56 hours later

"Barton do you have eyes on Holtzmann yet?" Phil glanced up the street to where the safe house was located; he waited a minute before grabbing the radio again. "Barton, do you read me? Have you located Holtzmann yet?"

"Don't get your panties in a twist Coulson."

Phil rubbed his eyes as he brought the radio up. "Just give me an updated report Barton, please."

"Hold on a sec, I think I've got a lock on him." It was several minutes but Clint's voice filled the car again. "I've spotted Holtzmann; he's located on the top floor with his second."

"Do you have a read on how many people we have to get around?"

"I count about thirteen men, all heavily armed of course."

"Do you have a plan to get in and get Holtzmann out without getting killed by one of these thirteen armed men?"

"I do but you're not going to like it. Be ready to move out in ten, Barton out."

Phil tried reaching Clint again but the radio stayed silent. "Damn." Phil hit the steering wheel in frustration. Barton was getting a lecture on the flight back about proper communications between asset and handler. Ten minutes later gunfire broke out in the quiet neighborhood. Phil swore as he started the car and glanced up towards the direction Barton had disappeared to almost two hours prior. But true to his word, Barton slid down the side of a building at the ten minute mark and ran to the car, and he was alone.

"Drive." Clint ordered as soon as he got in the car.

Phil shifted and sped off down the narrow alley way just as bullets begin pelting the back of the car. "Barton, what the hell happened? Where is Holtzmann?"

Clint leaned out of the car window and fired several shots at the people chasing them. "Questions later just keep driving." Clint said, as he re-loaded his gun and leaned back out the window.

"Fuck this." Phil growled out as he hit a main road and spun the car around and punched it back down the alley towards the cars chasing them.

"Shit Coulson are you trying to get us killed." Clint said, as he pulled himself back into the car to try and avoid the bullets now slamming into the front of the vehicle.

"I'm in Saxony, Germany being shot at when I'm supposed to be on vacation. Something I haven't taken in almost two years. What are you waiting for, shoot back at them." Phil ordered.

"Yes, sir." Barton replied before firing back. "So your plans of kicking back in an empty apartment doing nothing got delayed a few days, it will still be there when you get back. Plus, this is so much more exciting."

Phil thought of the plane ticket for Mexico that was dated two days prior. "Yeah, suppose your right."

Clint grinned at him just as the two vehicles in front of theirs exploded. "All done here sir, we can go home now."

Phil slammed the car into reverse as his stomach fluttered as he realized that Clint was right about one thing, this was exciting and he was unsure if it was because of the situation or the man sitting next to him.

"You okay Coulson?"

Phil realized he was frowning and quickly smoothed out his features before glancing over at the other agent. "I'm fine and now that we are out of danger do you want to tell me what happened to Holtzmann."

"I completed the original mission." Clint replied as he looked out the window.

"Agent Mackie had no intentions of bring Holtzmann back alive did he? It wasn't a reckon mission but a hit; you leave your rookies behind so they can't report back to the director what really happened. Of course, leaving your two best assets behind helps the story of a reckon mission being compromised resulting in the death of Holtzmann and it also helps make sure they don't face suspension."

Clint stared at him in shock. "When did you figure all of that out?"

"When you told us that Mackie was driven to seek out vengeance, the way you said it indicated a man who was out for blood, plus I knew of the relationship between Collins and Mackie. Also your hands clenched whenever bringing Holtzmann back alive was brought up but I still wasn't sure. It wasn't until you said that it should be a two man team I knew for sure you had no intentions of bring Holtzmann in alive."

"That's pretty impressive Coulson. What are you going to be telling Director Fury?" Clint asked as he turned his glance back out the window.

"I'll be telling Director Fury that Holtzmann had more man power then we were expecting and we were overran and had to shoot our way out which resulted in the death of Holtzmann and many of his associates. Killing Holtzmann was the right thing to do, he was responsible for the death of countless of innocent people including several we called friends."

"Your pretty awesome, you know that Coulson. The rookies are totally wrong on what they say about you." Clint said as he once again grinned at the agent next to him. "I believe I'm going to enjoy working with you Agent Coulson."

Phil found himself grinning back even as the flutters in his stomach returned. Well that answered his earlier question. "I'd say right back at you Barton but I have a feeling you'll end up driving me crazy."