The last chevron locked and the gate came to life. Four people stood at the base of the ramp. General Hammond looked down from the control room and had to smile. A little over four months ago, he stood at the same spot and watched as the same four people walked through the shimmering wormhole. Only to have them return late with one severely injured.

Back then, General Hammond had been sure that Jack O'Neill wouldn't make it, but like most of the base, he had prayed and hoped. O'Neill's guardian angel had worked over time and he survived with a little help from the Tok'ra. After a really difficult time recuperating and some physical therapy, he was back on his feet and ready to take on the galaxy – Hammond had to smile. Jack was only cleared for duty day before yesterday and quickly scheduled himself for this mission- not that anyone could blame him; Jack was never one for staying still for too long.

Down in the Gate room, Jack looked up at the Stargate; he was excited as well as nervous. The last time he walked through the 'gate, he had almost died. Things have changed since then, for example, he now stood next to his fiancé- something that wouldn't have been possible if not for what the crazy Fleasian scientist had done and while they were now trading partners, he still steered clear of anything that had to do with the planet. The president felt that Jack had done some good and apparently he deserved something in return and he had jumped at the chance. Even though they were carefully watched for the next month or so to see if there were any problems, both he and Sam decided they could make it work. He knew that Teal'c and Daniel would support them and even General Hammond and Janet, like they had supported him since they had gotten back from that stupid planet.

He looked to his team and smiled. He was ready and they were waiting for him to lead them again. He looked up towards General Hammond and saw that Doc Fraiser had joined him; the older man nodded his permission. Jack didn't need to hear the 'Godspeed Colonel' to know the man had said it, Jack gave him a grin and a mock salute as he started walking up the ramp towards the wormhole that would take them across the galaxy to another new planet- a new planet that could either mean new friends or new enemies. One thing he knew for sure - he was taking the lead in this new adventure.

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