I turned on the webcam on my laptop, sat down at my computer desk and started recording.

"I feel like I'm not wanted anymore... and... my best friend turned against me... I used to be brave but now... I just can't take it any more..." there was tears streaming down my face now "... you've finally done it...you've broke the unbeatable Hathaway... Eddie you'll be a great guardian someday... mom even though you weren't there I secretly wished that one day you would she up and everything would be perfect... so " I sniffled "I guess this is goodbye..."

I stopped recording and started pacing around my room. I sent the video to Lissa first them I sent it to everyone on my contact list and posted it on YouTube. I went into my bathroom and waited a little but to see if any body was going to care enough to come and stop me.

Then I did it.

I, Rosemarie Hathaway, gulped down a bottle of pills.

and slipped into unconsciousness.

I know. Rose killed herself. so this is a one shot but if you review I will make it a two shot and then let someone adopt it afterwords.