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"Does it really have to be at 6?" Daniel Jackson, team archaeologist as well as team conscience spoke up after the base CO left. General Hammond just gave them the go ahead for a first contact meeting on P4T-863, the computer spat the address out and after the MALP went through as well as the UAV, everything checked out.

"Because Daniel, the time difference means that they are ahead of us with 3 hours and we don't want to catch them in bed." Jack looked at the younger man and gave him one of his trademark crooked smiles. Daniel just glared at him. Jack O'Neill (two l's), Colonel. Leader of the best team of the SGC namely SG-1. He was a modest man with deep morals, a fiercely loyal man who would attack anyone who threatened his team. He would take their pain in an instant and fight to the death not only with them but for them.

"Funny Jack." Daniel got up to leave followed by Jack and Sam, SG-1's second in command. She was Major Samantha Carter, the only female on the team but definitely a force to be reckoned with. She could 'geek speak' with the best of geeks but also fight with the best of soldier. She had a soft spot for her CO, everyone knew it, she just didn't want to admit it, and not that she could in anyway. 'Damn frat regs' was what Jack said every time they have to stop just before their lips met. At this moment she walked out with the team as they headed for the commissary for dinner before going to bed, the team didn't even bother going home; they would just sleep on base and be on time for the mission.

Sam just shook her head as she listened to the friendly bickering of her friend and CO; they were best friends but fought like cats and dogs. The last one out was also the last addition to SG-1, the ever stoic Teal'c who wasn't quite human even if he looked the part. There were subtle differences noticeable to anyone who spoke to him for more than a minute. The golden tattoo a reminder of the false god Apophis who he served and left not too long ago, to fight alongside the Tau'ri against the false gods called the Goauld. He still didn't understand the way of the Tau'ri specially when it came to O'Neill and his sayings but he was getting a lesson every time they had spare time which wasn't much as they were the flagship team.

"What O'Neill spoke is the truth DanielJackson," he said as dry as always, stopping the team in the door way and causing them to turn to him, "I do not see the comical side to the statement." Of course this was the wrong thing to say as the human members of SG-1 burst out in hilarious laughter echoing through the halls of the SGC while Teal'c just raised an eyebrow and followed them. They were oblivious to the base commander looking at his best team joking as they left after the debrief, they were more than just a team, they were a family and that was why they were the best. They worked as one, won as one, lost as one and fought as one. Hammond knew that having close relationships was frowned upon in the military but for Jack O'Neill and his team he really felt more than just subordinates, they were his kids. With that though the bald man turned around and sat down heavily behind his desk to go through the reports of the other teams and catch up on the ever growing mountain of paperwork, he found himself looking forward to SG-1's next mission report, which always was a captivating read.

"Well, Colonel, your team checks out." the petite brunette doctor put her stethoscope back around her neck, "no health issues and it looks like Sam's flu is also cleared up." Doc Fraiser looked up at Jack and smiled. He was always the last to get checked out making sure his team is fine. "Please don't end up in my infirmary again." He cocked an eyebrow at her, perfect impression of Teal'c, she laughed out loud, "otherwise I will find a big needle and poke you full of holes!" she said jokingly.

"OK, no need to get violent." Jack leapt off of the bed in a defensive manner, pretending to hide his face, "see I always thought you were evil!" he ducked out the door just a packet of gauze came flying his way followed by Janet's laugh as he shouted "missed me" over his shoulder. He headed for the dressing room to get his gear that he packed out that morning and to get dressed. Noticing that Teal'c and Sam were just leaving he sped up a bit, waving at them he headed into the room and was done 10 mins later.


"Almost done Space monkey?"

"Oh, I'm done, just wanted to walk with you." Jack turned and looked at Daniel, "You're done and on time? WOW, miracles still do happen!" he dodged the kick that came his way and smiled at Daniel as they both entered the Gate room together. As always Jack double checked the team's back packs and helped Daniel strap in as Sam helped him strap in.

"Chevron 1, engaged." Walters's voice came over the intercom.

"Chevron 2, engaged." The symbols glowing as the gate twisted and turned.

"Chevron 3, engaged." Final check done.

"Chevron 4, engaged." The team looked at each other drawing strength before calming their adrenalin filled bodies.

"Chevron 5, engaged." The tension in the gate room was tangible.

"Chevron 6, engaged." Almost there.

"Chevron 7, Locked." As the wormhole established with a whoosh and the circle was housing a pool of water, Jack looked up to his CO and friend.

"You have a go SG-1 and God Speed."

"Thank you, General." Jack threw a casual salute over his shoulder as he took the lead up the ramp, "come on kids, let's do this." And with that they were gone. Hammond stood there waiting for the radio signal to come through saying that they made it there in one piece. When it finally came, he gave them 24 hours to check in. the wormhole disengaged and with a final prayer that his team come home he went to his office and suddenly it was business as usual.

On the planet, things looked good, too good according to Jack. The walk to the village was un eventful and when they reached the village they found the people hospitable, the talks of first contact went smoothly and they were given a feast in their honour as well as a grand tour of the village. The shit hit the fan when they started asking very precise questions about Earth, questions that were way beyond what the team thought they were capable off. Naturally the team refused to answer and Jack suggested (not too subtle) that maybe it was time to go. After a flash the team was lying on the floor awake but unable to do anything as they were dragged away into another room.

The team was put into chairs in a zigzag pattern facing each other. Sam next to Daniel, with Sam by the wall and Daniel closest to the door. On the opposite side Teal'c was placed on the chair facing the wall between Sam and Daniel while the Colonel was the closest to the door. Their hands was pulled up into chains above their heads and attached to a beam that ram across the ceiling of the smallish room. Their feet were placed on either side of a piece of metal that was sticking out from the floor in the middle of the front legs of the chairs. Their feet were tied around their ankles to the metal beam. Next was a large band of leather that came around their mid sections and painfully tight secured them to the chair. Still not being able to move the team was stripped down to their t-shirts and left alone in darkness.

Jack was the first one to move and speak, followed closely by Teal'c and then Sam, Daniel was last.

"Who knows what just happened? Cause I got nothing."

"I don't know Jack; they got pissed when we didn't want to tell them about Earth."

"Yeah, but I thought that they didn't even know about the stargate. How is it that they know about the iris?" Jack's mind was running a mile a minute. This whole thing smelled like a trap. Suddenly the lights came on, making SG-1 blink rapidly to clear their eyes. About three men came in and went directly to Jack.

"Hey, guys, what ya up to?" Jack at his best thought Daniel wryly. Jack however got punched very hard in the face for his trouble. Blood was running down from a cut above his eyebrow. The men proceeded to put a device around his head. It looked similar to headphones, but there were no wires. The 'speaker' part of the thingy (as Jack would call it) rested on his temples on each side. What the team saw next would haunt them for weeks to come. The Colonel stilled immediately. He didn't fight back or talk. He just sat there open mouthed and staring straight forward with =out blinking. The three worried team members shouted his name and called out. He heard them, and he fought- just not on the outside. It felt like his mind was trapped, his body wasn't his to command- it did what someone else wanted.

Jack just stood where the guard positioned him, facing his team. They could see in his eyes the torment and fight inside, but also the fear. They knew the fear wasn't for himself but for the safety of his team. The men produced more of the 'headphone doohickeys' and placed them on the remaining members of SG-1. They didn't still like the Colonel did, but then again their 'new accessories' was fastened around their necks whereas the Colonel's was on his temples and without a further words the men left with the Colonel leaving three very worried, confused and angry people behind=d, with no method of escape.

Jack could feel his body move, but he wasn't in control anymore. He was pulled to a stop, his hands was pulled away from his body and bent at the elbows. His arms were fastened to poles standing next to him. Ropes covered them from elbow to just before his wrist. His legs was pulled together and fastened in a similar fashion only it was from knees to just above his ankles. He knew that even if he could get his arms free, he was still a sitting duck with his legs tied the way they were. The man that met them in the village came into the room and walked up to Jack. He removed the thing from Jacks head and Jack sagged, the ropes cutting into his skin as he did so.

"I am Crosa, from the Fleasians." He started pacing while Jack frowned, that was not the name he gave them when they first met.

"You lied?" Jack was getting motion sick from this guy's constant pacing, "Why? We didn't do anything to you." His voice started rising, he was getting pissed off with this guy.

"We wanted to see if you were truly from the Tau'ri and it seems you are. Now we know that you go around and conquer worlds, taking people as slaves but I will not allow you to do it here. I want to destroy your world so you can know how it feels." He said with a smile.

"Look, you got the wrong people. We do not conquer worlds, we explore. Our only enemy is a race called the Goauld. They do all those things you said, not us."

"Silence!" Crosa walked up to Jack and punched him in the stomach, "I do not want to hear your lies. I will ask your team and if they do not answer, the punishment will be severe."

At this statement Jack started struggling with renewed energy. "Leave them alone, let us go and we will never return."

"As if I would believe you." Crosa walked away but stopped abruptly. "You say you are their leader right?" Jack nodded 'yes'. "Well this makes things so much easier." He snapped his fingers and two guards came running up with manacles in their hands they took off, Jacks boots leaving him with just his socks. The one set of manacles went around his ankles while the other went around his wrists. They put the device on his head again and Jack felt the control leave his body. He stood quietly as the ropes were loosened and followed when they led him to another room. Once there they placed him in a chamber that had a vague resemblance to a water tank. His hands was fastened to the side and his feet to the bottom, he felt something go into his mouth which was in turn fastened to the back of his head. He panicked when he found that he couldn't breathe as the thing clamped his nose shut but a tube was connected to the thing and hooked up to another thing to the side of the chamber he was in, suddenly he felt himself breathe. They replaced the headphone thingy with a larger thing that covered his whole head, this time around he felt strange like his mind was crowded.

"Your team will have the power to make this stop but you will take their punishment." The door to the chamber closed and Jack could feel the panic over take him as he heard the sound of water, he glanced down and saw the water rising, slowly but still rising to cover his knees, his waist, going over his ribs, his neck and finally his face to the top of his head. Jack O'Neill was suspended in a watery prison unable to move or even blink. He was left there in the darkness as the men left. He was definitely in trouble now…..

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