Chapter 1

Katelyn's p.o.v.

Beep, beep.

Why does it have to be morning?

Beep, beep.

Can't I just sleep a little longer?

Beep, beep.

Why'd I even set the alarm, what did I have to wake up for again?

Beep, beep.

All of a sudden my sleeping mind wakes up, my eyes snap open and a smile spreads across my plump lips. I jump catlike from my bed and slink into my twin brother's room with the lights kept out. I blink a few times to adjust my eyes to the dark and slowly creep towards my brother's bed making sure not to make a sound. I slowly inch my face closer and closer to his then take a breath and shout, "Kyle wake up!" shaking him.

He screams in my face for a second then realizing he's not in danger, that it's just his sister being weird he says, "Really Katelyn? So not cool."

"Uh, need I remind you, you did that to me all the time when we were little and besides if I let you get up yourself you'd miss the train."

"Still half asleep Kyle asks confused, "Train? What-" then with a look of dawning comprehension coming across his face he asks, "The Hogwarts Express?"

"No, the other train leaving King's Cross Station at eleven o'clock today, September first from platform nine and three quarters," I say sarcastically, "Yes the Hogwarts Express smart one! Now hurry up and get dressed, we don't need to miss it like Harry and Ron in second year."

I get dressed in muggle clothes and pack the last few things I need in my trunk such as my diary, firebolt (the best broom in the wizarding world), guitar and two cats, midnight and star, in their cages. After checking I have every single thing I could possibly need I head to the bathroom to check myself out in the mirror and smile at my reflection. Everything's just perfect for the first day back to Hogwarts and my friends in three months. I look over my tan acne free face, hazel ocean blue eyes and straight bright red hair that falls to my butt. Although I look nice I look like I do every day, I need something new, something that'll make people stop and stare if my orange hair isn't already doing that. Without further ado I squeeze my eyes tight shut, concentrate hard and wait for the faint "pop". I open my eyes to see a hot pink streak amongst my long fiery locks and smile satisfied I'll be noticed.

I've always been proud to be a metamorphmagus something very few people are it makes me special even in the wizarding world where everyone has magical ability. Truth be told I have no clue what I would look like if I weren't a metamorphmagus, my appearance has been changing since the day I was born. Apparently that totally freaked my mom out, see she's a muggle. My dad's a wizard though and explained what I was, my mom doesn't mind, she doesn't care if we use magic as long as she isn't involved.

Another thing about my mom, she doesn't like long distances. See, we live in America but Hogwarts is a British wizarding school, it also happens to be the best school there is. My dad went to Hogwarts when he was a kid and ever since I was little I've dreamed of going. The summer before I turned eleven (the summer before fifth grade for muggle schools) I sent in an application to Hogwarts so hopefully they'd read it and accept me by next year. It consisted of a well thought out letter begging them to take me even though I lived in America seeing as I had very well developed magical ability for a witch of age ten with no magical training and was prepared to study and learn. When I got accepted I was afraid my mom wouldn't let me go. In the end she did but she said if I was going Kyle had to also.

I was so excited; I was finally going to Hogwarts! Only then did I realize one thing, I'd be going to live in England for nine months every year. Of course I love London and British people and tea and all that good stuff; no that wasn't the problem; the problem was leaving my best friend Lexi who has muggle ancestors as far as I know and was most likely a muggle herself. I remember the day I said good bye like it was yesterday.


I walked up my best friend's driveway one sunny, slightly breezy May day. I swallowed hard and blinked back the tears that threatened to spill out of my eyes. Nine months isn't that long, right? I thought. And then we'll have three months together before I have to leave again. And I won't be lying when I say I'm going to boarding school, I am even if it's not the kind of school she thinks. I'd been worrying about these two things ever since I realized I'd have to leave Lexi, at the age of eleven simple things like not seeing your best friend for a while and telling little white lies seems like the biggest thing in the world. I'd reached the door and took one more second to compose myself to get my story straight before ringing the doorbell.

"Hi," Lexi had said her voice expressionless, her face pale and sad looking exactly how I felt. Apparently I'd looked the part too as she said, "What's wrong?"

"Oh," I'd said feeling like a Ping-Pong ball was trapped in my throat, now that I had to tell her it was ten times harder to say, "I-I'm going to boarding school, in England." I avoided her eyes afraid if I looked into them she'd see through to the truth.

When I finally looked up it was to see her frozen, a shocked expression plastered on her face. She finally managed to speak and said, "I'm going to boarding school too, are you-"but stopped quickly.

"Am I what?" I asked confused and shocked myself.

"No it's stupid," Lexi had said shaking her head, "I'm just being weird, you're going to school in England, forget what I said."

Wait is she- but she can't be- could she be? My thoughts bounced around in my head and before I could think about my next question I asked, "Are you a witch?" My hands instantly covered my mouth as I mentally scolded myself for letting that slip. How could I say that, I told a muggle about magic! What am I going to do now, she can't know! Maybe I can pass it off as a joke.

Before I could come up with a cover story though she said, "Y-yes!" looking very surprised and totally shocking me. "But h-how'd you know? Are you one too?" she asks the last sentence in a whisper.

(Flashback Over)

At this point I forgot my panic of moments before when I thought I'd told a muggle about magic, I forgot my sadness of having to leave my muggle best friend behind to go to magic school, I forgot all of this because she wasn't a muggle and she was going to a magical boarding school too!

I instantly made her send an application into Hogwarts telling her how it's the best wizarding school there is, in fact I told her everything I knew about the wizarding world including the fact my dad and brother are wizards. I was at least right about one thing, she's a muggle born. Not long after Lexi and Kyle got their acceptance letters from Hogwarts and so our magical journey began.

I come out of my daydream and smile at my sixteen year old self. Five years later our magical journey is still continuing.