Chapter 14

Lexi's P.O.V.

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I walk down the steps back to the common room. I should have never doubted Katelyn, she is the wisest person I know, she knows what she's doing. I feel kind of bad for ruining her excited moment but from what all has happened I want to make sure she protects herself against guys. But eventually I get so into my homework, I forget about it.

I wake up super early and can not go back to bed. So I get up change and sneak down to the common room making sure I do not awake anybody. I go out of the common area on and sit in a hallway. I have no idea were it leads to but it's not like it's going to hurt anyone. Then I see someone short run down another hallway. I only got a glimpse but I can tell it's a first year and sort of resembled the girl that I thought was dating Kendall. Then I see another figure and can tell who it is, it's Kyle running after her. Immediately I stand up and start running down the hall trying not to trip over my huge robe.

I finally caught up to them and I look at them behind the cornor.

"I'm sorry but if you knew what has happened you would get it", Kyle says in a whisper.

"Then tell me."

"You don't get it I can't tell you, but I want to say I have a huge crush on you and I don't wan't this to get in between us."

"You creep get away from-."

"You can tell her, it's best she knows". I say emerging from the cornor.

I listened to how detailed Kyle told everything to Kendall's sister.

"You don't know my brother, like I do, he would never do any of that". I lifted up my robe and she saw the bright neon cast on my arm.

"How about that Hermonie girl?" Katie says quickly.

"She doesn't like me for me, she tells me to choose between her and my friends, I don't get the same feeling with her that I used to. You make me feel that way. Does that make you believe what I am saying about Kendall? Or do I have to do this?"

"Do what?" And right after she said that Kyle shut her up with a little kiss on the lips. I have to admit it was pretty cute. But Katie looked shocked. Maybe it was her first kiss, or maybe it was because a guy who almost killed her brother kissed her.

"I believe you", Kati says, then she ran off to who knows where.

Me and Kyle agree to walk over to the Huffelpuff common room. We both knew the password because Katelyn told us. Me and Kyle sat down next to Katelyn. We all stared at the fire till I finally spoke up.

"Anybody else have way to much on there mind?" Katelyn's and Kyle's hands both flew up. I sighed and flopped deeper into the couch. We all seemed to be in a love triangle.

"Wait Katelyn your date with James!" I shout so loud everybody looks at me. Katelyn shoots out of the couch freaking out saying things like "I can't believe I forgot!" Me and Katelyn sprint up to the girls dormitory.

I plug in her straightener and sit her down in a chair. She starts her makeup while I attack her hair. Trust me we have got this down to a science. "He knows the Huffulpuff password, I told him to swing by to get me around noon and it's 11:49." "I'm such a bad girlfriend, forgetting our first date." I keep attacking her hair and then a few minutes later I realize something.

"Girlfriend?" I say with a surprised tone. "No No, we are not going out I was just saying if we were I would be the worst girlfriend. Trust me if we were going out you would totally be the first to know. It's just he has had a lot of girlfriends and I sometimes can't imagine being his."

"Are you kidding me? You are the nicest, funniest, and smartest person I have ever know. You would do anything for James, or any guy you go out with. You care about him so much already and you guys are not even going out. Look it's 12:00 exactly, I want you to go down there as a confident woman I know and show him the best friend I know. And a little tip, just be yourself, have fun, and be friends, it's not like it's anything fancy so have a good time!"

"I love you so much", she says as she pulls me into a hug. "I have no idea what I would do without you but I have to go on a date!"

"Have fun at Hogsmade!" I would probably go down later and "accidentally" run into them to see how it's going but unlike me and Kyle, Katelyn may have a shot with a relationship and I really don't want to mess things up.

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