Rikka giggled loudly. "So that's where we got Midnight!" she laughed, petting the cat who had come to join their little circle. Haruhi smiled warmly at her children."Yes. Now, I have to go make dinner. Papa Takashi is in the basement, so if you'd like, he can go tell you the rest." she said as she lifted Aya off her leg. Kotarou smiled at his mom. "Alright."

Rikka clung onto his front, arms wrapping around his shoulders, and Aya hopped onto his back. "Carry us!" the giggled in unison. Kotarou laughed, shifting them into a safe position. "Alright, alright." Once they arrived downstairs, Takashi was taking a nap on the couch. Well, not for long, not with Rikka and Aya around. They quickly pounced on their father, who opened his eyes lazily. "Yes?" was his question to what was going on.

"Tell us a story about you and Mommy." Rikka stated, then sat on his lap. Kotarou and Aya quickly sat down as well, ready for the story.

Takashi smiled a bit. "Sure."

82. Can you hear me?

Knock, knock. Then silence... Then once again... Knock, knock.

Haruhi put down her book, confused. There was knocking on the window.. Above her? She stood on the couch, peering through the windows, splattered with rainwater. She stared through the glass, only to see a drenched Morinozuka Takashi, clad in a soaked jacket and sweat pants. She laughed unintentionally, she'd never thought she'd see Takashi look so casual. She quickly snapped out of it though, as Takashi stood there, getting wetter by the moment. Slowly, his mouth opened, and his lips moved, but she couldn't hear a thing he said. She just stared at him, confused. He tried again, only to get the same result, and shook his head.

Haruhi laughed, and went to the door, opening it and running to him. "Hi, Takashi." was her soft greeting. "What is it?" Takashi smiled a small smile. "I was saying.. 'Can you hear me?'..." Haruhi shook her head, chuckling as she began to get drenched as well. "Well, obviously I didn't." Takashi grabbed her hand, his grip firm, but gentle. "Come with me."

And without a single word, without even thinking of going to get a raincoat, Haruhi followed him.

30. Under The Rain

It was raining pretty lightly, but still, after a few moments you got soaked. Haruhi, clad in a now see through tee shirt and blue capris, was shivering. "Takashi... Where are we going?" Takashi looked back at her, eyes serious, only to see her light pink bra showing through her shirt. His face turned a bright red as he handed her his coat, looking away, embarassed.

"Ah, thank you." Haruhi took the coat being offered to her and quickly slid into it. It was far too big on her, and too Takashi, far too cute as well. He tried not to stare too much.

96. In The Storm

The storm seemed to be getting worse by the second, with hurling winds, and cold, cold icy water pelting them. But Haruhi didn't question him. They just kept on going.

Takashi led her uphill, until suddenly they were in a clearing, with the largest tres Haruhi had ever seen, right in the middle. They quickly sat down under the tree, panting and out of breath. "Haruhi..." Takashi whispered. "Y-Yes...?" was said girls short of breath reply. "I love you."

Then it seemed as if the rain had come to a stop, just then and there. Like magic.

18. Rainbow

Slowly but surely, a rainbow formed in the sky. Beautiful, just a splash of colors over a light blue canvas. Takashi grabbed her hand, shivering with her. They stood up.

42. Standing Still

And they just stood there, staring at the rainbow, carving it's image into their minds forever. Their hands were both cold, and they still were both shivering, but they didn't care.

11. Memory

"I love you too." It would forever be one of the most precious, just utterly beautiful moments of their lives.