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Harry,Ron and Hermione decided to walk to Hagrid's house on a sunny saturday in November.

"I don't know why we have to go see him..."said Ron."I mean if he wants to see us he would have let us know."

Hermione stopped in her tracks.

"I can't even believe you just said that Ronald!"Hermione said looking shocked.

"Then don't."he replied simply.

She looked as though he had smacked her in her face.

"Hagrid is our friend!And your lucky I don't tell him!Your already afraid of when he is angry.I can see you now, weeping in the corner."

Before Ron could say anything back to Hermione,Harry needed to distract them.

"He guys I think I saw something move over there."

Harry pointed to the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

"Should we go check it out?"asked Ron.

"Of course we should! It could be hurt."said Hermione.

They walked over to the trees.

Turns out there was something.

No someone.

There was a girl hiding behind a tree.

"We won't hurt you.."said Hermione.

She seemed to hesitate until she stepped out from behind the tree.

She looked about 14.

She wore clothes;They weren't that dirty just a bit of dust here and there...they almost looked new. She also had medium lenth black hair ,brown skin had a bag on her back.

Her eyes got wide as she looked at Ron.

She looked at his hand in his pocket.

She must have thought that He was going to pull out something dangerous.

She backed away slowly.

Then ran off.

"WAIT!"Hermione yelled."Nice going, Ron."

Hermione ran off after her.

Harry and Ron followed.

The three caught up to the girl once she tripped.

Hermione made a move as to help her up.

"D-D-Don't tou-Please don't touch me."

"We need to help you."

"N-N-no you don't you're going to kill-going to hurt me."

"Where did you get that idea from?We want to help you not hurt you."

Hermione held out her hand.

The girl considered this for a moment,then took her hand.

In a couple of minutes they walked back up to the castle,into Professor McGonagall's office.

Hermione had Harry and Ron wait outside with the girl,while she explained what happened.

The girl was eyeing Ron suspiciously.

"What do they call you?"she damanded after a couple of minutes.

"Ron."he said.

She looked if she was about to ask Harry the same question until Hermione came out of Professor McGonagall's office.

"You guys can come in now."

Professor McGonagall left for a momment,and returned with Professor Dumbledore.(Luckily Umbridge has to do some business at the ministry for the next week.)

"Ok so lets start off with the basics."said Professor Dumbledore.

"What is your name?"

She mumbled under her breath.



"Ok and do you have any living members of your family?"

"I don't know.I had a mum and a dad; mum died when I was about 10. I don't remember my father."

"How did you get here?"

She looked scared once again.

"I-I was kidnapped at 11 and I finally got away at 12. I must have ran or something."

"You don't remember?"


They all sat in silence.

"And may I ask,What is in yor bag?"

"Oh yeah, my mum gave this to me on her death bed,her last words were 'Tell your father I love him' and 'bring this to him if he doesn't remember' I wasn't sure what that mean't,though.I never looked in the bag ethier.I thought it would bring back memories of my mum..And that would obviously make me sad."

She gave Dumbledore the bag.

He pulled out a picture.


She took a look at the picture.

She gasped and said,

"M-M-Morgan,you're father is Sirius,Sirius Black."

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