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The two were coming in close and menacingly.

Kaldar then got an idea, "Kid, do you think you can distract them?" He sent via mind link.

"Why do I have to be the one who distracts the two maniacs?" Kid Flash mentally screamed.

M'gann and Kaldar both said in unison, "KID!" And was replied with a mumbled fine.

The Speedster stepped forward ahead of the team, "So uh, before you, you know, "kill us", I would like to know one thing…." He stopped for a second as Aqualad took out his communicator. M'gann floated over in front of him to block the two's view from their leader.

The two young males stopped in confusion, but didn't let their guards down.

After a minute of silence Damian snapped, "WELL?!" Jason crossed his arms and glared at Kid Flash, ready to snap himself.

Kid jumped back in surprise then regained his composer, "I was getting to that!" He sent a mind link to the team, "Did you get done what you needed to do?"

"Almost. Keep distracting them" Kaldar sent back.

"Well can you hurr-"Kid Flash started.

"HEY! Did you forget we were here?!" Jason yelled to the team.

"Uhh, no?"

"THEN WHY THE HE-"Damian's mouth was covered by Jason's hands.

The 11 year old sighed deeply and spoke in the calmest voice he could muster. "Now what, in god's hell, was your question?"

"Right, my question! Yeah….Err, why is it, that are you two are…dressed up as Robin?" Kid Flash said in an uneasy voice. But M'gann noticed it was the right thing to asked, because the two stiffened slightly. She narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

Kaldar mumbled something under his breath then sent through the mind link, "The signal's jammed; I can't get through to them."

"Any ideas on what's blocking it?" M'gann remarked.

Kaldar sighed softly and replied, "None what so ever. But I'll keep trying."

Jason was quickly trying to think of a response, but couldn't come up with anything without giving anything away. He removed his hands off of Damian's mouth and glared at them, "Why do you want to know?"

The team was surprised that they actually semi-answered Kid Flash's question.

M'gann nudged Kid Flash when he just remained silent. "Huh? Oh uh yeah." He turned towards the two intruders, "To answer your question, to my question…We would like to know WHY you are dressed up as my best friend."

Damian glares at the team, cursing the team slightly for their unnoticed genius. It was then did Jason and Damian hear the crackling of their com links turning on, and then heard their third brother with an urgent voice.

5 minutes earlier
Computer room

Tim was typing away on the computer, attempting to find his obnoxious brothers. He sighed heavily as he found them teaming up against the poor unfortunate team. "Those idiots."

Tim turned around to check on their 'hostages'. Not seeing any change, he slumped in his seat; knowing the trouble they were going to be in after this.

Just then, his phone began to vibrate. Tim picked it up without looking at the number/contact and answered, "Hello?" He said with a bored, tired voice.

"Great to hear from you too, Timmy." The person on the other side of the line laughed.

Tim was instantly alert, thinking the worst possible reason for his eldest brother to be calling; they got caught.

"Tim? Timmy you there?"

"Uh, yeah, um what's up Robin?" Tim replied nervously. He quickly turned back around to face the two captives when he thought he heard movement, but neither looked ready to wake up just yet. While his body was on a false alarm, he completely forgets about his conversation on the phone, "I'm sorry Robin; I didn't hear that last part."

Tim heard a sigh at the other line, "I said, me and Bats are coming back early. We finished surprisingly fast." Cue Robin's creepy cackle, "Either their getting weaker, or we're getting better." Robin continued to laugh.

Tim could have sworn he just died at that very moment. He was silent for a moment then responded, "Uh yeah, that's great Robin. So when are you two coming back?" Tim chuckled, but it came out more of a nervous laugh.

Instead a deep voice entered the conversation, "Immediately."

Tim instantly began to sweat and started thinking of ways to leave the country as soon as possible, "Oh, so soon?"

"What did you three do?" Batman replied instantly.

Tim quickly thought of a way to get his brothers home and to keep Robin's team quiet. But first, he needed to get off the phone with his dad. "Damian! Jason! Stop fighting over who's going to use that first! Uh, sorry dad got to go separate them like a good brother I am. See you two when you get home." Tim quickly hung up and turned on his com link and looked at the computer to see if they killed anyone yet. Surprisingly not.

"Guys, get out of there! It's not worth it. We can come back another day to settle it!" Tim yelled to his two brothers.

The two standing in front of the team were slightly shocked at Tim's urgent voice. Jason and Damian looked at each other for a moment, both suspecting the same thing, then turned back to the team with slight glares. The team was confused at their faces and body languages.

"Fine. We'll be there in a second," Jason told Tim, "And for you three, we'll finish this at some point. Don't forget it."

And with that said Damian quickly threw down a smoke bomb; engulfing the team in a black smoke and in a coughing fit. When the black fog began to fade away, the team saw that the two were gone. But just then did the call go through on Kaldar's communicator.

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