Maho: Hello! :D This story was based off of the 100 Theme Challenge on DeviantArt, but its variation one. The prompts will not be done in order, but these aren't just stand alone snippets. They're all connected. So just wait until we get onto the end… Please review! :)

Three little figures ran up to their mom, who was sitting on the porch, enjoying some hot chocolate. "Mummy, Rika's asking how you met daddy!" one little girl, about 7 years old said, sitting down on her mothers lap. Another girl ran up to her, grumpy. "Hey, Aya...!No I wasn't!" she retorted. The third figure, who looked about 15 years old, well, he wasn't running, walked up to his mom as well. "Hey, stop bothering mom, guys." he muttered.

"Kotarou, don't worry." the mother chided. "I'll tell you all a story now. The story of how I met papa Takashi."

1. Introductions

She had remembered when they first met. The snippets were blurred on the edges, and she couldn't quite remember it enough to relive it in her mind as she wished, but it had been a beautiful moment.

It was quite simple, how they'd met, yet it had had such an impact on her… A dropped wallet. A touch of the hands. Electricity.

After returning her wallet, she' d smiled, thanking him. His eyes seemed to sparkle for a moment as a small smile curved onto his lips. "I'm Haruhi Fujioka. Nice to meet you." She hadn't even known why she'd told him that. It wasn't everyday she introduced herself to a complete stranger.

But something about him… She wasn't sure what it was. The words had just come out of her mouth.

"Takashi. Morinozuka Takashi." he replied gruffly. "Takashi…?" I repeated slowly. He nodded slightly. I smiled. "Nice to meet you, Takashi-san."

He shook his head. "Just Takashi." I just smiled even more. "Of course, I'm sorry, Takashi." He smiled slightly again. "Nice to meet you too, Haruhi."

15. Silence

Takashi had always been quiet. When he invited her over to a cafe for coffee, she hadn't really known what to say. Other than yes. She had dressed herself up nicely, in a knee length skirt that her father, who insisted on living with her AND making her wear it, and a nice cream shirt.

She was surprised when she arrived early, because Takashi was already there, sipping at some coffee at a seat beside the window. She began to walk towards him, and once he noticed her, he smiled a little bit. She waved a bit, smiling back. "You're early, Takashi." she mused, sitting down opposite to him.

"Didn't have anything else to do this morning." he replied, sipping more of his coffee. "How long have you been here, anyways? It's so loud." she mumbled, staring at all the loud people around them. Takashi glanced at his watch before replying, "Not too long. 2 hours."

Haruhi's eyes widened. "2 hours…? I'm so sorry, I should have come earlier!" Takashi shook his head, smiling a bit. "Don't worry. I just like being early." Haruhi laughed. "Really?" Takashi just smiled again, nodding.

Being quiet may have made others think of Takashi as anti social, but to Haruhi, it just made him all the more interesting. It showed how he valued each and every word, not carelessly talking. He just said what needed to be said, and was silent when it was time for it.

The blissful silence between her and Takashi was always treasured.

39. Dreams

"Takashi, what's your dream?" The question had just come out of her mouth. Everything seemed to happen that way around Takashi.

"Nn..?" he questioned her, giving her an odd look. Haruhi smiled. "Your dream. What do you want to do with your life?"

Takashi looked deep in thought for a moment, then replied. "Be successful, and make sure my family has a good life… I guess." he mumbled. Haruhi laughed. "You're pretty pure hearted, Takashi." she mused.

"Well, my dream is to become a lawyer, like my mother." Takashi nodded, to show that he'd heard her. "Most girls would say fall in love… Or something like that." Takashi mumbled, amusement in his voice. "I'm not one of those girls then." she replied, laughing.

"I know." Takashi's reply was soft and sweet, and Haruhi couldn't help but feel like they'd know each other forever.

52. Deep In Thought

When Haruhi had seen him in the park, he had been seated on a bench, just staring up into space. "Takashi?" she called softly, pulling her scarf closer to her face. She could see her breath, because as the seasons had melted, one into the other, and now it was late fall.

Takashi seemed almost angelic, with the sun glowing off of his pale skin, and the flurry of red, orange and yellow leaves surrounding him. "… Takashi…?" she called again, sounding uncertain.

Once he noticed her, he smiled, that small smile he always seemed to give her. "Haruhi." he mumbled. "What are you doing?" she asked, as she approached him. She stopped when they were only a few metres away, as he answered. "Just thinking."

"About what?" Silence for a few moments, and then…


22. Mother Nature

Haruhi and Takashi were taking a walk the park, the setting sun shining on their backs and creating giant looming shadows. There were trees surrounding them, with flowers and vines entwining.

"Takashi, don't you love nature?" Haruhi laughed, smelling the wonderful scent of the outdoors. Takashi hummed in approval, smiling at the greenery around them.

They walked a little farther, before Haruhi noticed a blue flower. It seemed to sparkle amongst the others, a pale blue that seemed like a happy and sad tone at the same time.

"Takashi, look…." Takashi followed her to the flower, a curious gleam in his eyes. "Isn't it pretty?" Haruhi mused, crouched down beside the flower.

"Yeah…" Takashi replied. "Should I pick it and bring it home…?" Haruhi mumbled, wanting to share its beauty with her father. Takashi muttered in disapproval. "No."

Haruhi felt a bit disappointed, but could see why Takashi had said no. It wasn't even her flower, it was the parks property. Therefore, it was everyones.

"Alright…" she sighed, trying not to show her disappointment.

31. Flowers

It had been quite odd, seeing Takashi at her door in the middle of the night. She had been sleeping, but had been awoken by the doorbell.

She walked towards the door, only to see Takashi. "Takashi…?" she asked, groggily. He hummed in approval, to tell her that she was right. "What's the matter?" she asked, now almost fully awake.

"Well…" he trailed off. "Here." he held out something big and blue for her. "What's that?" she mumbled, accepting it.

"Flowers." he replied softly. "W-What…?" She looked down at the bouquet of blue flowers. "You said you wanted a flower." Takashi replied, matter of a factly.

Haruhi smiled. "… Thank you, Takashi."