At the end when Smalls is going through what happened to everyone, he says Hayley and David ran into each other and David's stays silent so Hayley says you're supposed to say will you marry me. Well I've always wondered how that would go, so here's my version.

"Hurry up Hayley," Trish my roommate yells from across the café.

"Calm down I'll be there soon," I say as I stand at the counter waiting for everyone's drinks.

"Finally," Eric sighs 5 minutes later taking his coffee out of my hands before I can blink.

"Wow coffee addict much," Jake, Trish's boyfriend says grinning.

"Don't you know it," Eric says as we're joined by Tate and his girlfriend Rose, along with her older brother Kayne.

"Hey," we all chant as Kayne leaves to order.

It's not long before Kayne comes back and we all fall into conversation and we're just organizing to meet up later that week when the door opens and a familiar face walks through.

"1 Mocha please," I hear him say as he turns around, probably looking for a table, before his eyes meet mine and he freezes.

I can see him trying to say something but as usual he comes up with nothing.

"Hey Durango you're supposed to say, will you marry me," I yell over to David as my friends look between us both in shock.

"Hayley," he murmurs his face breaking into a shy smile.

"I've missed you David,' I say as I fly across the room and into his waiting arms.

"I've missed you to Hayl's," he says pulling back and looking down at me.

"So," I prompt with a grin.

"Will you marry me Hayley Elisa Goodfairer," he asks dropping to one knee.

"Of course," I say as he jumps to his feet and pulls me into a kiss.

"I love you," he whispers in my ear making me shiver (not in that way ;p)

"I love you too," I reply as my friends make their way over.

"Explain, what just happened," Trish says as I grab David's hand pulling him over to the table his coffee now in hand.

"Well," David says as we start at the beginning our faces starting to hurt from smiling.

Well that took less time than I thought so yea hope you liked it. Its a lot more, I don't know short, quick whatever you want to call it.