Paige knew the butler could clean the banisters of the grand staircase in less than a minute, but yet she was the one stuck with the task and it would take her at least an hour.

Staring ruefully at the closed bucket of shine the teenager wedged her fingers between the opening and pulled. Unfortunately the fifteen year old was still fatigued from the morning, and she never felt well rested anyway due to sleepless tear filled nights; so she was never in peak condition to really do anything.

Just as she yanked the lid off with a ferocious tug, the jar of polish flew down the staircase. A trail of clear liquid sailed out and sank into the now soiled carpeted flooring, as it smashed against the surface. The loud clang of metal hitting the floor echoed through the room, till it was stopped abruptly by a shiny black leather shoe.

The butler's beautiful features twisted into a sneer. His foot rested on top of the polish as Sebastian uttered, "Of course only your complete incompetence could cause you to fail such a simple task."

Paige would have attempted to sink into the floor like normal as the butler ascended the staircase, however she was particularly irritated that day. Douchebag, what she had opted to call the nasty stallion, had adamantly chased her out of the field today. In her attempt to escape she had slipped on a pile of mud and landed face first into horse shit. She had thoroughly washed her face, but she could practically smell the fecal matter radiating off her face.

Oh also she was on her period and the late 1800s wasn't where you wanted to be when you were a female and menstruating.

Which may or may not have played a large part in what happened next.

Paige simply couldn't take it anymore as she felt all her emotions swell up in a bubble as she remembered every insult the butler had hurled at her. His remark had popped the protective filter and the word vomit came pouring out as she stood up.

"SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP," she screeched as she stormed up to him in hot fury. The girl shoved him with all the strength she could muster but Sebastian did not budge an inch. The action should have quelled her anger, should have reminded her who she was dealing with but a scalding hot rage stirred in her as the emotions she previously couldn't express, in fear for her life, finally exploded.

For the first time Paige looked up at Sebastian with fearless eyes and spoke her mind.

She admitted ruefully, "You're right, I'm a powerless human and even in human standards I'm weak. I'm not strong, I have crappy accuracy, I even have horrible stamina, and my only saving grace is that I can react fast." She glared darkly at him as she ground out through clenched teeth and tightened fists, "But that does not mean you need to remind me of my flaws every five seconds! It's not like I don't know how weak I am, you jerk!"

"Not only that," she continued, "but it's because I'm human, that you need to understand I can't do the same things you can with just a snap of your fingers. You can't just work me to the ground and not even give me an ounce of rest. You've been around humans for decades, you should know our limitations are different!" She viciously stabbed his chest with her index finger as she uttered each word, "Or. are. you. an. idiot."

"You know what, maybe you are! Who can't tell the difference between a human and a demon-"

She froze as malicious ruby eyes bore into hers, "Are you quite done now?"

Paige's breathing grew shallow, as she saw four large incisors elongating from the butler's once incredibly straight pearly teeth. Tears welled in the girl's eyes as she stared in mute horror because the demon was actually growing fangs, that were probably going to tear open her jugular. The butler snarled as he gripped the girl's chin between his fingers roughly.

"Miss Lee," Sebastian's alluring voice held a vicious undertone as he spoke. "I am quite aware humans and demons are different."

Oh god, she couldn't breathe. Couldn'tbreathecouldn'tbreathecouldn'tbreathe.

Black tendrils were spiraling from the demon's body as muddy brown orbs met terrible illuminated scarlet hues.

Soft cotton traced along the artery in her neck and she suddenly felt fingers envelop her throat. Choking noises escaped her as even though he wasn't applying pressure, her body was registering the familiar feeling of danger from the previous nights.

As he yanked her closer, Paige could spot amber orange flecks among his terrible rubies for eyes. Jerking her head up slightly so she could get a better look at his face, the butler knew terrified her so much, he whispered into her ear "I shall take into consideration your pleas."

He pulled back, the edges of his lips twitched upwards in amusement as he looked down at her quaking form.

"Now if you'd please wash up, you are too unsightly for the young master to see right now."

Throat feeling thick and eyes dilated in fear the teenager could only nod numbly as he left.

She had peed herself in fright.


As her load of physical activity had lightened slightly, the girl finally had time to shower. It had been blissful soaking her body in the water, removing the tension and ache of her muscles. When she came out, the black haired teenager felt refreshed almost as if she had not run ten kilometers and puked up her breakfast.

Also another bonus was she could be in the same room as Ciel now without making him do that depressing eye shift thing.

There were plenty of positives to her strength training lessening a degree such as being able to write in her thought book and actually rest. During her periods of rest, Paige would visit Ciel in his study and watch silently as he was completing his lessons.

Sometimes it caused her more stress than the physical endurance.

She stared blankly at the scene in front of her. Paige knew Ciel was young and she was trying to be understanding that maybe he wasn't the little genius she initially thought he was. But really why was it taking him so long just to apply the Pythagorean theorom? It's just the square of a plus the square of b and it equals the square of c! The formula was sitting right on the stupid page and it took all self constraint for the teenager not to rip the ten year old boy's ink pen from his hand and write the answer myself.

So she sat there in utter silence watching with pained eyes as Sebastian tried to teach him.


Hello SirParchmentPaper I have so much to tell you, but not a lot time. A lot of things are going down this week so I won't really be able to write a lot. But rest assured everything is okay and I'm going to survive this mess.

First things first, ohmanohmanohman. Nina Hopkins, seriously why.

I had totally forgotten the seamstress.

Pros of Miss Hopkins:

Her clothes were the most comfortable things in the world

She was someone who wasn't permanently gloomy or mocking

She told me period pads existed in this era, so I didn't have to be leaking everywhere

Cons of Miss Hopkins

She doesn't have the word person space defined properly in her vocabulary

The woman is completely scarring by the way. She groped me, as in her hand grabbed my butt and squeezed. At one point she had a hand reaching towards my chest and I bolted.

One of the most traumatizing experiences in my life.

I think smelling brain juices in the morning is still my number one most terrible thing to remember and oh why did I have to think about that-


So it's finally happening, the big reveal. The queen has summoned Ciel and he's announcing his return. He's been oddly silent these days and working extra hard. He also finally came to ask me how to help him solve a math problem, ha take that you dumb demon! You're teaching methods suck, and I should be the one Ciel should be learning from.

Wow don't I fulfill the Asian and math stereotype.

Ugh oh well.


Avoiding looking at the pedestrians, the chinese girl instead opted to gaze down and count the number of bricks on the road. She was not allowed inside while Ciel was recognized as the head of the Phantomhives. There would be too many questions regarding her appearance. It was already strange he had showed up when his whole family had been presumed dead. It was stranger when he was accompanied by a handsome butler. It would have just been plain weird to be seen with an effeminate Asian boy standing by his side who was his supposed stable boy.

The female tried not to tug at her short locks, being a male worker looked more acceptable and less questionable in the eyes of others.

Idly the teenager would look up quickly to scan if her charge was done with the ceremony, if not she would occasionally stroke the mane of the horses by her side.

As she once again peered at the crowd through her bangs she felt her fingers still.

Familiar narrow obsidian eyes were in the crowd and the girl's arm fell to her side as she flinched in alarm, eyes wide.

Without thinking she disappeared into the throng of people, abandoning her post, because just as she shouldn't have been there in Victorian England neither should he.

Richard Lee turned a corner, with Paige hot on his trail.

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