5. Loose Cannon

Lin stood proudly over him, one little foot planted squarely on his chest, fists firmly on her hips, and a snarl on her face. She looked down at him with the utmost contempt. "See? This is what happens when you mess with the Bei Fong family."

He cringed away from her and pouted. "I never thought you'd catch me, chief Lin! How did you ever do it?" The question cause a soft thoughtfulness to cross the little girl's face. Her eyes floated to her mother, who was lounging nearby while listening in on their game. "Well?" he pressed when she didn't say anything. "What, nothing to say? Can't explain it? That's because it was nothing but luck. You'll never really catch me, I'm too good!" Suddenly springing into motion, he twisted out from under her and hopped to his feet. Lin protested as he sprinted across the grass, well out of her reach. Her shrill voice rang out over the wind in his ears. "Moooooooom!"

The dirt beneath his feet shifted and rolled, sending him face first into the dirt. Toph sneered at him across the yard. "She caught you because no rotten piece of garbage can outdo a Bei Fong."

Lin "pinned" him down once again as Sokka sighed into the dirt. Their games of "Loose Cannon Cop" always did feel a little one-sided.

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