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The tom snorted.

"Well you can't because you are being blocked be me!"

Rubyshine snarled and curled her lips angrily.

"I am a warrior to you know!", she cried as she attacked and swiped her unsheathed claws at the other cat's nose.

The tom ducked smirking,"Well who will have guessed!"

Rubyshine hissed and barged into the other warrior before you could even say "wow" sending him flying away and landed with a thud.

"Ha!" Rubyshine shouted triumphitly

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Rosepetal buried her father and Lemon underneath a small blueberry bush in a tight clearing.

When she buried Greenlight, her father, she didn't know what to feel.

Sad? Angry? Or even irritated for running away.

Rosepetal sighed and threw away all those bad feelings. Leaving only love.

Love for her father that may had run away but had had the courage to tell her the truth.

Love for her mother that had died trying to protect her...

And love for her sister Rubyshine. Rosepetal might have said she would kill her but if she could ever go back in time she would have never say such a thing.

Rosepetal sighed and felt tears well up. She had lost everything.

Her dad. Her mom. Her sister. And... Her home, the clans.

She felt so alone in the vast world full of dangers and terrors. She didn't even know if StarClan watched over her anymore... Everything that had happened so far seemed to go wrong.

Then without knowing, as Rosepetal let out a single tear drop she fell into a deep nightmare.

There was mist everywhere and rain pounded on the ground. Rosepetal couldn't see a thing but she could hear. A scream pierced the silence and Sparklestream appeared before her lying still on the floor, blood flowing everywhere and her eyes dull.

"Why Rosepetal? Why did you kill me?!", a voice sounded echoing in Rosepetal's ears.

"No! Mother I didn't mean to!" she cried but Sparklestream had dissappeared and was soon replaced by Rubyshine.

"You said you will kill me if I ever told anyone about the truth... Are you really my sister?!" her sister wailed.

"I...I... No! Rubyshine don't go!", Rosepetal shouted hopelessly as Lemon and Greenlight then appeared lying on the ground twitching every now and then.

"You letted me go out alone Rosepetal! What kind of mentor is that?!", Lemon cried.

"You even letted me kill myself! What kind of daughter is that?!" Greenlight also wailed.

"I'm so sorry everyone! Please forgive me! I di", she was caught of when all five cats including Ivythorn the cat she had murdered appeared surrounding her and shouting the same thing over again.

"Stop! Please stop! StarClan help me!", she cried pitifully.

The mist dispersed mysteriously and the rain stopped.

"Never lose hope Rosepetal... Always believe there is hope"

"What?! Who's there?!", Rosepetal asked turning around but saw no one.

"Good bye little one"

Rosepetal woke up with a start. The nightmare vivid and the message was clear...

But she still didn't believe.

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Rubyshine was about to exit the den but Sweetfrost, a warrior of ThunderClan, blocked her.

"What now?!" Rubyshine whined.

"Go now! Silverstar ordered you to leave and search for Rosepetal while we will retreat", Sweetfrost mewed impatiently.

"Okay I'm going!", Rubyshine replied,"geez! I wonder why did they name her Sweetfrost. She's n not sweet to me!"

Sweetfrost glared.

"Sorry" Rubyshine mumbled then pelted of without looking back. I'm going to find you Rosepetal no matter what you do.



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