"And he scores!"

"What a goal!"

"Just listen to the crowd roaring for the one and only Kurosaki Ichigo from making that amazing goal!"

All the stadium are cheering his name just listen to them

"Ichigo Ichigo Ichigo Ichigo!" The fans started to chant his name again over and over again for loving him for making the winning goal.

"What a player he truly is. From playing football on the highest level, earning the prayers he rightfully deserves"

"They did it. Team Shinigami are the new champions of Japan. This is truly amazing. This fantastic young group has made history and its all thanks to Kurosaki Ichigo."

Press conference:

There were many reporters in the room, waiting for the arrival of the Shinigami superstar Kurosaki Ichigo.

This young man started his carrier at young age when he started playing football on the street of Karakura town as a poor kid. Karakura town. A town that was unfamiliar to most of Japan until he came in to the picture. They often call him Karakura's son.

Just than a bright orange hair came into view. The young Kurosaki Ichigo had made way to his chair as the reporters called out his name to be call on. Knowing the troublesome questions they might ask him, He had his usual scowl .

"Ichigo! People call the Shingamis 'a one man team', is that true?" A question came out of the blue from one the reporters.

"Yes". He answered without hesitation.

"As you can see, it was I who did all the work. Landing the title to team Shinigami. "He continued in his arrogant way.

He stood up satisfied by his selfish action as he left the reporters surprise .He enjoyed making the head lights he was the best player in the world. Nothing else matter as long as he was the center of attention.

In the sereitei bar, people were dancing and celebrating like there was no tomorrow except for a young auburn hair beauty.

"Inoue are you zoning out again?" A woman shouted.

"The blue men are planning to take over the world and…?

"Inoue!" the woman yell angrily, getting the girl's attention.

"Uhm sorry Maki- san, it won't happen again" She apologized, bowing in the process.

"That's what you always say Inoue. If you don't pick up your pace, I'll fire you "Maki shake her head as she left to resume her work.

Inoue Orihime was at young age when lost both her parents leaving only her brother to take care of her. As all good things comes to an end, her brother died last year. Losing this job wasn't an option.A frustrating sigh left her lips as she glanced around and her eyes landed on the screen. It was him. Karakura town own hero. Kurosaki –Kun.

He's so handsome. I wonder how it would feel like to be held by his strong arms' she blushed at the thought.

Inoue shake her head. She knew being arrogant in life wouldn't get you far if only he could see that. Not wanting to get scolded again, she quickly picked up her pace.

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