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Chapter: 1 nightmares and the invention

(In Alex's dream)

Alex was walking around the train cars for his mate Gia and his four cubs (who were now in animal years thirteen also, Alex Jr. and Ryan had now grown manes like their dad). When he walked into their car and saw Gia severely cut, covered in blood, and was tied up with rope and the cubs nowhere in sight. "Gia!" Alex then ran to her and cut the ropes with his claws and held her in his arms with tears in his eyes and asked. "Gia, who did this to you?" barely alive she said. "Alex, behind you." Alex turned and saw, covered by feline blood and holding a saw, was Captain Dubois. "We meet again lion. Your mate and abomination crossbreed cubs were so easy to kill and le looks on their faces, was my favorite part." Said the French women. "With luck you will put more of a fight before I kill you and put your head on my wall."

(End of Alex's dream)

Alex bolt up in bed now fully awake and sweating under his fur (at is still nighttime), to see Gia asleep next to him unharmed. At the other side of their large train car (the penguins had expanded it since the cubs were less than a week old) and saw the cubs asleep in each of their beds (built by the penguins also) unharmed as-well. Gia then woke-up and saw her mate awake. "What is wrong Alex?" asked Gia worried. "I had this horrible nightmare that Dubois returned and she killed you and the cubs, I thought it was all real and that I had lost you." Gia then kissed her mate and said. "Relax Alex, we haven't seen Dubois since penguins shipped her off in a crate after she tried to kill you, a few weeks before I became pregnant with the cubs." Alex then began to calm down. "Alex, I hope she doesn't ever because what if she goes after the cubs and you?" Gia was then interrupted Alex. "I will defend you both of you from her." Said Alex. Unknown to them, both Alex Jr. and Serena (who tend to be light sleepers) had woken-up and were quietly listening as their parents talked about Dubois.

Later that morning while Alex and Gia were on the trapeze practicing, the other cubs had woken-up and were listening to their siblings. "…. And that's what dad told mom." Finished Alex Jr. "Poor Dad." Said Bella. "This is the third time he has had that dream in the past month, I'm getting worried." Said Serena. "Based on what I learned for Kowalski, dreams are reviews of the days events and thoughts. Dad must be worried about us a lot and that that women will return." Said Alex Jr. "From what Mom and Dad told us I hope she doesn't come back." said Ryan. "That reminds me later this afternoon get mom and dad to come to Kowalski's lab train cart (Alex Jr. became Kowalski's lab assistant/ apprentice when he was about five months old and first learned to read from the chimps) because him and me have new invention to show all of you that my help the circus travel faster and easier to travel." Said Alex Jr. "You are such a nerd sometimes." Joked Serena. Alex Jr. smiled at this. "Thank you for the compliment."

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