Year Anniversary

Well here we are on the last chapter of my story I hope you guys have enjoyed this story and the sequel will be up soon I promise just give me like a week to start it lol need to think ;) OFF YOU GO ;D


Long Day

"Jack Jack" Keeley says running up to him in the park,

"Hi Keeley what are you doing here?" Jack ask curious to know,

"Mommy and Daddy swaid I can come here cwause its my bwirthday tomorrow" Keeley let's Jack know jumping up and down with excitement,

"I know it is and ill see you at your party with you big present," Jacks tells her and smiles,

"Is it rweally big" Keeley asked not wanting to wait,

"Oh yeah its really really big" Jacks smiles,

"Cwome on Jack twell me what it is I don't want to wait!" Keeley ask stopping him from walking away,

"Nope your going to have to wait till tomorrow aren't you!" Jack laughs and starts walking up to Emily and Derek as he notices them,

"But Jack I won't twell anyone I prwomise " Keeley says giving Jack her puppy dog eyes,

"Nope come on let's go see your Uncle Derek and Aunt Emily," Jacks says running off,

Wait for me Jack I rweally want to know pwease!" Keeley asks running of to jack,

"Nope I'm not going to tell" Jack says turning back to make sure she's following,

"Ill gwet Daddy to mwake you twell," Keeley says trying to catch jack up,

"He won't make me tell" Jacks laughs,

"Will too Daddy always do" Keeley says and stops running,

"Uncle Derek, Aunt Emily what are you guys doing here?" Jack asks as he stops in front of them,

"Miss munchkin over there would stop until we'd take her to the park so here we are!" Emily says walking over to pick Keeley up,

"She's trying to get me to tell her what her birthday present is but I'm not saying a word" Jack let's them know and laughs,

"Got to wait until tomorrow princess you know that" Derek also laughs,

"But Daddy I don't like waiting I rweally want to know pwease tell me Jack" Keeley asks and give him her puppy dog eyes again,

"I know baby but there's only a few more hours left why don't we do something to make time go faster!" Derek says knowing what going to come next,

"Ok can we stay here for a bit Uncle Aaron's cwoming over now swee you and Mommy can twalk and me a Jack pway" Keeley asks walking over to her Dad as her Mom puts her back on her feet,

"Yeah princess course we can stay" Derek let's her know, and starts walking over to meet Aaron,

"Yay thanks Daddy. Cwome on Jack let pway soccer" Keeley says and starts to run off,

"Ok Key let me get my ball" Jack says,

"Keep an eye on her Jack in case she runs off you know what she's like" Emily tells Jack,

"I will aunt Em I promise," Jacks let's his aunt know and grabs his ball from his dad and runs off to play with Keeley.

Emily and Derek greeted Aaron and they all took a seat on a bench making sure they can't see Jack and Keeley and they talked for a while just before they were about to call for Keeley and Jack Emily's phone started to ring she looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Garcia she answered the phone a was greeted warmly by the caller after about 5 minutes with talking to her she hung up and called for Keeley and Aaron went on and called Jack.

"Is it twime to go already Mommy?" Keeley asks in-between breaths,

"Yeah baby guess who I had a call off and wants to take some little sugarplum shopping" Emily tells Keeley and smiles,

"Aunt Pen?" Keeley says wanting to be right,

"That's the one baby you know what Auntie Penelope's like" Emily laughs taking a juice drink out of her bag for Keeley,

"Yay can we go now plwease Mommy" Keeley asks nicely,

"Aunt Pen is picking you up in an hour baby you have to change your clothes you have mud all over them" Emily tells Keeley taking her hand in her own,

"Ok Mommy what abwout Jack can he cwome too plwease? Keeley asks looking towards Jack,

"If Auntie Pen is ok with it which I'm sure she will be and if jack wants to go sweetie!" Emily says,

"Do you want to cwome shwopping Jack?" Keeley says and runs to hug him "plwease cwome" she says,

"Yeah ill come Key but you better ask Auntie Pen first" Jack says, "Can I go Dad" Jack asks his Dad,

"Sure buddy" Aaron nods,

"Let's call Auntie Pen shall we" Jack says to Keeley and he see's a nod from her,

"Daddy can I use your cwell phone plwease" Keeley asks Derek walking by him,

"Of course princess" Derek says dialing Penelope's number and handing it to her,

Keeley hears the ring and her Aunt answers the phone she asks her if Jacks allowed to come and Garcia is fine with it after she hung up the phone and handed it back to her Dad, Keeley, Jack, Emily, Derek and Aaron all head back to the parks parking lot Aaron goes in his own car while the others take Derek's back to the house.


He been following them for months now and hated that he had to wait he decided he'd take one more mother and daughter before taking his main targets it was to early for him to take. He watched as the happy family walk into the park and watched as Keeley ran up to the little boy who he believed was Jack Hotchner as he seen Aaron Hotchner sat on the bench not far from Jack he watched Emily and her lover and he see's him put his right arm over Emily's shoulder and kiss her on the cheek he also seen that her sad a few words to her before reaching Keeley he guessed that he said love you. He honestly hated that his daughter was having sex with this disgusting bloke he could what to show Emily what he was really made of after he taken some small snapshots of them he watched them until they left, when he drove on back to his small apartment he placed his camera next to his high tech laptop and connected the camera to the laptop and went on to print them when they were done printing he put them all in the small closet provided in his bedroom and went to take a shower and he would keep an eye on them until it was time for him to continue his plan but for now he had to look for another mother and daughter to keep him from taking his girls to soon.


After Penelope came a took Jack and Keeley to go shopping Emily and Derek decided it was best to have a little fun of their own they both had some food and took at shower by the time they'd done that it was about 3.15pm they both went to their bedroom and closed the curtains so they could have some privacy and took the bed sheet from the bed seen as they won't be sleeping Emily climbed on to the bed with a big smile on her face as Derek got on top of her and began to kiss Emily from the stomach upwards.

"Really Derek your going to tease me its been almost a month!" Emily smiled as she began to rub her hand over his sweet tense chest,

"I like to have a bit of fun you know me Princess" Derek laughs and continues to kiss her,

"Oh you so wouldn't say that if I was teasing you babe" Emily says,

"Your right there but its me on the to Princess" Derek laughs and starts kissing over her beautiful formed breasts,

"I knew it" she laughs and pushes Derek over so that he's led on his back and she climbs on top of him,

"Aww what no that's not fair" Derek says through a smile,

"Yes it is" Emily says and starts teasing Derek then she moves her lips up to Derek's and let's him know how she really feels by giving him a slow kiss and and they both have some passionate sex after they finished they just lay there not needing any words just happy in each others embrace.

"You know we gotta move sometime Keeley will be home soon." Emily let's Derek know as she turns her body onto her stomach and places her chin on his chest,

"Yeah maybe we should get going to the cake shop and pick up Keeley's cake its 4.30 now it doesn't close for another hour and thirty minutes" Derek says softly moving his hand up and down Emily's hair,

"Oh my god I totally forgot about the cake and we need to pick up you mother from the airport we better get moving!" Emily says rushing her words and shooting out of bed to get changed.

"Whoa there princess slow down we have time." Derek says trying to calm her down,

"Its half four Derek we got to make a move before Keeley gets back." Emily says as she puts her jeans on and bra then brushes her hair,

"We have time Em! And god you look sexy in just jeans and a bra any chance you cn wear that all the time" Derek says winking at Emily and getting out of bed and putting clothing on himself,

"Ok we have a little time but it good to be early sometime Derek, and really flirting when we have things to get done!" Emily let's out a laugh and smiles,

"What can I say that's me!" Derek smiles and winks at her once again while putting a navy blue top on,

"And that why I love you so much" Emily tells him and gives him a kiss, "but seriously go get the car started ill be down now" Emily orders him with a smile and a wink,

"Alright princess" Derek says and grabs his keys from the side of the table next to the bed and makes and exit to the door.

Emily finishes getting ready and makes the bed quickly before making her way to the curtains and opening them and the windows to let a bit of air in their bedroom she turn around and starts heading to the door when she stops herself, she couldn't shake of the feeling that someone was watching her but she just cleared her thoughts and set of to the car to meet Derek so they could make a great day tomorrow for their daughters 5th birthday.


He couldn't help himself he just had to go and check up on them again before hunting for another two more victims this time he went to there house which he hadn't done yet even though he's been keeping and eye on them for gone a month now he counted he had never actually been to there house. He was sat in the back of his car where he had tinted windows so no one could see him from the outside then he saw his daughter basically right in front of him though the bedroom window opening the curtains and windows she looked at the car but took no notice in it she look more beautiful than he thought now he couldn't stand that he had to wait he wanted Emily and Keeley right now he though about for a second but then thought it would be much more fun when Keeley was a little older so he tried to push back the feeling as far as it would go and just go find so other victims, he waited until he could no longer see their car before climbing back into the drivers seat before heading off to claim new victims and this time he will be collecting them before checking back on Emily and Keeley.


Emily and Derek first stopped at the Cake store to collect Keeley's birthday cake it was beautiful it had her favourite princess on which was The Little Mermaid Emily couldn't wait to see her face when she see's it. Around half hour later they made it to the airport to pick up Fran, Desi and Sarah while they were waiting in the car for them to show up Emily made a quick call to Garcia to see how things were going and she of course said they were having a ball even Jack and that they might be longer than she thought which Emily was fine with when she finished the call Derek and Emily both waited in the car for the others to arrive.

"Do you think my mother will make the effort this yeah" Emily speaks up looking towards Derek,

"I don't know princess she might" Derek says holding her hand for support,

"She hasn't shown up to either of Keeley's birthdays... No skrew that she hasn't seen Keeley in five years the last time she saw her was when she was born." Emily states starting to get mad,

"I know princess but that's her problem she's the one missing out on Keeley's life she has everyone anyone dreams of." Derek puts into word and leans over to kiss Emily's head. "Try not to worry about it princess", Derek says,

"I guess your right do you think somethings happened that's why she not showing her face?" Emily questions,

"I don't know princess let's hope not." Derek say placing another kiss on her forehead.

"I hope not either" Emily repeats his words and thinks about the odd feeling she's had for the past few days and quickly ignores the thought when she see's the Morgan clan walking up toward their car Derek and Emily get out to help them but there bags into the trunk of the car and then they all get inside and Derek drives of back to the house.

"Was your flight ok guys" Emily asks looking to the back to the car where the three Morgan girls were sat,

"Oh yes it was nice" Fran let's Emily know with a smile,

"Where's tomorrows birthday girl anyway?" Sarah ask egar to know,

"She's with Auntie Penelope shopping" Derek let's them know smiling, " well when I say shopping I mean buying the mall" Derek laughs and the others join in with him.

"She'll be home in about an hour Penelope said they weren't finished so they were going to be a bit late." Emily smiles,

"I think I need to start going shopping with Pen!" Desi smiles,

"I think that's a bad idea sis" Derek says smiling,

"Why is Derek?" Desi asks him raising her eyebrow,

"Because she'lL have you shopping for days she had me and Emily shopping for 5 hours straight one day" Dereks laughs remembering the day.

"That was a tiring day" Emily joins in laughing also.

They pull up to Emily and Derek home and everyone grabs some thing and places them in the house seen as they had been short on money Derek decided that they could stay there Desi and Sarah would take the spare room while Mama took Keeley's bed and Emily, Derek and Keeley would sleep in there bed know it would fit Keeley in with them the Morgan clan went on upstairs and put there thing in the rooms they'd be staying in while Emily and Derek got started on dinner not long after they started Keeley and Garcia walked in with tons of shopping bags Keeley and Garcia took them up to Keeley's room Garcia then stayed to a coffee then went on home to Kevin. Keeley had a long hours talk taking to her Grandma and Aunties then after dinner they all watch a movie and went on up to bed they all said there good nights and went to their separate rooms and cleaned up after brushing there teeth and putting there pyjamas on they all fell asleep almost immediately ready for the next day ahead of them.

The End.