A Quick Authors Note

Now, don't panic, nothing bad is happening to this story. I will be releasing chapter 3 very soon, however, this authors note will be important for chapter 4. When going over my plans for how this story will go about, I realized that in the past scenes, which are in Talia's point of view, I needed to show her and Bruce's meeting, and not skip it like I did. The problem with this is that all the present(Bruce POV) and the past(Talia POV) scenes are so suppose to be continuous, meaning in order to add the Bruce meeting Talia chapter, I needed to make that chapter 2. Yet, I still have to keep the current chapter two called To Commit a Sin, which means after I finish chapter three and the chapter showing Bruce and Talia meeting, I'm going to move the current chapter 2 to become chapter 4, and making the Bruce and Talia meeting chapter number two.

I know this sounds confusing, but It wasn't until I was looking over the who plan that I realized this mistake. Nothing is getting deleted, only the chapter will be moved, that's all. However if you don't like this idea and don't care for the Bruce and Talia meeting, then I don't have to put it. This Author's Note will be deleted when I post chapter 3.

Thank you, Nerdman3000