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He watched them as they were marched into the hall where he was being held. He could see them looking at him, shocked expressions on their faces. He couldn't follow all of their movements. He could only see them when they were standing in front of him. He couldn't blink, couldn't move, couldn't talk.

He was encased in a tank of liquid and even though he could still breathe, he was completely paralyzed. He was anchored by chains that ran from his wrists to his waist, down his legs to his ankles and finally to loops in the floor. He was screwed and he knew it. That was when his friends were brought in - all three of them. They were pushed down onto their knees and he could see them being asked questions. Sam shook her head and the other two followed this action.

Then the pain hit - it was excruciating. Though he one of his friends receive the blow, saw the whip come down and make contact - he felt it. There was no mark on his Daniel's skin - they continued. It went on and on - for how long, he didn't know but eventually it stopped. His body felt like one big, ball of pain; but he didn't pass out, and he couldn't flinch away.

Whatever they did to his friends, he felt it. That's what the guard meant when he said: "You will feel and see; they will have the power to stop th pain."

When the three friends were marched into the hall they saw Jack in that tank. He was floating, lifeless. His eyes open, limbs fastened securely and body in suspension. They were forced to a kneeling position. That's when the questions started. They were always the same questions.

"What is the code to your world?"

"Why do you want to conquer our world?'

"Where can we get more weapons?"

None of them answered and that's where things got weird. Sam saw the whip come down, saw it hit the mark, but there was nothing. No pain, no blood just nothing. It went on for about half an hour, they kept punishing us but there were no marks, so it was a piece of cake to deal with. They even taunted them. Suddenly, there was a loud beeping sound and the questioning stopped. The remaining members of SG-1 were marched back to their cell and chained down as before.

"Does anybody think that was weird?" asked Daniel.

"Maybe it's mental torture?" replied Sam looking at Teal'c

"I am unsure." Teal'c said.

So that was it for conversation as the lights were turned out and we were left in darkness.

"I wonder what they did to the Colonel." Said Sam as she looked around to find their gear in the corner. Daniel was moving his wrists trying to get some slack in the cuffs and Teal'c just sat there probably running escape methods through his head.

"I don't know Sam. Maybe, hopefully, we will find out soon." Daniel said and sighed, he stopped his movements as they caused more pain to shoot through his wrists.

"Indeed" was the only reply Teal'c gave, closing his eyes.

With three thoughts going out to the Colonel, two friends slipped into a troubled sleep while the third friend watched over them.

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