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Daphne: Hey! How about you ignore this argument and READ!


I can't believe my family. They say, and I quote "Sabrina is a year late, and Daphne's blooming early." So now I'm sitting in an old blue car, my little sister's face squashed against the dirty window. "Well girls, we're about thirty minutes away from the house, so you might as well freshen up." The red haired man looked over his shoulder at us. He claims to be Mr. Weasley. "Ok." I pulled Daphne's face away from the window, and helped her clean up a bag of stuff she brought to do for the ride to England. We dug stuff up from the pile of dead batteries on the floor, and stuck it in a white bag. The thirty minutes sped by, and I watched as we pulled up to the house.

I looked over at Daphne, Daphne looked at me, and she bit her palm.

The house looked like a whole bunch of boxes stacked on top of each other. That didn't make me nervous though. It was the fact that they were leaning. "girls, grab a few bags, and follow me into the house." He tapped the trunk of the car, and looked disappointed when it didn't open. he then tried to pull it open, prying his fingernails into the cracks. "Um, I don't know much about cars…" He looked down at the ground and shuffled his feet, much like Puck. "Let me." I walked up to the car, and pulled the handle. The trunk flew open. "Thanks Sabrina." He smiled at me, and grabbed a bag. He looked over at the house. "Fred, George, Ron, Percy, Ginny! Come over here and help get the bags!" Daphne covered her ears as the man yelled. Immediately five red heads ran out of the house, and over to the old car. There were two boys who looked like twins, who probably were identical twins. "Yes father?" They had menacing smiles on their face, like they were up to something. "Get this bag Fred, it's a heavy one!" Mr. Weasley grunted as he handed one of the twins a bag I didn't recognize. It was probably filled with some extra stuff Granny Relda had to send with us. "Woah, what is in this thing?" Fred put it down on the ground, and started to un-zip it. "Oh Fred!" Mr. Weasley tried to grab the bag away from him, but he was too late. The bag was fully unzipped, and a head I hoped to never ever see again until Christmas break popped out. "Hey ugly, Did you miss me?"

"That is so gravy!" Daphne pit her palm, and ran up to hug Puck. I laughed as Puck's eyes grew, and his hands flew into the air. "Marshmallow! Get! Off! ME!" He gasped out. Daphne gave him a final squeeze, and let go. "Blimey, a boy just come out of the bag!" a boy around a year older than me gawked at him, his chin reaching his chest. "Who are you?" Puck opened his mouth to answer the boy, but Daphne cut him off. "It's Sabrina's future husband!" I glared at her, and she looked down at the ground giggling. "Lets just go inside."

"Daphne, Sabrina, you will be sharing a room with Ginny. Puck, how about you share a room with… how about Percy." Mrs. Weasley smiled at us, and I knew instantly not to upset her. I could just tell she was one of those people. Everyone in the family had flaming red hair, and bright blue eyes. Not to mention freckles dotting every inch of their body. "Here, you guys follow me." Ginny motioned for us to follow her. We climbed two flights of stairs until we reached her room. "Mum and dad have the second floor for their offices and bedroom. Fred and George have that room across the hall, and Percy is right next to them. I'm in this room. Upstairs we have two guest bedrooms for when my older brothers come to visit, and Ron's room." I nodded, and walked into the room. The walls were plain white, but the furniture added the color. There were three wooden twin beds, with brightly colored quilts on each one. "This bed's mine, you two can fight over the others," Ginny sat down a bed with a yellow quilt, and looked out the window. "I'll have this one." Daphne jumped on one in the corner with a light green quilt. I was fine with the one I got. Light blue, one of my favorite colors. "Here we come little sister!" Fred, the other twin, and the boy a year older than me came in dragging bags behind them. "Thanks." I smiled at them and took my three bags. Daphne did the same. "Look at her George, She's so little!" Fred nudged the other twin, and they stared at her. "I am not little!" She stamped her foot and gave them her 'Warrior' face. "I'll kick you in the knee!" She charged at them. "Whoa! Marshmallow. Calm down." Puck walked into the room, a bag of gummy bears in his hands. "Food!" Daphne stopped charging at the two twins, and raced up to Puck, her hands stretched out in front of her. "These are mine, thank you very much!" Puck put his hand against Daphne's forehead, keeping his bag of candy just out of her grasp. "It. Will. Be. Mine!" Daphne screamed at him. I sighed, and walked over to one of my bags. I fished through it, wondering why I brought some of the things I did. I found it, smashed under my hairbrush, in the way bottom of the bag. "Daphne! Look what I have!" I turned around, and waved a bag of red cookies in front of me. She came running back to me, and I gave her the cookies. I would never eat Granny's cooking. "Hey! I want one!" Puck pouted, stomping his foot on the floor. "You have gummy bears." I pointed at him as he popped a coconut one in his mouth. I looked around the room, and blushed when I realized everyone was looking at us. "You're so funny!" Ginny was sitting on her bed, giggling behind her hand. Fred and George were smirking at each other, and Ron was... Staring at me? This was one interesting family. And I still need to meet Percy. They get crazier and crazier, don't they? I will hate to see how Percy is.

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