Chapter 1

Marina is an excluded character from On Stranger Tides. She is a mermaid who once had a relationship with Jack. There was a deleted scene from the movie where Marina slaps Jack and I thought I would create a story following that.

Marina's POV

The enticing sound of my sister Tamara's voice caught my attention, pulling me away from my bed of seaweed at the ocean floor. I swam upwards to the surface of the water where I could see the outline of the bottom of a rowboat; no doubt full of mangy pirates. Tamara's orange and green fluorescent tail was swishing back and forth in the water, supporting her upper body that was out of the water. My sisters were joining me, our empty stomachs pushing us forward.

I rose out of the water, revealing just my head, neck, and shoulders. I bobbed up and down as I treaded in the dark water. A light mist surrounded us, creating an eerie feel. The pirates in the boat turned their heads to look at my sisters and I rising out of the water. Their eyes were wide and full of wonder as all sailors looked when they first saw a mermaid. I watched Tamara out of the corner of my eye, she was singing to a sailor while he leaned forward to kiss her.

I waded through the water with the other mermaids towards the boat. I decided to choose the man watching me more closely, his mouth slightly agape. I looked up at him seductively and placed my arms on the railing of the boat, lifting me up to face him. I opened my mouth as if I were going to kiss him but stopped. I lowered myself back down into the water, smirking a bit at the look of entrancement and disappointed crossed the man's face. Pirates were always so easy to tease and always an easy meal.

"There is nothing can console me, but my jolly sailor bold…" Tamara sang, lowering the man's head down into the water. His lips were puckered even as he sank deeper into the water. It was silent for a couple of seconds before we heard his muffled scream. He yanked his head out of the water as he continued yelling.

A man with an oar hit a dark-haired mermaid in the chest, causing all of us to screech and dive away from the boat. All the men jumped to their feet, whipping their heads left and right to try and spot us under the abyss. But they were unaware of the hell that swam beneath them.

I swam rapidly around underneath the boat, my fangs bared and ready to sink into human flesh. I saw one of my sisters propel herself out of the water and dive back in with a pirate in tow. I watched in jealousy as she dug her teeth into his delicious skin. Blood clouded the water around her and I could smell it. It made me even hungrier.

Swimming up quickly to the side of the small boat, I grabbed at the men's legs while the others pulled the boat apart. I got lucky and snatched a man by his neck, effectively pulling him over the side of the boat. But I was interrupted by another pirate pulling the man away. I growled and screeched at him in anger as my prey was ripped from my arms.

I tried a different approach, desperate to get some food before the others ate it all. I swam away from the boat before turning and launching myself through the air. I grabbed onto one of the men's heads but my hands slipped as a sword plunged into my stomach. I screeched in pain and fell into the water. My face scrunched up in pain as I clutched my stomach. My blood was seeping into the water. But I did not cry. Mermaids don't cry.

My head whipped back towards the boat, distracted by the sounds of men screaming. The mermaids had broken the boat into pieces and the men were falling straight into the water. Easy prey. I noticed one of the mermaids had grabbed a pirate and was dragging him towards the ocean floor. I grinned evilly and swam after her, eager to sink my teeth into him. Another mermaid followed me and all three of us tore into the pirate. He screamed as a cloud of blood appeared around us.

The man was finished too soon, all that was left of him was his skeleton and strips of cloth. I released the bones in disgust. I wanted more. I turned to search for more sailors but I was distracted as an explosion boomed under the water. I heard screams and screeches as the mermaids fled in the other direction. Towards the shore.

It was a trap. They're herding us. Pirates were guaranteed to be waiting for us in that direction. I had interacted with these creatures long enough to know their intentions. I decided to weave around the explosions in the water but the scent of fresh blood in the water continued to tease me. I growled in bloodlust but resisted the urge and unwillingly swam away. The sound of more screaming caused me to look above the water. I saw a ship sailing rapidly at us, breathing fire across the water. Blackbeard, I thought.

I ducked down into the water, the flames just missing my skin. But some of my sisters screamed in pain as the fire touched their delicate skin. I ignored them knowing that it was every mermaid for herself and swam towards the shore to save myself. There was no other option. I popped out of the water, realizing that the men were wading into the water with huge nets. My seaweed ropes were ready in my hands to snatch the men and pull them to their doom but I heard a familiar voice.

"Retreat all to land! For your lives! Retreat I say!" yelled the voice. My eyes narrowed in anger as I watched him yell orders at Blackbeard's men.

Jack Sparrow. Or should I saw Captain Jack Sparrow. That bastard. I growled in rage as the memories started to spill over the walls I had so carefully created but I refused to acknowledge them.

"Cowards! Back in the water! There be no refuge on land. Mark my words," shouted Blackbeard, firing his gun at the water near a sailor. The pirates thought twice about retreating and returned to the water.

I could see the seaweed ropes gripping the docks and yanking them apart, causing Jack and her to fall onto their backs. Jack quickly recovered and gripped the crawling woman's hand before trying to pull her to safety. I watched in jealousy, growling quietly as I saw Jack helping the woman who ruined my life. A seaweed rope gripped Angelica's ankle and I smiled maliciously. Good, now she will get what she deserves. But Jack cut the rope, causing me to be consumed by rage and jealousy.

Jack held his hand out for Angelica to take but she hesitated. Jack rolled his eyes at her and told her to "come on" and she grabbed his hand. When they were both standing, Jack turned around to look up at the lighthouse, I could see a plan forming in his mind. He started running towards the lighthouse and I snarled before taking off towards the docks. I saw the slippery hands of mermaids breaking through the weak planks of the docks and grabbing at Jack's feet.

His sword was ripped from his hand as the mermaids broke their way through the planks. Good, he would have a painful death. He reached a less stable part of the docks and I smirked, this was my perfect chance. I sprung out of the water and gripped onto Jack's boot. He fell to his knees with a grunt.

"Remember me, Jack?" I questioned, a growl slipping through my lips. Jack's eyes widened in realization and he struggled to get away from me. My grip slipped as he kicked me back into the water. I screeched in rage that he had gotten away and watched him run up into the lighthouse. Growling softly, I decided I would wait. He would pay for what he did to my heart all those years ago.

I saw the inside of the lighthouse flare up and Jack jumping off the top. He plummeted into the water and I felt the urge to save him. But I shoved the urge out of my head and forced myself to watch him. The lighthouse exploded and I ducked under the water to avoid the fire raining down. I turned my head to see all of my sisters screaming and swimming away. But a splash in the water distracted me. It was Jack and he was watching the mermaids as well.

A smirk of satisfaction spread across my lips. Now I had him alone.