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After Ash, Dawn and Brock had spent the whole day teaching Pikachu how to walk, they called it quits and decided to have some dinner. The sun was just on the horizon when the group made their way back to the Pokemon center.

"C'mon, it wasn't that bad," Ash said as he closed the door behind him.

"Easy for you to say, you're not the one who kept falling straight into the dirt," Pikachu replied menacingly as he buried his face into the soft pillow.

"But at least you can sort of walk now," Ash said positively as he sat down on the end of the bed close to Pikachu's feet.

"It's still troublesome though, this body is so annoying," Pikachu responded as he slowly twisted his body so that his head was up toward the ceiling.

"With some more practice, you'll get it right," Ash said with a bright smile then rose to his feet. "I'm going to take a shower so behave yourself for fifteen minutes," the black haired boy said jokingly then walked to the bathroom. He could hear a mumble that sounded something like "yeah, yeah" from the boy lying down on the bed and chuckled quietly to himself before he closed the door.

Running water could be heard minutes later as Ash started his shower.

I wonder how he would react if I snuck in there, Pikachu said in his mind with a smirk. Thoughts of Ash with no clothes on and warm water splashing against his tan skin came to Pikachu's mind as he stared at the bathroom door. What I would give to see that… he thought some more then noticed a slight tightening in his jeans. Annoyed, he shifted his body to the left and stared at the floor instead of the bathroom door and shooed away his thoughts about Ash.

"This body is going to give me more issues than just having trouble with walking…" Pikachu muttered softly. Then he ran his hands through his hair roughly, frustrated at how things have changed.

Moments later, his eyelids became heavy as the water from the shower somehow became soothing and drifted off to sleep.

Ash quickly dried his hair with a towel after he had changed into his spare pajamas. I'll have to wake up early and try to wash the blood stains out of the other pair, he thought as he sighed. Blood stains are always a pain to get out. Or so his mom had said to him one day when he was little as she held up a shirt that Ash had bled on when the summer weather got too hot. He placed the towel on the sink after his hair was mostly dry and walked out of the bathroom.

Pikachu was still sleeping when Ash closed the door to the bathroom. He walked over to the bed and sat down next to Pikachu's hands as he stared at the blonde haired boy. He looks like an angel when he sleeps, Ash thought as he lifted his right hand to touch Pikachu's hair.

"Wow, it's so soft," Ash said quietly, careful not to disturb Pikachu. He continued to pet his best friend's head for a few minutes when a slightly larger hand grabbed his wrist.

"Ack!" Ash yelped as the hand pulled him and the next thing he knew, Pikachu was above him with his mouth way too close to Ash's mouth for comfort.

"W-what are you doin-," Ash said but quickly stopped when he noticed Pikachu's terrifying expression.

"Stop treating me like I'm still a Pokémon. I'm a human now, in case you didn't notice," Pikachu said in an intimidating tone as he glared daggers at Ash.

"O-of course I noticed! I-I was just touching your hair…" Ash mumbled with a blush as he tried to look at anything but Pikachu's eyes.

"Hm… Shall I show you just how much of a human I've become, Ash?" Pikachu whispered softly into Ash's right ear as he drove his left hand downward to cup Ash's butt.

"Um… No, I t-think I'm good! I-I mean I already know h-how human you've become, Pikachu. N-no need for a show and tell, haha…" Ash said nervously when he felt Pikachu's hand on his bum. I don't want a repeat of this morning!

Pikachu stared intently at the stuttering mess beneath him. The blush that covered Ash's face made it seem like he just ran dozens of miles. His eyes squinted in a way that made him look a frightened rabbit that was caught by a big bad wolf. Pikachu couldn't help but think that he looked so incredibly… cute.

Pikachu sighed heavily then moved slightly over toward the wall and fell on the bed so that he was lying right next to Ash. Then he snaked both arms around the trainer and pulled their bodies together.

"H-hey, Pikachu! What do you think you're doing?!" Ash shouted or more like mumbled into Pikachu's chest as he tried to push away.

"Stop moving or I'll attack you again…" Pikachu muttered into black hair as he pulled Ash closer.

With that, the smaller boy stopped his struggling immediately.

Something between a smirk and a smile appeared on Pikachu's face. Then he whispered, "Sweet dreams, Ash."

"S-sweet dreams," Ash stuttered out. The two teenagers then fell asleep but not before one of them muttered quietly to himself, "It'll be bad if Dawn or Brock walk in on us like this…"

Three days passed and with no sight of Team Rocket anywhere, Ash and company continued helping Pikachu adjust to his new life. Pikachu, being a quick learner, was able to run on the second and by the third day could easily beat both Brock and Ash in a race. While the boys were busy teaching Pikachu basic skills, Dawn went off and purchased more clothes as well as other necessities like a toothbrush for their new companion. As for the Pokemon, they somehow knew that Pikachu was in fact Pikachu and while most of them treated Pikachu the same, one Pokemon wouldn't even go near five feet of Pikachu; that Pokemon being Buneary.

"I just don't understand why she won't even look at me," Pikachu said sadly during dinner on the second day.

"Don't worry, Pikachu. It is a really big change after all," Dawn said encouragingly as she handed Pikachu his re-filled cup of water.

Pikachu sighed as he took a sip. His eyes drifted to the floor of the Pokemon center cafeteria where the Pokemon were eating their dinner while he sat on a chair at one of the tables. He couldn't help but feel somewhat envious and jabbed his fork into his pasta in pent up frustration.

On the fourth day, the gang decided to take a look around the town since they didn't have much of a chance to do that the other days, what with Pikachu's situation and all.

While Ash, Dawn and Pikachu decided to go into a bakery, Brock noticed something out of the corner of his eye. For a moment, he thought he saw blue and red hair swiftly go into a building on the opposite side of the street where the bakery stood. Brock followed his gut feeling and decided to walk across the street to the building which turned out to be a hardware store.

He pulled the door open, a high pitched bell sound rang through the store and the person at the cash register greeted Brock. Brock smiled at the worker and casually strolled around the store. At the end of the fourth aisle, he saw a speck of red hair sticking out and sprinted to the spot only to find James and Jessie huddling together in a ball on the floor of the store.

"W-wait, twerp, we can explain!" James shouted.

"Oh, you'll be doing more than explaining. You went too far this time, Team Rocket," Brock said with a dangerous expression as he walked closer to the two idiots.


Ash, Pikachu and Dawn instantly jumped as the scream erupted from somewhere across the street.

"What was that?!" Ash shouted as he ran out of the bakery, Pikachu and Dawn close behind him.

They ran towards where the sound came from only to find Brock dragging out two people by the collar from the hardware store. He continued dragging them to the café just down the street and then completely loosened his grip on the two. The man and woman slowly struggled onto their feet which proved to be a tad tough considering they were almost choked to death the minute before.

"Alright, what's the meaning behind this, Team Rocket?" Ash said angrily as he gestured towards Pikachu who stood behind him.

Jessie and James, both already fine from Brock's death grip, stared at Pikachu in bewilderment.

"Alright, twerp, we don't even know who that person is. What are you blaming us for?" Jessie said, her voice full of attitude as she crossed her arms.

"This is Pikachu," Dawn said, her normal smile replaced with a grimace.

There was about ten seconds of silence before Jessie and James both exclaimed "HUUUUHH?!"

"Why are you so surprised? You're the ones that gave Pikachu the pill that turned him into this!" Ash said to the duo. His voice was semi-shaky as he tried his best to control his anger.

"Okay, okay. Give us a chance to explain what happened…" James said as he held his hands up in defeat.

"The other day…" he began.

"Target spotted," a calm voice said casually to his partner sitting across the table of an outdoor café.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was out but there were enough clouds in the sky that gave the perfect amount of shade. A swift wind would blow from to time as spring had finally arrived. It was a great day to start some trouble.

"But how do we get it to swallow the pill?" a gruff voice replied, not taking his eyes off of the book in his hands.

Just then, a flash of red and blue whipped past their table. The owner of the first voice slowly looked up to see two people wearing uniforms and holding trays filled with goodies, much like the ones you would see at baseball games. The two said people hid behind a tree and glanced at the direction of the park next to the outdoor café.

"Alright, do you remember the plan?" the red haired woman said hastily to the man.

"Of course, we distract those twerps while Meowth captures Pikachu," the blue haired man replied.

At the sound of the word "Pikachu", the two sitting casually at the table suddenly became attentive. The owner of the gruff voice looked at his partner and nodded, as if confirming something. Then he closed his book and silently rose out of his chair to where the odd couple was hiding behind the tree.

"Hey. You there," the gruff voice said, causing the couple to jump and turn around cautiously.

The blue haired man instantly froze while the red haired woman stared blankly.

"Yes, what can we do for you?" she asked, a hint of attitude apparent in her words.

"Jessie!" the blue haired man hissed as he nudged the woman in the rib cage. "Do you not recognize him?!"

"No, should I?" the woman sneered back.

"It's Attila from the Johto segment of Team Rocket! He's a high ranking officer!" his eyes wide with fright as he informed his clueless partner.

"If you know who I am then you must be part of Team Rocket as well," Attila replied. He wanted more than anything to get away from these idiots.

"My, my, how very rude of me, I do hope you'll forgive my insolence!" Jessie replied nervously, her hands suddenly became clammy.

"Whatever. I heard that you were going to try and capture that Pikachu over there?" Attila said and nodded his head northwest to where some kids and Pokemon were playing around along with a little yellow creature.

"Haha, yes, w-we were unless you wanted to be the one to capture it then please go ahead!" Jessie said quickly.

"Our objective isn't to capture it. Not yet anyway," Attila responded.

"O-our?" James piped up. He retrieved his voice back even though it was shaky.

"My partner's and I," Attila said and slowly pointed back to the table where his partner sat casually.

"Professor S wanted us to give the Pikachu a little something but since you already have a plan made, you don't mind doing it, right?"

Jessie and James glanced at each other, unsure of whether or not to take the offer.

"I-is there a reward if we do?" Jessie inquired.

"The Professor is the head scientist of Team Rocket's Johto region so I'm sure you can at least raise your rank if you do his bidding," Attila said, a look of boredom visible on his face.

"Y-yessir, we'd be glad to take the job!" James shouted, his sweat clearly visible on his forehead.

Attila smirked and put his hand into his right jacket pocket. Then he swiftly threw a small enveloped to James who had trouble catching the item and almost dropped it had it not been for Jessie who saved it. She took the envelope into her hands and could only feel a small tube inside.

"Just make sure the Pokemon swallows it. Got it?" Attila said as he turned his back to Jessie and James.

"Yessir!" the duo shouted as they both raised their right hand to their foreheads in a salute.

Attila ignored their salute and walked back to his partner still sitting at the table.

"We should go and let Professor know that it's time to prepare for Phase 2," Hun said as he got out of his chair. Attila and Hun proceeded to walk to their car parked ten feet away from the café as another duo walked towards the group of teenagers hanging around in the park, their eyes glued to the yellow creature that ran around freely without any knowledge of what would happen in the next five minutes.

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