Phil frowned as he walked into the quiet apartment. "Clint?"

"In Tasha's room."

Phil walked down the hallway and stopped at the doorway, smiling at the sight of his daughter fast asleep.

"I was informed that someone was too old for naps followed by she wasn't closing her eyes until her daddy got home which than lead to me picking our daughter up off the floor after she passed out while watching cartoons." Clint smiled as he finished tucking Tasha into bed.

Phil chuckled at that. "What did you say to her when she told you she was too old for naps?"

"I couldn't say anything I was too surprised and she just sounded so grown up."

"Well as much as I would love to nap as well we need to talk. Coffee?" Phil asked as he headed towards the kitchen.

"Yes please." Clint replied as he closed Tasha's bedroom door and followed Phil into the kitchen. "So how bad is it? I'm going to assume that I've been fired and no longer have a job with SHIELD."

"As luck would have it you, myself and Natasha actually handed in our notices to Fury over a week ago and became contracted civilians for Stark Industries." Phil replied.

"We what now?" Clint came to an abrupt stop.

"Yes, turns out that SHIELD headquarters misplaced the paperwork somehow." Phil shook his head in disapproval. "I'm sure some level entry clerk is now out of a job."

"Very sloppy of them to lose important papers like that. Hopefully they'll show up."

"Oh thankfully Fury had several copies in his office and of course I had copies of my own." Phil shrugged as he turned the coffee maker on. "You know how much of a stickler I am for paperwork."

"A quality I've always admired and loved about you." Clint smiled as he came up behind Phil and rested his head on the other man's back. "So what does this mean?"

"Well it means no one is getting tossed into the brig but it also means that our days as SHIELD agents is over for the three of us."

"I'm sorry."

"What for?"

"That you had to give up your SHIELD career for me and god even Natasha had to sacrifice her career as well.

"I would sacrifice anything for you Clint and I know Natasha feels the same way." Phil said as he turned around and held Clint in his arms. "Besides you and Natasha are now officially members of the Avengers, something I know Natasha will enjoy more than she ever did being a SHIELD agent."

"This is true, but what about you?"

"I also have a new job, one I know will be challenging and could most likely make me want to drink and perhaps cause my hair to thin faster it will be totally worth it. It's not everyday someone gets to become the handler for the world's greatest group of superheroes. Plus I get to continue working alongside the man I love, what more could I ask for?"

"Not to mention working alongside your idol and childhood hero. Tell me Phil, does Steve look peaceful while he's sleeping?"

Phil's face quickly flushed red. "Who told?"

"Steve might have mentioned something to me before he took off on his tour of America." Clint chuckled. "You're just too adorable for words Phil."

"Please just tell me that no one else was in the vicinity of that conversation."

"Err…" Clint winced. "Okay I won't."

"Oh god that explains all the smirking Stark was throwing my way when I was talking to him and Pepper earlier."

"What did they want to talk to you about?"

"Stark wanted to discuss his ideas for the Avengers. He has this grand idea about everyone on the team being under one roof and god help me I can't help but agree with him on that." Phil responded a pained look crossed his face at having to admit to agreeing with Tony.

"He must have been beside himself at hearing the words 'your right' coming from your mouth and directed at him." Clint smirked, knowing Phil well enough that he would have accidently let those words slip out.

"He looked like Christmas had come early and Pepper warned me I'd live to regret those words. I told her I regretted them before they were even out of my mouth."

Sliding out of Phil's arms to grab mugs, Clint tried and failed to fight off his laughter. "Oh Phil are you sure this is something you want?"

Phil waited until Clint was back by his side before answering, his arms once more wrapping around the other man with his hands resting over the two new lives they had created together. "I thought about this not only career wise but also in regards to our family and there were many factors to consider but ultimately yes this is something I want and I think it will be beneficial for us in the long run."

"Speaking of family did you mention ours would be growing by two?"

"Yes, Pepper is thrilled and Stark was already talking about nursery designs before I left. He actually had some pretty good ideas actually."

"Have you ever asked Pepper if she plans on making an honest man out of Tony?"

"I did once and let's just say that is a topic I won't be asking about a second time."

"Fair enough." Clint chuckled as he leaned back into Phil. "This has been such a weird week and even though our lives are about to be upended once again this is another moment where I'm the happiest I've ever been."

"Me too." Phil replied. "Now why don't you go sit in the living room and I'll bring out the coffee."

"Coffee can wait." Clint muttered as he spun around and brought Phil's lips down to his in a searing kiss. "Right now the only thing I want is you."

Clint stood in the center of the room with a frown on his face. One hand rested on his stomach while the other rubbed his aching back.

"Oh god, I don't like that look on his face." Steve whispered to Phil from their spot in the corner of the room.

"You and me both." Phil muttered as he glanced over to Jasper and Eric. "On the plus side this is the last room we have left to organize."

"Your living room furniture is way too fucking heavy. How the hell did you guys get it in and out of that tiny apartment of yours anyways?" Jasper asked as he glanced at the sectional couch that they had already moved several times already that day.

"I hired people and it came in pieces when we first got it but it was just easier to leave it together when we moved here." Phil pointed out.

"Bet your regretting that decision now." Eric muttered as he rubbed his back.

"You know, on second thought…" Clint trailed off as glanced from the couch's current location to where it had been located previously. "This did look better over by the window, didn't it babe?"

Phil let out a small groan before pasting a smile on his face and nodding. "Yes dear, as you said it made more sense traffic wise."

"At least until the kids are older." Clint nodded in agreement before sending the guys a sheepish smile. "I'm so sorry guys but can we put it back and then that is it we are done."


"Yes Eric I promise." Clint huffed out a laugh. "I should go check on how Nat and Tony are making out in Tasha's room."

"Maybe you should go lay down for a bit Clint and I can go check on things for you." Phil suggested lightly, knowing that at twenty-eight weeks along with the twins Clint had to be exhausted by this point.

"That's actually a really good suggestion and one I'm actually going to take you up on." Clint winced as he sifted on his feet and rubbed his stomach. "Might have overdone it a bit today. These two are kicking up a storm."

"You defiantly should get your feet up then and maybe a nice cup of tea as well." Phil said as he moved to Clint's side to help him to their bedroom.

"I'll get working on that tea." Eric said as he slipped out of the room.

"Huh." Jasper glanced at the couch before looking over at Steve. "Did you see what just happened there?"

"That was smoothly done I must say." Steve sighed as he studied the couch as well. "Do you think either of them will be coming back?"

"Nope." Jasper scratched the back of his head. "Think we can move this on our own?"

"I guess we are about to find out." Steve replied as he moved towards the heavier section. "You up for a beer after this?"

God yes, several in fact. Okay, that right there is a good motivator." Jasper laughed as went to the other side. "Count of three?"

"Sounds good." Steve agreed.

"I really think you should just let me have Dummy come up here to give us a hand."

"We've already got one Dummy I don't think a second one is necessary."

"Ouch, that was mean." Tony said, rubbing his chest in mock pain.

"But truthfully." Natasha teased as she chucked a pillow at Tony's head.

Tony surprised her by catching the pillow before it could make contact with his head. "Hey now, we have important work that we should be doing there is no time for pillow fights."

"In that case get back to work, that bed isn't going to put itself together."

"And what pray tell are you going to do while I'm putting this all together?" Tony asked as he lowered himself down to the floor to work on the drawers that went under the bed.

"Someone has to keep an eye on you to make sure the bed is put together properly."

"Huh." Tony smiled to himself as he finished another drawer.

"What?" Natasha frowned as she moved towards the boxes packed with Tasha's clothes.

"Well we've in a way worked together for a few years now and I didn't know this side of you existed it's kind of nice to see." Tony looked up to catch a puzzle look cross Natasha's face. "You know, the fun, carefree and happy side. Your slowly letting us all in and from what I've read in your file you haven't had much cause in the past to let people in, from them to get to know the real you."

"You've read my file." Natasha replied flatly. "Who gave you the right?"

"Did I say that? What I meant to say was that I imagine that's what your file could possibly say but I don't actually know because hey, how would I have gain access to the file about your life before SHIELD?" Tony chanced a quick glance at Natasha to see how much longer he had to live and frowned when he realized that instead of looking murderous, she look amused. "Are you kidding me right now? Here I thought I was a dead man and you're laughing at me."

"I'm sorry but you're just too easy and besides it's well known what I did as Black Widow before I became a SHIELD agent. You don't have to be a genius to find out that information and while I'm not proud of some of the things I did I'm not ashamed of them either." Natasha shrugged as she turned to continue sorting. "Besides this path lead me to be here with all of you but more importantly it brought Clint into my life."

"Okay now that's a story I would love to know, how did you two crazy kids meet because that is one thing I couldn't find in SHIELD's database. The only thing mentioned was that Hawkeye brought in Black Widow and that was it."

"I'll tell you the story but keep working on getting that bed together. Last thing we want is for Clint to come in and find out that after several hours of work we've got nothing done. An unpleased pregnant Clint isn't someone you want to meet."

"Fair enough so where did you meet Legolas?"

"We first met in Varna."

"Located in Bulgaria by the Black Sea. I've been it's a beautiful city and it's a very popular tourist attraction."

"Oh yes, visited frequently by world leaders and diplomatic alike. It's also a very easy place for one to track down and take out a target and that's just what I was doing when I ran into Clint. Actually the man who hired me didn't trust that I could get the job done so he came along to… supervise I guess you could say. Ironically the man who he hired me to take out had hired Clint to take him out."

"Okay I have to ask, why did these two men want to take each other out?"

"They were long-time rivals in the gun running business and both got fed up with the other encroaching on their territory but that's the only detail I got as back then I didn't really care much for the details besides who my target was." Natasha smiled bitterly at this before shaking her head and storing the memories back where they belonged. "Clint likes to brag about this but he spotted and made me before I even realized he was there of course this is the one and only time this happened. Last I checked it was twelve to one in my favour. Anyways, I had just returned to my hotel room after doing the final check before the hit only to discover that there was someone already there."

"So you're the famous Black Widow. I have to admit you're younger than I thought you'd be, especially considering how many years you've been active. They started you young didn't they?"

Natasha didn't hesitate to draw out her weapon and frowned as the man made no move to draw his. "Who the hell are you?"

"No one of importance really." The man shrugged as moved forward. "There really is no need for weapons, I'm just here to talk and that's it."

Spotting the bow in one of the man's hands had Natasha lowering her weapon slightly. "Hawkeye, I've heard of you, what little there is to hear."

"Getting the job done is easier when people know next to nothing about you."

"Agreed." Natasha holstered her weapon, knowing she faced no threat from the man before her. "So you want to talk, what is it that we could possibly have to talk about?"

"Ivan Tsvetkov."

"What about him?"

"I believe he hired you to take out Nikolai Velitchkov."

"Perhaps." Natasha replied coolly as her eyes narrowed. "What is it to you?"

"It just so happens that Nik hired me to take out Ivan and I figured that perhaps we could work together to get not only both our jobs done but insure we get paid and maybe make a little extra while we are at it."

Natasha silently studied Hawkeye as she weighed the pros and cons in her head. "What is your plan?"

"Well, I figured that we could each pay a visit to our intended target tell them that we've been hired to take them out by their most hated rival but for the right price could be persuaded to betray the man who has hired us but money has to be paid up front. I don't know about you but I've only gotten paid half of what was promised for this job and I don't intend to walk away with so little."

"It probably wouldn't hurt to also tell the men who original hired us that we want payment in full before the job is carried out." Natasha added as a rare smile crossed her face.

"No it wouldn't. So what do you say Black Widow, do we have a deal?"

"Deal." Natasha replied as she moved to shake Hawkeye's hand.

"You could say the rest is history. Of course we pulled the odd jobs together over the years and then Clint joined SHIELD and it was a year before I saw him again. I've never trusted someone as much as I trust Clint and I couldn't imagine not having him in my life."

"Give me a hand in putting this sucker in place?" Tony asked as he gestured towards the completed bed frame. "So did you two ever, you know?"

Natasha rolled her eyes as she moved to help Tony. "No Tony we did not."


"Well for starters I'm clearly not Clint's type and I firmly believe in not mixing business with pleasure. Things get messy when you get involved with people that you work alongside."

"Seems to be working out for Clint and Phil."

"Don't let them fool you, their journey isn't one that didn't have a few bumps but then again what relationship doesn't?"

"True." Tony replied as he thought about his relationship with Pepper.

"Clint is a really good listener and Phil always has great advice." Natasha said casually. "If you're ever needing someone to talk to."

"I'll keep that in mind, thanks."

"Of course." Natasha stepped back as Tony put the box spring and mattress in place.

"Hey you two, looking good in here." Steve said as he walked into the room.

"That bed giving you troubles Stark? I thought you started work on that hours ago." Jasper teased as he followed Steve into the room.

"Bite me Sitwell."

"That would require effort I just don't have right now."

"How was organizing the living room?" Natasha asked.

"Well we only moved the sectional about half a dozen times." Steve replied as he caught the quick smirk that crossed Natasha's face. "You knew that he would have us move it a lot didn't you?"

"I know Clint very well." Natasha replied.

"I thought you volunteered to help Stark out a little too fast." Jasper replied with a shake of his head.

"Hey everyone, look who I found." Eric entered the room with Tasha in his arms. "Wow Tash, your room is coming along nicely. Looks like the bed might have been giving your Uncle troubles though. What's up Stark, little kids beds too much of a challenge for you?"

"Jesus you two are perfect for each other." Tony muttered as he glanced from Jasper to Eric.

"You can also thank Clint for that." Natasha laughed as she moved forward to take Tasha.

"We were actually thinking of grabbing a beer, anyone else interested in joining us?" Steve asked.

"You know I'm in." Eric quickly replied.

"Well…" Tony started before glancing over to Natasha.

"Go ahead Tony, all that's left is to make the bed and finish organizing all the clothes this girl owns and Tasha and I can manage all of that just fine on our own."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure, besides putting these clothes away will be a long task as Tasha has acquired both her dad's pickiness when it comes to things being in their proper place. But do me a favor, if Clint's asleep take Phil with you. It wouldn't hurt for him to get out of here and get his mind off of things for a while."

"I won't even give him the option." Jasper replied as he moved off towards the master bedroom.

"Let's get going boys, there's a good pub within walking distance from here. I made sure of it before I built this tower." Tony stated as he started gesturing everyone out of the room. "Thanks again Natasha."

"Any time." Natasha replied before spinning around and setting Tasha down. "Well, it's just us girls now. Let's start with your dresses shall we."

So this chapter pretty much wrote itself and went off in a direction even I wasn't expecting so I hope everyone enjoys it as it was a really fun chapter to write! Perhaps not enough of Clint and Phil even for my liking but the next chapter should (hopefully) feature them more. So once again thanks to everyone following this story and for your continued support!