Leomon, Jeri, Ai, and Impon were relaxing in Ai's back yard.

She looked at her four friends and couldn't of been more happy and proud.

They were all sitting cross-legged in the soft cool grass.

Impon was sitting next in Ai's lap her arms draped lovingly around his neck, Jeri was sitting on Lemon's right shoulder and leaning her head contently against her partner's.

The foursome sat in silence for a while.

Suddenly Impon spoke he said softly "Ya know Leomon I'm happy that you and I are pals now, I figure between the two of us and the rest of the gang we'll be able to kick any bio-emerging digimon's butt!"

Leomon chuckled and replied comradely "Yes I believe we can, Impon."

Ai chimed in assured "I know you will Impon you two were just so amazingly cool today I mean the way you tag-teamed Crusadermon like that.. it was awesome!"

Jeri replied confidently "Yeah you both were incredible today!"

Lemon smiled at Jeri and Ai he inclined his head and answered politely "Thank you both, but Impon and I couldn't of beaten Crusadermon with out your help."

Impon looked up at Ai with complete reverence and replied softly "Lemon's right Ai, you were great out there."

Ai blushed and said embarrassingly "Aw Impon you are so sweet."

Jeri looked at her four friends once again lovingly.

She then cleared her throat and said warmly "Well guys it's getting late Leomon and I should be going, I have to help my parents in the restaurant tomorrow, we'll call you both if there is another bio-emerging okay?"

Ai nodded and replied excitedly "Sure thanks for coming over Jeri, it was great to meet you Leomon."

Leomon smiled and said warmly "It was wonderful to meet you as well Ai."

Impon gently disentangled himself form Ai's embrace.

He then walked over to Leomon.

Leomon bent down so that he was at eye level with his friend.

He stuck out his right hand and Lemon took it.

Impon said gruffly "Lemon, thanks again for everything I'll be seein' ya around."

Lemon squeezed Impon's hand twice he then said happily "You are welcome Impon, I cannot wait until we can fight along side each other again."

Impon grinned and replied dryly "Yep should be fun!"

Jeri smiled at Lemon and said warmly "See you soon two soon!"

Impon said softly "Yeah night, see ya!"

Ai replied merrily "Night Jeri and Leomon see you!"

Jeri and Leomon then ran home.

After she had changed into her pajamas Jeri went out onto the roof , and with Leomon's help climbed onto his right shoulder again.

She smiled at him softly then said happily "Leomon I'm really glad we went to Impon's today."

Leomon nodded and said contently "Yes I'm glad we went as well Jeri, it felt extremely good to release Impon from all of his guilt."

Jeri looked at Leomon lovingly she then asked innocently "Leomon do you really think Impon is at peace now?"

Leomon nodded and replied knowingly "Yes I am certain of Jeri, I saw it in his eyes when I forgave him."

Jeri yawned.

Leomon smiled and said kindly "Well it seems you are quite tired, why don't you go to sleep Jeri, I'll be here when you wake up, I promise."

Jeri smiled and replied confidently "I know you will, Leomon."

Leomon then helped Jeri down.

Jeri got into her bed.

Leomon whispered softly "Rest now Jeri I'll see you tomorrow good night, my Lion's Heart."

Jeri smiled and whispered back sleepily "Night, Leomon see you in the morning."

She then drifted off into a deep and content sleep having full faith that when she awakened her beloved partner would be with her.

They would never be separated again.

Jeri gave a silent prayer to Azulongmon thanking him for bringing her and Leomon together once again.