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A Surprise Visitor

Tick tock tick tock. Tony look up at the clock 2:38 pm. Only 2 and a half hours left all going right. He looked across at Ziva. He grimaced indicating the clock causing her laugh. "David, DiNozzo back to work." Tony sighed. The pile of paper work seemed never ending. These were the days he dreaded nice not to be needed but boring all the same.

The elevator dinged the doors as open. Bring the team out of there stupor. 3:30 pm. A brown headed girl with big green stood outside the elevator. She seemed lost. "Is a Jethro Gibbs here" she asked cautiously. "Depends" answered Gibbs "what is he wanted for." "I have a letter here from him." This raised looks from everyone, why would a girl have a letter for Gibbs here. "From me are you sure." She smiled all shyness gone. Gibbs swore the look reminded him of someone. "I also so have a letter to you from Rosanna Parks." Gibbs face paled. Ignoring the inquiring looks from the team. "Rosanna Parks?" His interest was caught. "Yeah." She was cocky like she knew something he didn't. "I found the letter in her house after she died 12 years ago. But it's the contents of the letters that is interesting. She never sent it because you were engaged and she didn't want to wreck it. But I think it time you saw it." She seemed to know that he was caught, having the appearance of drawing it out. She flipped a crumpled faded yellow envelop across the table. Gibbs grabbed it hesitantly unsure if he wanted to read to contents. Eyeing her suspiciously he tore the top off. The letter told about Rosanna having been pregnant and now having a gorgeous baby girl. It told of the fact it couldn't be her fiancés because she hadn't seen him in the months before. It was taking credit for her. But the child held a great resemblance to Gibbs. It told of how she loved him and always would but it was time for them to both move on. Gibbs looked up wiping a tear from his face. "I don't see why this is so important. The letter was written 35 years ago."

She leant across the table her lips centimetres from has ear. And whispered "That child grew up got married had four kids she and her husband and three of the kids died. The remaining went into care. She is now 16. She heard about her real grandfather from the letter, so she came to seek her fortune in America." She paused. Smiling ruefully seeming to enjoy the tension. Understanding began to dawn on Gibbs. Standing up she continued. " I am her."

Gibbs face which was already quite paled further and the girl's amusement (and the teams surprise), nearly toppled off the chair. Jethro struggled to get his vioce under control. All the memories of were Rosanna flooding in from their cage. "If that is so please come with me" he led the way to the elevator. Looking puzzled she followed.

Tony was the first to speak. "I wonder what that was all about. With the mighty 'I am her' what is she the saviour?" McGee raised his eyebrows "a bit far-fetched don't you think?" "Yes, but there is something about that girl she got Gibbs all freaked." Ziva pointed out. Tony rolled his eyes "Ohhh. Who's a worry wart now, Gibbs is a big boy he can look after himself, and what ever got him worried if it serious we'll soon know." "Hey I'm not the one who thought that she might be the saviour" Countered Ziva. "I wasn't saying she was the saviour I was just saying that…" "Shut it. Both of you. I sick of it." Stated McGee glaring at them daring them to argue. They glared back, and then in silence continued working.

In the elevator Gibbs pulled the emergency lever, he'd found that this was a great place to hold private conversations away from prying ears. Turning to her, he stated his voice neutral "You know who I am, isn't it fair that I should be told who you are." Leaning against the wall, she smirked "of course but the world isn't fair. Now is it." Pointedly, raising her eyebrows on the last point. Struggling to remain in control, she was so much like Rosanna, it was infuriating. "Just - Tell - Me -Your - Name!" Each word was an effort. An individual sentence, almost. She smiled knowing she'd won "Krystal Jennings". Gibbs was mad, he wasn't in control she was and this wasn't good Krystal was in his OFFICE but she seemed to take over effortlessly.

"Why are you here?" Gibbs inquired. She thought carefully before responding, winding him up "To see you to see if your real." "Cut to the chase. Why are you here? Money? Family? What? He was sick of her now. She'd pushed him to far he was barely containing his anger. Seeming to sense this she replied meekly "honestly first to see if you were real, before anything like family came into the question. I'm staying with some friends, until I find my feet. So I don't need any money. Sorry about bugging you if you'll just start the elevator, I'll leave and you will never see me again. Okay?" her head was bowed and her shoe was scuffing the carpet. Gibbs couldn't stay mad at her.

He reached forward cupped her chin in his hand and pulled her face up. "You look so much like your grandmother its scary."Convinced that she was genuine, he went to pull the emergency lever and exit into the bullpen, but before he did so, he turned to face Krystal. Gave her a long look taking in the shaggy brown hair and the cocky smile right down to the tattered jeans and scuffed shoes. "Look all though I have no doubt that you're genuinely my granddaughter." He paused; it felt strange to say those word to someone he'd just meet. "Let's not tell the team before we know more about what's going to happen. That way there is no expectations, no requirements." "I see the sense I that. So what am I? Your friends troubled child here to be sorted out, or what?" "Yeah… um… good point." Mumbled Gibbs. Krystal huffed, "look it is believable considering I know nothing about you and it IS better than saying that you have long lost grandchild you want nothing with if all goes wrong isn't." she finished the sentence all in one breath and quite pointedly. He smiled. She and DiNozzo were going to have a great time together. With one last look he led the way out of the elevator, shaking his head at things to come.

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