Tenma fumbled nervously with a blue envelope behind him. The letter contained all his feelings, his feelings for certain striker. They haven't talked as much lately but that didn't hinder the growth of his feelings. If anything, it was fear. Fear of being rejected. Fear of being laughed at or him being disgusted by him since they were both boys. If he didn't love him, he wanted them to remain friends.

He stepped through the door to see him at his usual spot. "u-Um, hey… I-here! This is for you!"

"What is it?'

"Just open it and read it!"

"Why can't you tell me yourself? I'd prefer to hear it from you."

"W-Well…to sum it up… I love you!"

Tsurugi's body stiffened when he heard that and when the striker gave the child a hug, a sign of his acceptance, he knew it was over.

He exited through the door and looked at his letter one more time before tearing it into the garbage. "I really am no match for Taiyou..."