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Song: Glad You Came

Artist: The Wanted

Anime: InuYahsa

By: Rumiko Takahashi

Pairing: Sango and Sesshomaru


The sun goes down,

The stars come out, and

all that counts is here and


Sesshomaru watched as the sun fell towards the far West, painting the sky with colours of orange, magenta and the oncoming blue and purple of the night. He glanced up to see that the stars are already visible and are out shining the setting sun's ray of lights. The beauty of the night never seems to fail to take his breath away, because in the dark was where he had crossed paths with her, after all.

Well, he had met hermany times before, but he never really took the time to acknowledge her existence. She had hung around a fool that he sadly calls his brother and was fawned, in a disgusting manner, by the monk. She was a demon slayer, a killer of all demons, which was him, his very presence was probably an insult to her... But it matters not at this point in time to both him and her. All that mattered is the present and future. They would never look at the past.

My Universe,

will never be the same

I'm glad you came...

She had ruined Sesshomaru's opinions and the way he had looked at life. His universe has changed, though, he still believes that most humans are inferior and only few of their species could and would care for others of their own kind. She was human, but he could care less now.

He is glad.

He is glad he got to meet and spend time with her. He was glad that fate and destiny had entwined their lives together. He was glad she came into his existence. She was his new purpose.

You cast a spell on me,

spell on me

You hit me like the sky fell on me,

fell on me

At first he had though she was a witch in disguise, that she had some how cast a spell on him, though he knew this was false simply because he is Sesshomaru, Lord of the Western Lands. Then as he had spent more time with her it proved his conclusion, with the help of his human ward, she had cast a spell on him. Though it was unintentional and she didn't even know. She had cast a spell that was foreign to him, a spell that had made his frozen heart beat faster with just her sincere smiles, she had cast a human emotion on him. Not anger nor sadness, he believed, it had been called love... The very emotion that he though useless. The very emotion that had brought his father's doom...

When realization hit him full force it had felt like the universe was weighing down on him. He had been loving two humans without his notice, one was a human child, Rin, and the other is the caster.

Rin's answer to his question about love still lingered in his mind to this day, "Love is... umm... it is... It is happiness, Sesshomaru-sama, it is a beautiful emotion that can give a person unlimited power." The answer that she presented at time was so meaningful for a nine year old girl, and certainly appealed to the dog demon, but Sesshomaru couldn't have agreed more now.

And I decided you look well on me,

well on me

So lets go somewhere no one else can see,

you and me

When Sesshomaru had fully studied this new found emotion he had relished in how, for lack of a better word, fulfilling it is, though he still couldn't fully grasp what it truly is, he believes he at least got bits and pieces of it. His mind had been bombarded with questions after questions about this, would he be willing to sacrifice his reputation to be with her? Would he be willing to father hanyous? Let alone make one his heir?

It took him months before he finally decided, he threw caution to the wind just to be with her, though he was so close to letting her slip through his claws. She would be his mate, she would also have the title as the Lady of the Western Lands. She would be the mother of his children. Never minding that they would only be a hanyou. With all his power, he will make sure his children won't go through what Inuyasha had, though he certainly didn't really help his predicament. He will create a new system for them.

After a few days, he had asked her to go to the forest, which the villagers named after his boisterous brother, in front of the Goshinboku tree. He started to get nervous. He, who is the "Killing Perfection", is nervous. Once she had shown up. His nervousness only increased along with the beating of his heart.

He guessed she had sensed his uneasiness cause she had started talking, more like stuttering though. Then out of nowhere she blurted, "I love you." She looked away from him shyly, by her expression she had though that he would not return her feelings -such a silly human- until he had taken her chin between his index finger and thumb and gently tilted her head up catching her brown eyes with his gold ones. Then he lowered his head, their lips brushed each other, then he finally kissed her, gently. Their first kiss.

Turn the lights out now,

now I'll take you by the hand,

Hand you another drink,

drink it if you can,

The Inu-Fortress was unforgiving on her. Insane gossip have orbited around, it did not take a genius to figure out that his subjects disapproves of her. Especially the elders of his forefathers, they won't accept any of her children, their pups. This had been an on-going battle for the past year. She had tried her best not to care, to ignore and she is still trying to prove her worth, but that was slowly crumbling day by day. She had almost broken down in front of him one time, though she was too proud to show to him that his affted her greatly. During those times he would just take her hand and engulf her in his embrace and shower her with kisses. Sesshomaru didn't like the way they had lowered her to this level.

Can you spend a little time,

time is slipping away,

Away from us so stay

Stay with me I can make,

Make you glad you came

Little time was spent together for Sesshomaru was busy with the Elders. Not knowing that slowly his mate is drifting away. Upon coming home, Sesshomaru's heart nearly broke at the sight of her packing. She had struggled against his hold while letting the tears flow.

"Sesshomaru, I'm tired of this. I can not, no, I do not want my children to grow up feeling rejected!" she all but screamed at him, frustration, anger and desperation laced in her voice. All he could do at the moment is comfort her with his presence and whisper her sweet nothings.

"Only thing this Sesshomaru could say right now is stay and I will make certain when this is over, I'll make you proud and happy with your decision in choosing me."

The sun goes down

The stars come out

And all that counts

Is here and now

Sesshomaru snapped out of his pondering and noticed that the sun had completely set, which made way for the moon. The night sky was filled with blinking lights in the distant. There was no use in thinking of the past hardships, at moments like these the only thing you should notice is now. Not the past, cause those days are over. Not the future, cause you'll have plenty of time to plan those. The present is different.

The path which Sesshomaru walked through started to change. The forest became less thick. More fireflies came out of their hiding places and are now seen dancing illuminating the dark with their tiny light. He could hear the sound of children laughing and he inhaled the scents that awaited him.

My universe will never be the same

His universe had changed. For the better. His status didn't though, he still carried himself as the proud and powerful ruler of the West. His emotionless facade only drops when around his family. He really did change but at the same time not really. The laughter increased in volume as he took more steps forward. Until he came to a stop near a small mote with a little island carrying a white leaved weeping willow in the middle. There was also a small bridge leading to the little haven. The number of fireflies increased.

I'm glad you came

He saw two children running around in circle, giving a small chase. His lip curved up slightly. They were almost the exact replica of himself excluding their dog ears, which sat on top among their silver mane. They stopped long enough to notice his presence and ran to his direction yelling, "Otou-sama!"

As the twins collided with his legs he felt arms circling around his waist into a hug. He then smelt one of his most favourite scent of lilies and spring. He took the feminine hand in his and gently pulled her around his form so that she was in front of him. The woman had long dark brown hair and brown eyes to match. She wore an elegant royal blue kimono decorated by big white lily flowers at the bottom of the kimono and a black obi wrapping around a protruding stomach. He gently swept a clawed hand over it and flared his youki, the child inside responded, happy to feel his sire again. A gentle smile graced her lips, making her more enchanting. "Welcome back, Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru leaned down gently as his forehead made contact with her's, "Sango, I'm glad you came," he whispered.