Day 1: Rapunzel Lithuania x Poland one-shot

He ran his fingers through his chestnut brown hair, he was bored. No, he was beyond bored. Sitting on the rocks, he gazed dreamily at the lake and waterfall that were beside him. He sighed before standing up.

"I might as well do something." He muttered to himself, making his way through the trees sighing at the wanted signs plastered all over the local trees. "WANTED: Toris Loranaitis for stealing, reward, money, lot's of it. Please report to someone if you see this person.

Like he was going to report himself. He was Toris Loranaitis, and why he stole, well that was because of the selfish people. Taking everything he ever had and keeping it for them selves.

After walking somewhat, he reached a small tower with one window in. It was old and covered in moss, which made Toris come to think it was abandoned. The flowers around begged to differ, it was early summer and all the buds were perfectly sprouted, creating an array of multi coloured flowers everywhere, all in rows.

"This is like totally boring!" Toris jumped, hearing a voice. It sounded like it was coming from the window at the top of the tower.

"Hello?" He spoke to the mysterious window voice.

"Hello, like whom the hells are you?" The voice replied. A head then appeared out of the window, staring at Toris with their emerald green eyes.

"To-." He coughed slightly. He couldn't tell the person his real name; they would report him for sure.

"I'm Karo, and you are?" He smiled up at the person.

"My names Feliks, but for some strange reason, people call me Rapunzel, and I like totally hate it."

"Why do they call you Repunzel?" Toris questioned, frowning slightly.

"I don't know, like, ask them. Something to do with my long blonde hair, I totally don't get it.

"Your hair doesn't seem that long." Toris muttered.

"Look at this." A mop of hair suddenly fell the length of the tower, smacking Toris in the head and knocking him over.

"Whoa." Was all the young boy could say. "What's it like in that castle of yours anyway?"

"Boring and cramped, I wish I could like get out sometimes and see the world!" Feliks shouted.

"Well then, why don't you?" Toris blue eyes stared at Feliks green.

"My bat of a mother, like won't let me out."

"Come on." Toris smiled. "Let's get you out of there, time for you too see the world."

Toris couldn't let Feliks stay in the tower. Feliks wanted to see the world and staying in a tower obviously wouldn't help.

"But like how?" Feliks sighed loudly.

"Slide down your hair, Repunzel." Toris answered, still holding his hand out for Feliks.

Feliks did as told and was shortly at the bottom of the tower, panting and sweating.

"That was like, terrifying." He said.

"Well now it's over, let's go." Feliks quickly grabbed Toris hand. Neither knew of the adventure that was waiting for them.


"Aww, like what a cute pony. Feliks smiled at the creature, carefully stroking its long white mane.

"Yeah, adorable." Toris muttered sarcastically, trying to make a fire for both himself and his friend.

The horse plodded over to Toris, kicking him and knocking the stones to make the fire flying.

"Hah, you like, totally deserved that." Feliks giggled, walking over to the stones picking them up and placing them in Toris hands.

It was late at night, and the stars were out. Toris had finally managed to get the fire starting. A yawn interrupted his thoughts.

"Good night Karo."


"What Karo?!" Feliks muttered angrily, glaring at said person who was looking at the floor apologetically.

"You should have told me your name was Toris, and that you are wanted, I wouldn't have told anyone!"

"I was scared, I'm sorry!" Toris shouted, tears streaming down his face. He couldn't lose Feliks after everything, he always lost everything.

Feliks glanced up at Toris state and walked over to him. Toris looked up.

"Sorry." Toris placed his arms around Feliks, hugging him tightly and sighing. "I'm really sorry."


Both Feliks and Toris ran from the guards, they were trying to escape the kingdom, so they could be free.

They stopped at a bridge slowly turning around to face each other.

"I love you." Toris said, confidently to Feliks who glanced at him, surprised.

"I like, love you too." Feliks replied and they both started leaning in, lips almost touching-.


Toris jolted upright, sitting on his bed, panting slightly.

"You like, wouldn't wake up." Muttered his Polish friend, smiling.

"Idiot." Toris giggled, pressing his head against Feliks.