APH Nordic Shorts: -How to troll a troll-

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Warning: You may catch the idiotic-illness from reading this =P


Denmark leaned back in his chair, sighing audibly as he watched the other four members of the Nordics. There was nothing to do. Literally. No invasions, nothing to annoy Sweden about. It honestly killed Mathias to be this bored. His dark blue gaze watched the other male nations as they ate their lunches. Nothing special of course, just sandwiches and cheetos.

An idea came to his mind as he watched a certain Norwegian take a bite of his ham and cheese sandwich. A soft smirk crept to his lightly tanned facial features as he nonchalantly went through with his plan, grabbing a cheeto.

"Hey..hey, Norgay…hey.."

Mathias stated over and over in an attempt to catch Norway's attention. Of course, the wheat-blonde Country was purposely ignoring him. Having done this plenty of times before, he knew exactly when Lukas would crack under annoyance, and went through with his plan right before it happened.

By throwing a cheeto at his face.

Norway, with no surprise, looked un-amused, staying completely silent as his jaw clenched noticeably.


Denmark stated more persistently, throwing another cheeto at him and smirking more as it hit its target. Lukas yet again stayed silent, getting to his feet and walking around the table to the dane. Denmark smirked up at him, in a rather arrogant way none-the-less.

Norway remained silent, annoyed ice blue locking with amused dark blue. As expected, he reached forward in a quick and practiced motion, hand grabbing the silky black tie of the dane…except…this time it came off…It's…a…clip on tie?

Lukas quirked one eyebrow, staring in a dumb-founded way at the piece of material in his hand while Denmark's laughing echoed in the background.


I had nothing to do on the way to vacation and this is what it came to xD Faaiiilll…