"I can't believe you", Rosepetal panted, "after all we've been through together!"

"Well those times is the past and now you're an enemie.", Ivythorn snarled.

She launched forward her unsheathed claws glinted as she aimed on reaching Rosepetal's eyes and almost blinded the other she-cat.

Rosepetal growled and angrily reached out raking her opponent's perfect flank.

Ivythorn yowled painfully, distracting the other warrior then quietly stepped to the side while swiftly turning around to stratch Rosepetal's chest,

"You're still the worst fighter ever", Ivythorn taunted smirking.

Rosepetal felt a sudden rage of fury wash over her, "Well at least I'm not a traitor!", she snapped back. She rose on her hind legs and reached down to claw Ivythorn's ears.

Ivythorn ducked and hissed, "Me? I'm not the traitor you are! I didn't betray my own clanmates did I?"

Rosepetal gasped, "How dare you?", she shrieked and blindly bit down surprised to have found flesh. Then the horror sunk in.

"No, no dear Starclan this can't be happening!", she moaned as she gazed at the lifeless body at her feet. There was still blood trickling down from where she had bit.

I killed Ivythorn, she thought. Grief washed over her, seeping through her veins and finally turned to coldness. I must leave or else I will die myself. She dragged Ivythorn's dead body towards the river and dumped her there.

Ivythorn stayed a float but soon sank into the depths of the river. Rosepetal smirked. I won Ivythorn. Now who's better?. She cackled evily. Meanwhile a mysterious dark shape hid in the bushes wordlessly watching the crazy warrior.

Rubyshine took a long, deep breath. She had just witnessed her only sister, Rosepetal kill a cat! What should she do? If she tells Silverstar, Rosepetal will be exiled and she will never see her again! Why did you burden this with me?, Rubyshine thought bitterly. She padded slowly back to camp replaying the killing scene over and over in her mind. What if Rosepetal killed her? She shuddered at the thought. No. Rosepetal will never kill her own sister. Or will she? After all she murdered a clanmate.

Rosepetal jumped when she heard a rustle from behind. Please let it be nothing. She turned around silently and peered behind the bushes. Nothing. She scented the air. Her eyes narrowed. Rubyshine.

Oh no. Rosepetal pondered on what to do. Her sister will probaly tell Silverstar about Ivythorn's death. There's only one way to stop her. Must kill.


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