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Date night

Chapter 1

It was 6pm on a gorgeous Saturday evening and Emily had just finished her long relaxing bubble bath and had chucked a long white robe on before making her way back to her bedroom, Emily walked over to her desk and plugged in her hair dryer and straighteners and sat on the medium size stool to dry and style her now wavy and wet brunette hair as she finished the final touches to her hair she then went into her top right handed draw to collect he make-up, after Emily finally finished her hair and make-up she check the time to make sure she was not running late for her one year anniversary date night, she walked over to her wardrobe and grabbed a beautiful red dress which was placed over red and black laced bra and matching panties and completed her authentic look by placing a black shawl over her and slipping on some small simple black heels and then made her way to the living room where she would wait for the remaining 30 minutes for her kind and loving boyfriend Derek Morgan who had been hit by the butt of a gun on their previous case. Emily then starts to think about the horrible case they had just came home from 5 hours ago.


The team had just finish a long exhausting case which involved the murders and kidnapping of three teenage boys the unsub 'Brad Marks' had been taking these teenagers to let out his own anger on what his older brother done to him when he his self was a teenager, Lucky for the team they had managed to save what would have been the fourth boy in time before he received any serious injuries.


At 8.03 there was a sudden knock at Emily's door as she walk over to open the door she first had a peek through the peep hole and gave a bright shimmering smile because there stood 'Derek Morgan'.'' You're Late Derek'' she said as she gave him a small smile and a wink.

"Hey what can I say Em it takes time to get looking this good". He stated sarcastically and also gave her a wink back

"I'm only late by three minutes you going to hold that over me later" he said while leaning in to give her a heart-warming kiss

Emily slowly gives in to his charms and lets her tongue explore his as she slowly opens her eyes and smiles she says

"I just might have to do that Derek", he then walks her out of her apartment and down to his black SUV and says

"You are a cruel woman Emily Prentiss a cruel women" he winks as Emily rolls her eyes and give the smallest of laughs, and they got into Derek's SUV and he starts up the Engine and heads toward their destination.

As they enter the Italian restaurant which Morgan found and had decided it would be great to have their first year anniversary there they walked over to their reserved table right by the window looking out on the beautiful city of Washington DC, Derek kindly took a hold of Emily's chair and pulled it out for her and he then went around to sit down they both picked up their menus and began talk on what to have

"This steak looks define" Emily says and earn a raised eyebrow from Derek

"What" she states as she gave a smile clearly get where he's coming from

"Nothing! Nothing!" he repeats as they both laugh at each other's weirdness, the waiter then makes his way over to the beautiful couple and says

"Good evening sir" he nods towards Derek "ma'am" and nods towards Emily

"I'm Greg and I'll be your waiter for this evening may I offer you some of our best wine" he gives a confident smile

"yes that would be great thank you Greg" Morgan gives him a simply smile and takes another look at his menu

"I'll be right back" Greg says and walks over to the far corner of the restaurant. Emily then begins to tell Derek that she knows what she's going to order and Derek nods and slowly puts the menu back into its place

"ok I'm also ready to order so" as he looks around and spots their waiter Greg make his way back to their table with a bottle of red wine. As he finishes pouring there wine and taken both orders he leaves say

"Your meal shouldn't be long" he nods to Derek and Emily again and leaves with a "Sir...Ma'am".

"You look great tonight Em" Derek points out as he takes Emily's hand and slowly leans in for a kiss

"Thank you Derek, you don't look to bad yourself" she laughs and gives him a wink and also leans in to kiss him

About 45 minutes later their food had come and they had eaten I over a small talk about there year together so far they laughed together but Emily sensed Morgan wanted to say something but couldn't quite say it so Emily gave a concern look and said

"Morgan are you alright you seem..." She paused

"I dunno"

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine honest" he then looks down to what he was holding in his hand and gave a deep breath hoping everything would go according to plan he then looks up to the worrying eyes of Emily and says

"Ok... so I've been meaning to ask you something but was waiting for the right time" he states as Emily gave him a convincing smile and a nod, Morgan then makes his way to Emily's side of the table and takes her hand into his and gets down on one knee… as he got down onto his one knee Emily moved her other hand over her mouth then slowly dropped it into her lap and gave him a big grin as Morgan returns the smile he then says

"I've been trying to get the right time to tell you this and it's been 3 weeks and I thought this would be a perfect night to ask you although Garcia and JJ I insisted I do it straight away otherwise they'd ask you themselves" he gives her a little laugh and she joins in with him still smiling she says

"Derek just ask me and stop babbling on" she gives him another laugh as he smiles and nods

"Ok... Emily Prentiss will you do the honour in become my wife" he breaths to take in what he said as he waits for his reply by now everyone in the Italian restaurant was staring also anxious waiting for Emily's answer, she then gives Derek I big smile and said though her smile

"Yes Derek I would love to" she says still smile not being able to stop… Derek then slowly placed the ring onto her finger then Emily stood up and placed herself right in front of him and whispered

"I love you so much" as they hugged and gave each other a long passionate kiss then everyone that was in the restaurant was all smiling and clapping away.

"I love you Em" Derek finishes and leads Emily out of the restaurant to head back to his place.

To Be Continued...


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