Never mistake...

My silence for ignorance.

My Calmness for acceptance.

Or My kindness for weakness.

Not everyone was particularly happy that Dalton's younger sister tagged along, especially Dalton himself. But she was small enough to fit and agreed to pay her own way so most of the others didn't mind. They all knew Dahlia enough to not treat her like the annoying little sister Dalton made her out to be. She was only a year younger than him and, to his dismay, a part of the gang.

Like the obvious tension between twins; Carly and Nick, they were polar opposites. Dalton smoked, drank, and got introuble while Dahlia was already applying for art scholarships. That's all she ever really did was paint and draw. She never left the house without a sketchbook and numbered each one when the pages were filled.

When it came to Nick, Dahlia didn't have some school girl crush or deep-rooted secret of love for him. Nick was just Nick, Dalton's best friend and partner in crime. Or at Least, that's how she played it.

At the current moment Dahlia was in the back of Wade's small car between Dalton and Nick. She had her knees pulled up to her chest to hold her sketch pad. She was trying to finish the cross she started earlier when Blake suggested a shortcut he found on his GPS at the diner and now they were supposably on it. But as luck would have it, they had to turn because the road was blocked.

"So much for his nice little shortcut." Wade commented." He better not get us lost."

Carly smiled and agreed as they pulled up next to Paige and Blake to see only a blonde head bobbing up and down and a series of unmistakeable expressions on Blake's face. Dalton was the first to notice and didn't waste time wipping out his video camera and recording. Everyone smiled in shock as Wade honked causing Paige to pop up and notice what Blake had just insinuated as he smiled at the others, causing her to playfully slap his chest as she pulled out her cell.

"Wait, she's calling me." Carly said, answering." You are so busted!"

"My lip balm." Paige said holding up a small object." I dropped my stupid lip balm."

"She said she dropped her lip balm." Carly smiled.

"Yeah right!" everyone said back.

Carly and Paige talked it out and agreed to stop for now and find a place to set up camp. There's no way we would all be able to stay up to watch the game if we drove all night.

"Hey look, a wax museum." Wade pointed out to Carly.

"You like that sort of stuff, Wade?" Dalton asked.

"I don't know. I guess." He replied obviously annoyed.

" I guess if you like things pretending to be other things." Nick smarted off lazily." which you do, right sis?"

"You would know all about that, wouldn't you?" Dahlia retorted, never looking up from her sketching.

"What does that suppose to mean?" he asked.

"You know damn well." She replied.

"Whatever." He said, blowing her off.

They drove the rest of the way in silence till they found a good place to stop.

"Your car sucks, man." Dalton complained as he and Nick got out to stretch.

"The car is fine." Dahlia stepping out of the car with her bag around her.

"Sorry Dahl, we can't all be midgets." Nick said.

While Carly and Paige walked away to talk, Dahlia went to help Wade start a fire, Dalton and Blake started unpacking, and Nick grabbed a beer and a fold-up chair and plopped down into it with his drink and a smoke.

After getting settled in, the girls layed out a blanket and sat on it, while Dalton, Wade, and Blake through around a football.

"So Dahl." Paige said, bringing the near-sighted girl from her thoughts." Seeing any cute boys?"

Dahlia smirked and looked up and around mockingly."Not around here."

The two older girls laughed at her joke and furthered their attempts to get the girl to talk. They always thoughts she was too quiet most of the time, only speaking up on rare occasions.

"I'm serious." Paige continued.

"ok, ok. No not really. I mean, I'v got school-"

she was inturrupted by groans from the two girls. Carly took her hand.

"We have got to get you a guy." She smiled.

"Like who?" Dahlia asked, with a defiant smirk.

"I don't know. Ummm T-Trevor! How about him? You two talked right?"

"Yeah right, Trevor is such a manwhore." Paige commented.

"That's not helping." Dahlia teased.

They would have continued if Carly didnt have to bolt up to stop a fight from erupting between Wade and Nick.

Dahlia put in her earphones and headed for the cooler for a water and ended up hearing the whole conversation between Carly and Nick. Once she was tired of Nicks crap, Carly walked away. Nick put up his hood an sat back down.

"You know, I'm not gonna thank you or bust your balls for lying for my brother." she said after taking a sip.

"Jesus!" He jumped.

"sorry." she said.

"What do you mean?" he asked with mock inoceance.

"Oh please." She rolled her eyes." Dalton is many things but a good liar doesn't exactly fall high on the list. I know my brother better than anyone."

"is that so?"

"I have a question though, why play at "the Evil twin" role?"

"Thats the way it is."

"Im talking about earlier, in the car. You may have everyone guessing your next move but you're not exactly a closed book. It's obvious you're not mad at anyone but yourself. Why?"

"What is this, 20 questions?" He complained.

"Nope." She replied calmly." Just one. Why?"

"I don't get where you think I'm mad." He said smiling." Do I look mad to you?"

"Look, whatever it is, I can tell from experience. Unforgiveness is choosing to stay trapped on a jail cell of bitterness, serving time for someone else's crime. You know what that's like too, right?"

"When did you become such an expert on my life!" He said standing up.

"Never said I was." She replied with as much conviction." But since we are talking about you, here's what I can tell; You hate to be compared to Carly so much that you think that you have to play a role to lower everyone'a standards and expectations for you so you won't continue to disappoint."

"You know what I can tell about you? You're - God! What's that smell?"

"excuse me!" She asked then almost fell over gagging.

"aw man, Dalton did you crap your pants again?" Nick demanded.

"huh? Naw. I don't know. Maybe." Dalton smelt himself." I mean I'm wearing my work clothes, so.."

Wade and Carly looked around with a flashlight.

"Something's dead out there alright."

"Naw, something's dead right here." Blake caught everyone's attention." We need to drink it back to life. Bless me, Dog." he said to Nick, who threw him a beer and sat back down, giving Dahlia one last look to see her walking away and shaking her head.

The party started going and Dalton had his camera out again.

"Hi pretty Carly." He said walking around.

"Hey, what's Wade short for, dude?" He asked when Wade was playing football again with Blake.

"Who?" He asked, giving Paige a close up.

"Here's my sister-aaaand she's not cool." He said quickly turning the camera." What's up, Nick?"

Dalton walked around and ended up getting sprayed in the face by Blake with his beer.

"Comeon man, you don't got to spray me." Dalton complained.

Dahlia looked up from her sketching to see Dalton still videoing Carly. Could he be anymore obvious?

"Dalton, what did I say?" she asked when she caught him.

"All right. my bad, my bad. Sorry."

Carly jumped up and went around the fire and snatched the camera.

"Give me that-oh and the tables are turned." She laughed, chasing him into the tent where she and Paige have him a makeover. Dahlia smiled at her brother's protests as the two girls mercilessly made him play dress up.

"So why'd you steal that car, anyway?" Blake asked." I mean, you disn't have to do that. Get that rush, huh?"

Nick glanced across the fire to Dahlia and then leaned back in his chair, taking another drink.

"Something like that." Nick replied.

Everyone looked up when Carly walked out of the tent backwards, followed by Paige forcing Dalton out.

"What are you wearing?" His sister laughed.

"You look like Elton John, but more gay." Blake called out.

"Elton John's gay?" Dalton asked.

Blake pulled Paige away an started kissing. When Wade and Carly started kissing too, Dalton came up as retrieved his camera. He walked around recording the two couples."oh yea. That's hot. Give me some of that action."

He turned to his sister who wha pulling something from her bag.

"is that yarn." Dalton asked in disbelief." Are you knitting?"

"Yea." she answered giving him a look.

"Oh my God! My sister is a freak! Moving on."

He turned to Nick who smiled.

"Don't look at me dude, I'm not kissing you."

"Come on, you know you want to, dude." Dalron laughed." Just kidding. Psyche. I wouldn't kiss your ass for shit."

Dalton turned towards the direction where he heard a noise an met two bright lights. It was a truck. It was parked silently, still blasting it's brights. The man sat there, ignoring the groups calls. Nick impatiently got up and slung his beer bottle at the car, busting out a front headlight.

"Nick!" Carly scolded.

They all cautiously watched as he backed up and drow away. Dahlia couldn't shake this feeling of chills up and down her spine. How could they be so calm about this?

"Are you ok?" Dalton asked.

"Mhm." She nodded and looked down at her phone to see the photo she took of the car. Something like that doesn't just happen and neve be hear from again. Dahlia was reminded too much of last year's break in when someone tried to rob her house. Nick was there and scared the guy away, but Dahlia learned to be cautious and didn't want to go to sleep that night. She sat by the dying fire in Nick's fold up chair, trying to stay awake by sketching the truck.

But soon, exhaustion overwhelmed her.

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