This is my first fic of any kind so any reviews are greatly appreciated:) The story starts off at the end of Season 2. I found out that we were not allowed to use Terry's books after I started and had to go back and change any refrences to the novels. Please tell me if I missed anything, I don't really want to be sued. This will be the only author's note. The story is already over 30,000 characters long and I won't be changing anything in between. Although I have an ending in mind, your suggestions will definitely be taken into account. Thank you!

Chapter I The Hunt

They were going to catch her. There was no denying it anymore. She knew that in a matter of seconds they would be upon her and she would once again be forced to submit to their cruelty. Despite the thoughts that swam through her mind, she refused to let her legs give out. She had been running for almost eight days now and her body could not handle much more of this abuse. She didn't allow herself to linger on the events that led her to this dense forest for she knew that the second she did she would collapse in agony. How many people had she hurt and even killed on her quest for freedom? How many would she kill tomorrow? As she ran, she felt the splash of water hitting her bare legs and couldn't resist the urge to stop for a drink. Kneeling down, she nearly plunged her entire head into the cool stream, taking huge gulps of fresh water for the first time in nearly three days. She was exhausted; every muscle in her body begged for a reprieve but she knew that she could not linger. They would find her soon, too soon, and she couldn't allow that. They had hurt her too much already; taken everything that she held close to her heart. As she drank, she allowed herself to think of her mother, only briefly of course, and how her sacrifice fueled her rage and thirst for revenge. She knew though that this desire would never be satisfied. She wasn't strong enough. She couldn't kill them all, not by herself at least. The few that she had taken down during her escape had not been enough. They would all have to suffer. These thoughts were all that kept her going, all that delayed her recapture. With the flaming inferno of hatred burning deep in her belly, she stood up and with this newly found determination, sprinted into the darkness.

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