by goodwifefan

Unwilling to need, reluctant to bend

Kalinda lived years without one single friend.

But Alicia dissolved her resolve not to care

And, for a time, the two were able to share

In the joyful camaraderie of being a pair.

They found, through each other, those things that were hidden,

But, for Kalinda, this led to something forbidden.

For she realized she thought of Alicia too much

And had a growing desire to linger, to touch,

To listen, all snuggled up, close in beside her

To the voice Alicia found had been locked deep inside her.

It was never an option - Kalinda knew well,

So she choked back this hope, never to tell.

Adding this secret to the old pile

Dreading, but knowing, it would just be a while

Before the horrid truth about Peter came out

And cast both her actions and friendship in doubt,

And Alicia, heart-broken, would cry and then shout.

Kalinda would weep for herself on that day

And wish there was something that she could say

To reverse all the damage and pain they both felt.

But, finally, deciding to play the hand she was dealt.

Kalinda would make a big note in her brain

Saying, "Never, ever, need someone again."

"Go forward, and live your life as before."

"Don't care about anyone else anymore."

Alone in her workplace. Alone in her head.

Alone in her anguish. Alone in her bed.

Alone with the memories. Alone with her dread.

"A loner", her new plan, until she was dead.