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We drove for over twelve hours, it could have been over six-hour less but Dimitri drove like a grandpa, anyway that gave me more time to be with him so I didn't argue. We got to a house in a very nice neighborhood, I couldn't believe that it was the strigoi house we were looking for, I just didn't believe it, until we heard a woman screaming, we stepped out of the car, took out our stakes and ran into the house. Dimitri went first, I followed him and the other six guardians where behind me. There were at least 40 strigoi an a complete moroi family murdered on the floor next to their guardians, in that moment I realized that beneath a table, a little girl with a maximum of three years was crying holding a little teddy bear and 2 strigoi were walking in her direction, while three others where holding a hurt guardian so that he could see how the little girl was being attacked. I ran in the 2 strigoi attacking the little girl, they where young so it didn't take too much effort for me to kill them, but killing then made at least 10 other strigoi very mad. I started fighting and to my surprise it was very easy, I stayed protecting the girl. When the strigoi came in less quantity I started look around and I saw something that made me gasp, Dimitri was being defeated, I wanted to help him but there were to many strigoi and I couldn't let the child alone, cause she was the priority , she was the moroi and moroi come first. "I'm sorry" I whispered to him, even though he couldn't hear me. I put my guardian mask on and kept on fighting to protect the girl, I was desperate but then I saw them my favorite red haired guardian and my best friends boyfriend, Christian, made a fire circle around Dimitri , who was on the floor, unconscious, while Mason fought with all the strigoi that were around the hurt guardian. With a very big relief I kept fighting until there were no more strigoi, when the battle was over six guardians checked the rest a of the house while I took care of the girl, when there was no risk we were free to do what we wanted,

"you can get out of there, you are safe" for my surprise the girl as I finished talking got up and ran into the hurt guardian arms, she didn't stay there crying or in shock as I thought, she didn't ran next to the mom's body or any of the usual kids stuff. After watching that emotional hug, Mason stood next to me and I asked

"how the hell did you got here?" "I just wanted some fun, and so did Chris, so we went with Alberta and she assigned a guardian to drive us here, so here we are. Hey! You should be with Belikov, he is hurt!" that was true! I had forgotten that he was hurt, I ran to where Dimitri was, he was at least conscious, he had scratches in every single part of his body and he had a very big cut on his arm, I just couldn't believe he was beaten by those strigoi, he was like a god to me, my inspiration.

"are you ok comrade?" I asked very concerned about him.

"yes I am, but I've discovered something really bad Roza, they had learned to get a new power, they can control your fears, and make you see things that are not happening" he said looking to the floor.

"but it didn't work with me, or with Mason, maybe you just thought it happened, or you made yourself believe that" I tried to get a logical explanation.

" No, it also worked with me, but I started using other senses, I just closed my eyes and fought" said Mason. I just didn't believe it, I didn't see anything.

" that was how they defeated my partners and killed Annie's family" said the girls guardian, Annie was sleeping on the guardian arms, she looked so peaceful, calmed and so beautiful.

"so if they could use our fears why didn't they used mine?" I knew the answer but I just wanted someone to say it,

"maybe because you are shadow kissed Roza" said Dimitri .

"maybe" I said.

We were getting to the school, Dimitri was driving again and even slower than before, maybe because we were caring a little moroi girl who was sleeping and a hurt guardian, awesome, so if Dimitri one day became a daddy he will be driving slower than a bike.

"so you have a very good relation with this little lady don't you?" I asked,

"yes, she is my god-daughter, her mom and I where best friends since the kindergarten" he said looking me at the eyes, he had his guardian mask on, but his eyes showed gratitude of still having her.

"she is everything I have now, I own you my life, I know you and Dimka are together and you chose Annie before him, you are a great guardian" he said smiling

"thanks, and don't worry it's my job she is a moroi, she is first and us, Dimitri and me, promised to put moroi before than our relationship" I said holding my soul mate's hand, Dimitri stretched it harder and I gave him a kiss on the chick. suddenly I was in the school running for my life with Eddie and Mia by my side, strigoi were following us. I realised it was Lissa's head and got desperate I had to get back to my mind. I felt her fear, her desperation, her pain, she was hurt! then I was back in the car, Dimitri was parked and all the other guardians where behind us. "we have to hurry, the strigoi are attacking the school!" I shouted