Here you go, chapter two of Vicissitude! This story will have yaoi/shounen ai/ boy love so if you don't like that kind of stuff, please go read something else. Special thanks to suika1021 for being an amazing beta reader and pardon any mistakes that may have been missed. Hope you like! :)

Ash stared at the boy in front of him and thought, what the hell is going on? The silence between the two teenagers droned on until one of them finally spoke up.

"Um... Ash?" the blonde boy said in a low voice, and then quickly brought his left hand up to cover his mouth, as if he had said something he shouldn't have. Then he stared at his hand cautiously as he curled the fingers with a look of astonishment completely visible on his face.

"You're…Pikachu... right?" Ash asked as a billion things ran through his mind. Why has Pikachu turned into a human? How did this even happen? Why does he have a six-pack?!

"Yes... I am... but I'm in a human body for some reason..." Pikachu said as he trailed off while he became lost in thought. Then his whole body twitched as a sudden realization came to him. "That stupid Team Rocket!" he shouted angrily.

"What are you talking about?" Ask asked as he still wondered why Pikachu had more muscle than he did.

"Yesterday, while we at the park and they pulled off that smokescreen ambush thing, Meowth... forced something like a pill into my mouth and made me swallow it…" Pikachu stated as he remembered the events of what had happened just hours before. "It all happened really fast, I was wondering why he did it but now I have my answer..." the former Pokémon said as he looked over his human body. Then he shook violently as the wind from the air conditioner flew past him. Pikachu did the only thing he could think of as he quickly pulled the blanket Ash was using and wrapped it around himself while Ash tumbled to the ground.

"Owww…" Ash said quietly while he rubbed his sore bum. I've been falling down way too much lately, Ash thought then glared daggers at the boy sitting comfortably on his bed and snuggling into his blanket.

"Oops, sorry about that, Ash," Pikachu said as he stuck his tongue out and chuckled quietly.

"Sure, you're sorry. So… what do you think we should do?" Ash asked while he folded his arms together.

"We should find Team Rocket and ask them 'what the hell are they thinking?'" Pikachu said with an annoyed voice as thoughts of strangling a certain cat swarmed around in his head.

"But we have no idea where they are now," Ash replied with a scrunched up face as he thought about where Team Rocket could be hiding.

"We're bound to run into them again soon since they're such stalkers," Pikachu stated confidently.

"I guess that's the only thing we can do..." Ash stared intently at the sight in front of him. Pikachu is really handsome as a person, he started to think then stopped instantly as soon as he realized what his brain had just said. "A-anyway, I'll think I'll go and take a shower," Ash said quickly and stood up then started to make his way to the bathroom.

"Wait, Ash!" he heard as a firm hand wrapped itself around his thin wrist. Then there was a rustling noise and a loud thud as Pikachu fell headfirst on to the hardwood floor.

"Damn, that hurt..." Pikachu said as he sat up and brought a hand to console his hurt nose.

"You alright, buddy?" Ash asked worriedly while he crouched down in front of his fallen friend.

"I'm fine, I just wanted to take a shower with you," Pikachu said with a dead serious look in his eyes, oblivious as to how suggestive that statement could be.

Ash stared at him blankly. Then a bright blush crept on to his face as his brain finally registered what Pikachu had said.

"W-what do y-you mean, you w-want to s-shower with me?" Ash said as he mentally cursed himself as to how stupid he sounded.

"Since we don't know how long it'll be until I turn back to normal, you have to teach me how to live like a human and teaching me how to bathe myself isn't a bad start," Pikachu stated as if it was obvious.

"O-ohhh, that's what you meant," Ash replied as he laughed nervously.

"What else could I have meant?" Pikachu asked while he tilted his head to the side.

"N-nevermind!" Ash yelled as he jumped to his feet and bolted for the bathroom.

When several minutes had passed and Pikachu still hadn't followed him into the bathroom, Ash peeked outside the door as he thought what the hell is Pikachu doing?

"Hey, are you com-," he started then stopped as he saw the site before him.

Ash stared at Pikachu as he leaned on the edge of the bed while he tried desperately to push his body upward. With his arms extended on the bed for support, he grunted and slowly but surely stood up with slightly trembling legs. He then turned his body slightly to face Ash as his face gleamed with a coat of perspiration.

"This body is so different from my normal one, it's too heavy. I don't understand how you humans can even move," Pikachu said exasperated as he moved his head from side to side to shake off the sweat.

But Ash hadn't heard a single word that came out of Pikachu's mouth because he was too shocked to even breathe. The blanket that covered Pikachu earlier had fallen off and was now forgotten on the floor. So he was able to see every detail of his best friend's body. Every last detail.

"H-hey, w-wait! Ash!"

Ugh, my head hurts, Ash thought as he cupped the back of his head with his right hand.


What the... Who's shouting? he thought some more as his right hand moved over to cover his ear to block out the noise.


Geez... You're so loud... He shot upright as he realized whose voice that was but then hit something hard and ended up on the floor once again.

"Ouch... I didn't know you were that hardheaded, Ash," the voice above him said.

Ash opened his eyes and sat up slowly. He looked to his side and stared at Pikachu. Both of them had a red spot on their foreheads from the earlier collision.

"What happened?" Ash asked carefully, unsure as to why he was on the floor.

"You tell me. I finally manage to stand up then you go squirt blood everywhere and faint. I tried to catch you before you hit the floor but it's hard to walk let alone run in this body so I fell too," Pikachu said then sighed.

"Oh, I see..." Ash said quietly, ashamed that he had a massive nosebleed just because he saw Pikachu naked.

"You've been out for a while now so the blood is pretty much dry but you really need to go and clean yourself up," Pikachu told Ash as he sounded just like a mother would while she scolded her child.

"Wait, what time is it?" Ash asked, worried that he might have missed breakfast.

"It's only 6:14, you got knocked out for half an hour or so," Pikachu answered while he stared at the digital clock on the bedside table then looked back at Ash. "Now help me stand up," Pikachu said, slightly annoyed that he needed help with everything now that he was in this form.

"R-right," Ash said nervously as he stood up and held out his hands for Pikachu. Pikachu gladly took them and tried his best to stand up. After a few minutes of pants, grunts and Ash's encouragement, he finally managed to get on his feet.

Hey, that's not fair, why's he taller than me? It's only a few inches but damn, Ash thought as he stared upward into Pikachu's eyes and tried his very best to ignore the fact that Pikachu was still naked.

"You can let go now," Pikachu said softly then lessened his grip on Ash's hands.

Ash didn't let go and instead asked, "What do you mean? How are you going to get to the bathroom if I don't help you? You can barely stand!"

"Showering is one thing but walking is something I've been doing just as long as you have, probably longer. This body is different but I'll learn faster on my own if I don't have any help," Pikachu replied as he thought Damn, I'm being treated like a kid.

"But it'll be easier if you hold onto something," Ash responded with a frown.

"I can just lean against the wall. It's much sturdier than you are, isn't it?" Pikachu merely said.

Ash narrowed his eyes at his best friend as he contemplated whether or not to continue to argue on the matter but decided to let it go when he remembered that Pikachu was just as stubborn as himself.

"Fine, but the second you seem to be struggling more than you should I'm helping," Ash said as he stared defiantly up at Pikachu.

Pikachu nodded as he sighed then turned around and gradually leaned toward the wall as he used his hands to guide him to the restroom. Ash walked by his side as he stared at some fairly defined biceps and couldn't help but think Damn, Pikachu

That's it for chapter 2! Chapter 3 will be up soon after I look over it some more. Until then! :D