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I groaned and looked at the alarm clock. 6:09 am. Ever since that dream I have been scared to sleep. It was Halloween morning, and the teachers were probably wide awake preparing the great hall for breakfast. "Foooood. Kitty. Baby, make." I listened to Daphne talk in her sleep, and didn't even dare think about what that was about. She snored. I sighed, and looked out the window. A small alcove held the glass, and I cuddled up in it, drawing little shapes in the foggy glass. I just finished drawing what was supposed to be a dog, when I heard a tapping from the other side.

I saw that glimpse of curly hair, and knew immediately who it was. "Puck!" I whispered-yelled, using my pajama sleeve to clear the window. He gave me that lopsided grin, and waved. "Hiya Grimm!" He undid a small latch, and the window swing open, sending the chilly October night air into the room. "What the heck do you think you are doing?" I wanted to smack him. "You know, making friends with the coolest creatures ever!" He flew back, and stretched out his arm to a dementor. The air was now colder than ever, and the black metal window frame was icing. "You are insane." I grumbled, tucking my feet under my large grey sweatpants. "I know. And I will make you insane." He scooped me up, and carried me to the forest.

I glared at Puck while we walked, blaming him for the millions of pine needles stuck in my foot. He was wearing his ratty hiking shoes, typical dirty green sweatshirt, and he was huddling his hands in socks. I now was glaring at his hands, willing the socks to appear on my feet. He stopped me. "Look at that." He whispered in awe. A ghost was walking in circles, itching his curly hair. He was purple though. Not clear like other ghost in the castle, but a dark purple. He wore a long velvet cape, lined with white animal fur that gave me the feeling it was real. He had a thick moustache, and a mouth that was formed into a frown. "Excuse me?" I stepped forward, wanting to know why the ghost is purple. He stopped in his tracks and turned to look at me. His eyes were a shocking blue. Just like mine. "Hello young one."

He paced back and forth again, demanding me to stay where I was. He was shaking his head while talking to himself. "Are you ok sir?" I stepped forward, but he sent me a look that made me take three steps back. After about a half an hour, he stood still. "Let me see your eyes." I was shocked. Half an hour, and now this? But I couldn't refuse. I cautiously placed a foot in front of me, waiting to see if I would be sent away. I wasn't. I continued forward until I was about a foot away from him. He crouched down, examining my eyes with such power I wanted to turn away and hide. But I resisted it and looked forward, challenging him with my own gaze.

Another 15 minutes. It has almost been an hour. A staring contest for 15 minutes. He stepped away. "You are a descendent. Welcome home Merlin child."

"Who are you exactly?" I raised my eyebrows at him. "Merlin." He answered simply, and quickly. "Really?" Puck stood behind me, probably with his jaw hanging open. Who would of thought I had a good looking ancestor. "Really. Also, you better get back to the castle, the sun is rising." And when he waved his hand, I was back in the dorm room, sitting on my bed. "Puck. Sabrina. Ghost." Daphne talked in her sleep again.

"It's Halloween! Do we get to go trick-or-treating?" Daphne skipped next to me, pointing at the flying jack-o- lanterns. I just shrugged, hoping that we didn't have to. Harry, Ron, and Hermione came up behind us. "You know, there is a feast tonight with candy, so trick-or-treating is pointless." Harry pointed at a group of older girls giggling about what flavors of jelly beans they were going to eat. "What is trick-or-treating? Do you choose sides in a battle and fight?" Ron gave us a look that made me want to laugh. "You don't know what it is?" Daphne gasped loudly, and stopped where she was. "Er, no. Sorry." Daphne glared at him. "You mean you have never seen the little babies in the tootsie roll wrapper outfits?" I sighed. If she was going on about how we should dress Basil in an edible candy costume…