Hello, thank you taking your time to read my first Pokemon fanfic! It really, truly means a lot.

This will contain a romantic relationship between Ash and Pikachu later aka shounen ai aka boy love. So if you are uncomfortable with yaoi, I advise you to leave and read another fic.

Ash and Dawn are 15 years old while Brock is 18 and Pikachu being 16 when he is turned into a human. Why I made Pikachu slightly older than Ash will be revealed later as the series progresses. Special thanks to suika1021 for being a beta reader and not minding that my story sounds like hers! It may sound similar now but please wait for more chapters. Hope you like! :)

Today is such a great day to be outside, Ash thought happily as he stared up at the sky. Slowly, he lied down on his back as he cupped his hands behind his head. Ash looked as his Pokemon then at his human companions, Dawn and Brock. After battling countless matches in the Sinnoh region, he decided it would be good to just stop and smell the roses for a while. All of the Pokemon were out of their Pokeballs running around and munching on snacks while Dawn and Brock were chatting about shops and places they wanted to visit in the town they were currently staying it. Ash then looked to his left and spotted Pikachu being chased around by Buneary and a smile filled with content appeared on his face. It was just so peaceful and Ash drifted off right there, on the grass and in between everyone that he holds dear to his heart. This serene moment, however, was quickly ruined as a pair of people walked up to the group.

"Hello there, y'all! Would y'all care for some popcorn or soda as you enjoy your day at the park?" a woman said, although a person couldn't really differentiate her from her partner who was dressed identically. Both were wearing loose red and blue striped t-shirts along with black pants, big bug eyed sunglasses, and a blue baseball cap that covered their entire head and any hair if they had any.

"Pika pika," Pikachu said quietly, gently shaking Ash awake.

Ash slowly opened his eyes and stared as Pikachu pointed to the people with a yellow paw. He followed the paw groggily, wanting to return to sleep once again.

"My, what a lovely Pikachu you have there!" the man next to the woman said happily. "May I pick him up for a closer look?"

"Err, sure, go ahead," Ash replied, still half asleep and not fully aware of what was going on at the moment.

The man slowly brought Pikachu into his arms and behind those big bug eyed sunglasses, a suspicious gleam could be seen.

"Now, Meowth!" the man shouted and a loud BOOM was heard before everything was suddenly enveloped in a pink smoke.

Coughing, Ash bolted up and sprinted blindly into the smoke. Damn, that Team Rocket! How do we always fall for their stupid antics? Ash thought, mentally slapping himself.

After running for only a few seconds, Ash collided with something hard which sent him crashing his bottom onto the hard concrete below.

Sitting on the ground and cradling a spot on his head where the object had hit him, he heard several shouts and grunts that ranged from a feminine voice saying "Get outta the way, James!" to a low voice hissing "Stupid Meowth, move already!" and then to a screechy voice yelling "Owwww! My poor tail!"

Then the smoke disappeared to reveal a dazed Pikachu and a nowhere-to-be-found Team Rocket.

"Pikachu!" Ash shouted, running to his best friend before picking up the Pokemon. "Are you okay?" he asks, his usual charming smile replaced with a concerned frown.

"Pika.. pikachu!" Pikachu replied cheerfully, abruptly coming out of the trance it was just in.

"Did they do anything to you? Are you hurt?" Ash asked, swearing to himself that the next time, he would show Team Rocket a lesson they would never forget.

"Pika, pika," Pikachu said reassuringly, patting Ash's left shoulder as if Ash was the one who almost got Poke-napped.

"Ash! Is Pikachu okay?" Dawn asked worriedly, running up to the two of them.

"Yeh, he looks okay," Ash told her, sighing with relief.

"Wah, that's good. Who knows what would've happened if you weren't alright, Pikachu," she said smiling then stretching out her right arm to pat Pikachu on the head which made the Pokemon squeal in delight.

"Since that's all over, we should be heading back to the Pokemon center. It's getting dark," Brock stated, staring at the setting sun out on the horizon.

With that last statement, the gang made their way back to settle in for the night.

As Ash changed into his pajamas, which consisted of an aqua blue shirt and matching shorts, he climbed into bed and lied down next to where Pikachu had cuddled up on his pillow.

"You sure you're okay, buddy?" Ash asked for what seemed like the billionth time.

Pikachu slightly rolled his eyes at his clueless trainer and said, "Chu," a small smile on the little yellow creature's face.

"Alright, if you say so," Ash replied, still not believing his Pokemon. Something's going on, he thought before turning around and switching off the lamp on the bedside table. Then he turned back around to face Pikachu, who was already fast asleep, its mouth slightly agape.

He smiled slightly and then snuggled into his blanket as he too went off to Dreamland.

It was around 4:45 in the morning when Ash awakened due to a sudden POOF that echoed throughout his room.

"Pikachu! Are you alright?" he shouted into the black room.

He frantically turned on the lamp and when the darkness disappeared, the first thing he saw was blonde hair. So blonde, it was almost white along with plump pink lips and crimson cheeks.

Ash stared at the boy beside him on the bed. Said boy then stared back with jet black eyes and blinked. Silence circled all around the two teenagers, both unsure of what to make of this strange predicament.

That's the end of chapter one! xD I'm sorry it's so short, I will try my best to make longer chapters in the future. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Tell me why! Critical reviews are welcomed as well :)