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This couldn't be happening. It just couldn't.

Artemis slid down the bathroom wall. The signs had given it away.

Why else would she be puking all the time?

She had to be sure, because there was always a chance that she was wrong.

But she wasn't.

A child...Artemis thought, her hand resting on her flat belly. Wally's child. She leaned her head back against the cool tiled wall. The emotions rising in her were tugging and pulling on her heart.

Yes, a child would be wonderful. A gift she and Wally had decided they would have someday. But not now. Artemis frowned. She and Wally were part-time superheroes; how were they supposed to raise a kid with so many enemies around? And Wally didn't have time to help raise a kid; he split all his time between being the Flash and working at the lab.

She glanced down at the pregnancy test again. The little plus sign mocking her. He isn't going to be happy about this. It's not the right time. The archer stood up, wrapping the test in layers of paper towels before burying it in the bathroom trashcan. I'll tell him at lunch. She decided, since she knew he would figure out something was off when he saw her at lunch anyway.

Artemis collected herself before leaving the bathroom and heading to the kitchen. She had maybe two hours before Wally would show up on his lunch break.

I have two hours to figure out how to tell him that I'm pregnant.She sighed, mentally testing out ways to tell him.

"Wally, you know how we've talked about making a family?" No. That's strange.

"Honey I know you've been worried about why I've been getting sick. Well it's not a disease..." Oh man that is terrible...

"Hey, guess what I found out today! You're going to be a dad!"

"Oh who am I kidding?" Artemis dropped her head into her hands, "There's no way to make this easy, but it's not like I can hide it either,"

She glanced at her watch and decided to start making lunch in order to distract herself from her problems. She collected sandwich ingredients from the fridge and pantry, but found nothing could keep her mind off the topic of a baby.

We'll have to make room in the fridge for baby food. And find a place for a high chair...

Sooner than she expected there was a quick turn of the apartment door key and a whoosh of air as Wally sped into the kitchen to wrap his arms around her.

"Hey Babe, how are you feeling?" He mumbled into her neck, Artemis couldn't help but smile.

"I feel fine," She responded while she finished slicing the tomatoes, "I could have gone to work today with no problems,"

"Well we can't be taking chances like that when you're vomiting all over the place," He snickered, grabbing plates and glasses out of the cabinets.

"I have not been 'vomiting all over the place'," Artemis retorted, sitting down to the table.

"I guess that's true," Wally mused as he put together a tall sandwich, "You do always make it to the toilet,"

"We're changing the subject," Artemis said, it wasn't a suggestion. Wally just laughed and took a huge bite out of his sandwich.

"Sodunowhurpukin?" He asked, his mouth still full. Artemis stared at him; because he was definitely aware of how untranslatable his question was. He just gave her a smile and swallowed before trying again, "So do you know why you're puking?"

Artemis froze.

"Uh...Well..." She stuttered, her eyes quickly darting away. Wally dropped his sandwich, his face turning grave.

"Artemis? Are you okay?" He asked, his eyes gleaming with concern. Artemis bit her lip. He's using that face...

"Well, yeah. Kind of," She answered vaguely. Wally's immediate panicky face told her she had to spit it out before things got worse, "Look, I know the time isn't ideal and I'm sorry but we did say it would happen eventually and it's definitely going to be hard and we're probably going to have to work more and I don't even know if you feel ready but I-"

"Arty!" Wally cut her off, his expression telling her that he didn't understand her rambling and was even more confused, "What are you talking about?" He asked softly, taking her hand. Artemis took a deep breath.

"Wally, I'm pregnant," She breathed, her eyes apologetic.

"Wha- Really?" His eyes went wide. Artemis felt the grip on her hand tighten.

"Yeah," She nodded, "And I'm sorry it's probably my fault, I must have missed my pill so I was an idiot and-" Artemis started rambling off again, Wally quieted her with a finger to her lips. She glanced back at him, surprised to find a large grin on his face.

"Artemis, this is great!" Wally exclaimed, taking his hand back. He started waving his arms around in excitement, "A kid! I can't believe this! We're gonna have a family," He laughed, looking around the apartment as if he could already picture a child running around.

"So...You're not...Upset?" Artemis asked, her eyes wary. Wally got up from the table and dashed around to pick her up in his arms for a warm embrace.

"Babe, how could I possiblybe upset!" He chuckled. Artemis leaned into his chest, finally letting herself take in the joy of this development.

"A baby," She murmured. Wally laughed in joy some more, causing Artemis to feel the rumbling from his chest.

"Our baby, oh man. This is so spectacular!" He was starting to vibrate from excitement, "I have to call my work. I'm taking the rest of the day off!"

"But why? It's not like I'm going to give birth any second!" Artemis laughed, shaking her head. Wally picked her up and carried her to their couch, settling himself down first with Artemis still wrapped in his arms.

"But, we have to talk about this!" He explained, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Well, okay," Artemis frowned in confusion, "What do you want to talk about exactly,"

"We have so many things to decide! Like names!" His face lit up, "And who the godparents are! And we should get a house!"

"A house?!" Artemis shrieked, "Why do we need a house?"

"Because we need a backyard," Wally stated simply, "And we need a place for the kids to grow up in. We can't stay in this apartment forever, it's not nearly big enough,"

Artemis had stopped listening after Wally had uttered a particular word.

"Kids. Like," A pause, "Plural," She clarified.

"Of course!" Wally chuckled.

"I mean, I always figured we would have more than one," Artemis explained, wanting him to understand, "But," She bit her lip, "Can't we just worry about the one baby I'm pregnant with right now?"

"Well, sure." He grinned, "But we...Arty?" He frowned at the scrunched up face she was suddenly making. Artemis cover her mouth, panic spreading in her features, "OH!" He gasped, understanding, "OH SHIT!" Wally cried, standing up with his wife in his arms, "DO NOT PUKE ON ME WOMAN!" He shouted as he ran to the bathroom, "HOLD IT IN ARTY! HOLD IT IN!"

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