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For those of you who are curious about this, I thought of probably introducing some of the family members of our dear Alex and also putting Makunga's misery to some of this. .

Leopard the Warrior of Africa

He couldn't believe any of this as he walked along a dirt path. It was all his for once. He had been the Alpha Lion, in control of the reserve at last! And then, Zuba and that…. Alakay had to be all heroic and let him get beaten up by an old lady over a handbag! He had just lost being alpha lion for good! The lion's pace soon turned into stomping. What did he do wrong so that he finally became alpha lion, but lost it before the day was through?

The mid-age lion shook his head, the bruises on his shoulder and back aching as he walked back to the waterhole. He was probably the laughing joke of his friends now because of all this. The black manned lion looked around, finally stopping. It was becoming dark now, and he was still far from the waterhole. He sighed, walking towards a near by tree and rock to rest. From the rock, he could see how much farther he had to go to get back to the waterhole. Hearing something behind him, the lion sighed as he remembered something, or rather someone that he had met shortly after getting away from the old lady.

"Hey, Makunga! Wait up! You can't go on walking with bruises like that! And it's almost night! And we're going to need to rest!" a Striped Polecat yelled out, running towards him. Unlike other striped polecats, his main fur was a tanish yellow while his strips seemed to be more of a light pale than the usual white. Makunga nearly gagged on his companion's stench, which, also unlike the usual polecat, was always around him.

"Zorillo, can't you just keep your distance? You smell bad enough over there as is," he spat, judging how much farther it was back to the pride. Zorillo just smiled and hopped next to Makunga, checking out the scenery.

"Wow, nice view you've got up here. The waterhole, the sight of those rocks over there, just beautiful!" he said, kissing the air. Makunga rolled his lime eyes and sat down.

"I don't live up here, you idiot. I live in those rocks with the pride."

"Strange, never saw you when ever I visit here."

Makunga looked at his bright brown eyed companion. "You've been here?"

"Yeah, I've got a young lioness friend here. Babysit her cub time to time whenever she, her mother, and her father are all busy and that," he said, leaning his small, filthy paw against the lion's side. Makunga nearly gagged again at the polecat's stench. 'After a week with this guy, you'd think I'd get used to his smell,' he thought, lying down beneath the rock. Zorillo laid against the lion's back, smiling as he looked at the stars.

"So, Makunga, got a family here?"

The lion grunted his face away from Zorillo. "Oh come on, you lions are usually social! Come on, tell!" the smaller of the two said. The lion growled a warning to the smaller mammal, telling him to leave the subject alone. "Fine, ok, take your time. We can talk more in the morning."

'Five more miles, Makunga. Five more miles before you can finally get rid of this idiot,' the green-eyed lion thought before going to sleep. As he began to hear some hard rain falling on the top part of the rock. Since the area beneath the rock have only room for one, Zorillo ended up in the rain.

"Ow. Hey, um, Makunga, could you scoot over a bit?" the brown eyed male asked asked, the hard hitting his head hard. "Ow, Um, Makunga! Ow! Makunga! Oh come on, not even lions fall asleep that fast! Ow! Makunga!" Zorillo sighed and looked at Makunga's tail before grapping it and putting the tail tuff over his head while using his own tail to wrap around his body.

The next morning, Makunga woke up to find his tail on top of a wet Zorillo. The lion pulled his tail off of the stinky beast and stretch outside the den before walking off. Zorillo woke up soon, ran to catch up with Makunga and jumping onto his back. "So, Makunga. Will you answer my question now? About your family?"

"Leave the subject alone, Zorillo."

"Aw, come on! Tell me please!"

Makunga sighed, before looking at the striped polecat on his back. "I have a wife named Lillian and a son named Riau. Lillian and I, we... um... we tend to argue a lot, and my son and I, we just don't see many things eye to eye. I'm not sure if they've left me or not. I don't know," he said, thinking back to the argument he had with his son and wife after he had become alpha lion.

Zorillo looked at him pitifully. "I know how you feel. My mom always tried to kick me out of the house from the minute I could walk," he said, wiggling his toes. The two males continued the journey in silence, neither one speaking up until after about an hour. "So Makunga, what were you doing getting beaten by that old lady anyways?"

"Shut up, Zorillo."

"Ok, Mr. Grumpy-Elivsmane-Who-Got-Beaten-Up-By-An-Old-Lady."

Makunga kept walking, his mind back to his family. What did they think of him now? He had wanted to be the best, giving a bright future and all. He had wanted his son to be just like him, proud, strong, smart, all of that. Maybe he didn't deserve what he had? Makunga kept thinking on this as Zorillo kept talking on and on.

"And so when this wild cat girl showed up, I was like, 'Wow, there! Now that's the woman for a guy.' Know what I'm saying, Makunga?"

"Zorillo, do you ever just shut up?"

Me and Zorillo: Tell everyone that I'm on my way! New friends and new places to see! With blue skies ahead and a smile on my face, there's no place that I'd rather be! Everyone!

Makunga: SHUT UP!

*awkward silence*

Zorillo: On my way, On my way, On my way, On my way

Me: I would like to, read out my hand. I may see you, I may tell you to run

Zorillo: On my way, On my way,

Me: You what they say about the young

Makunga: *looks annoyed and looks at the readers* Just review before I eat these two.