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Krystal wasn't up when Gibbs left for work so he left message telling her to come by later if she wanted so that they could get some lunch. Sitting at his desk he tried identifying Krystal's accent as to get a clue as to her back ground but running through the list of accents in his head. There were no hits it nearly fitted many countries but it was a varied accent. It held similarities to South African, Australian and southern America accents. He knew that Rosanna was an Australian, so maybe she picked them up from there.

Still un-sure Gibbs was pulled out of his deliberation, by Abby who had the DNA results back on the hair found at the scene. "The hair got a hit, there were two types of hairs one matches the lieutenant." "Hang on the one down stairs?" "The same one." Gibbs gave Abby a strange look that was odd as the new body had been dead less than 24 hours and the other one had died about 3 days before. "And that's not all…" Abby continued. "The other hair matched a Corporal Sharp and he died 5 months ago so still no evidence about our killer yet. But we have a serial killer because how else would they have gotten that hair otherwise." "Rule number 8 Abs, Never take anything for granted." Picking up his jacket, he stood to leave. "Keep looking, something must lead us to the bastard. He must have made one mistake and if your hunch is right re-check the others their might be something there." Gibbs watch Abby leave before following in her that direction.

He swung the doors open in autopsy. "Hey there duck, got anything on the victim?" Ducky turn around surprised to Gibbs so soon. "He suffered multiple shots to the legs, was bound up and left to bleed out, Jethro." Gibbs paused before asking his next question. "Abby has found hair that matches Corporal Sharp's and the John Smith's from the Jane does body. Is there any other evidence to support that or is that just a coincidence?" Ducky was surprised, the cases looked anything but related. "Jethro, you know as well as I do that there are no such things as coincidences, so we now know that they are connected, the question that remains is how." Gibbs took that in, as he had suspected to killer didn't appear to have a M.O yet. "It could have been transferred, duck." Ducky huffed. "It could have been, but highly unlikely as corporal Sharps been dead 5 months." Gibbs smiled at Ducky's cynical tone. "So it was put there deliberately." "Perhaps, Jethro. That is what I am going to find out." "Look over them all and see if there is any connection with the bodies at all. See if you can find where they were killed. When you do tell me." Ducky rolled at being treated like a probie. "As always Jethro you'll be the first to know."

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