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Three figures looked down at the unconscious Superboy, two smiling and the other looking around worriedly.

The worried one sighed and looked at the other two, "Why did you two drag me here again?"

"Tt, Relax Drake, were just claiming what's rightfully ours. So are you going to help us capture the rest of Grayson's idiot team or not?" Said the youngest out of the three with a sour face.

"I just don't think we should be doing this, it dosen't seem right. And what if we get caught? What are we going to do then?" Said the worried one, nicknamed, Drake.

The oldest sighed, crossed his arms and looked at Drake. "Listen, if your going to wussy out on us, then be my guest," He pointed to the door while keeping eye contact with Drake, "And leave." Drake glared at both of them, then closed his eyes and looked down.

The youngest growing impatient with the second oldest hesitant answer and said, "Well? Are you in, or not?"

No response.

The oldest also growing tired of this and quickly thought up a plan to get Drake back on board. "You know, Steph has missed him as well. If she knows you helped bring him back to us, she'll be very greatful." He said with a knowing smirk.

Drake quickly looked up at them with new determination in his eyes, along with a slight blush on his cheeks. "Now what was your plan again?"

The other two just smiled and explained the plan.

The team rushed down the hallways to Conner's aid, while all of a sudden, M'gann stopped in her tracks and looked around confused. The team stop as well.

"Um...Megan, why are we stopping? I thought you said Superboy was in trouble and to hurry to his rescue?" Said Artemis while M'gann was looking around, frantic.

"I did...It's just...I'm picking up trances of Superboy in three different locations." Explained Megan.

The team looked at her like she was crazy.

KidFlash spoke up, "Unless he has some new power that lets him multiply himself, that's impossible."

As the team was discussing how it was possible M'gann sensed SB in three multiple locations in the mountain, Kaldar was figuring out a plan. After a minute or two, he finally got a perfect plan.

"Team, I have an idea." That shut the team up, for the moment. "We need to cover ground fast, so we're going to have to split up and search each and every location M'gann sensed Conner. Artemis, you take the west side. Wally, the east. M'gann and I will search the south end. If you come up dry, we will meet at the north end and come up with another tactic. Any questions?" Silence. "Good, M'gann will tell you the location you are meant to search via mind link. Now, lets go."

The team quickly split up in their designated positions, while Miss. Martian set up the mind link.

What none of them realised was the cameras, watching their every move, and hearing their plan. The three controlling the cameras were smiling evilly at the idiocy of the team.

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