Old Memories-Chapter 7

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Marina's POV

I swam slowly back to Whitecap Bay, enjoying the feeling of the water surrounding me once again. But sadness kept lurking through my thoughts, and I didn't quite know why. I swam through a school of fish, disturbing their formation.

I felt the warm sun on my back and I flicked my tail, sending me upwards. I pushed myself upwards onto a slick rock, sitting. I felt the sun drying the water off of me already and the scales covering me were disappearing. But my tail stayed in place as I churned the water with the ends of my tail.

"Marina!" I heard a voice say and I turned to see Philip stumbling towards me. I watched him helplessly as his hand clutched his stomach, the smell of blood emanating from it. "Marina, where's Syrena?" He asked, out of breath when he reached me.

"I don't know, I haven't seen her." I said, watching as he grimaced in pain. "You're hurt." I stated, watching as he cleaned out his wound.

"Yes." He said, continuing splashing water onto himself.

"I'll find her." I told him, diving forward into the dark water.

The warm of the sun disappeared as the cold water took its place. I didn't pay attention to the sudden change of temperature; I just swam faster entering the darker depths of the ocean. I noticed a couple mermaids swimming around lazily along with some fish but no Syrena.

I turned around, moving my tail up and down to propel me forward. I swam under the island and dodged the long pillars of stone. Some movement caught my eye and I swam towards it quickly. It was Syrena and I was filled with relief.

She looked up at me with surprise and sadness. I grabbed her hand and pulled her up to the nearest water hole.

"You're alive." Said Syrena, trying to sound happy but she was really on the verge of tears.

"Philip needs your help, he's dying." I told her and Syrena was gone in the flash of an eye.

I ducked under the water and quickly followed her; I caught up and started to lead her to where I had seen him. Syrena pulled herself up onto the rock, the smooth surface pushing into her stomach.

"Philip." She said softly and Philip looked up at her with a smile. "You are hurt."

"Yes, but my body only." He says and I decide to sit behind a rock, giving them privacy but listening to their exchange. "If it weren't for me, you would have never gotten kidnapped. Forgive me, Syrena."

"I can help you, you need only ask." Said Syrena and my eyes widened. They were silent for a second before Syrena spoke again. "Ask."

"Forgive me." Said Philip softly before there was silence and then Syrena was pulling him into the water. She shouldn't be taking him there but who was I to say she couldn't.

I looked under the water as she pulled him close to her and towards the depths of the ocean. I shook my head at them before pulling myself back up onto the same rock. I bent my knees so that my tail was next to me.

I stroked my wet hair, staring out at the ocean. The sound of footsteps made me whip my head around to look behind me. I saw Jack, with Angelica who had her hands tied around her back. Jack was leading her to a row boat that was docked into the sand.

Angelica was fuming and screaming threats at Jack and some things in Spanish. I'm guessing that she was angry about her father dying. An amused smile slipped onto my mouth as I watched Jack put her in the boat and start rowing out into the deeper water.

I looked down at Jack's coat and rubbed the fabric between my fingers. I would have to give it back. I sunk into the salty ocean water, following the small outline of a rowboat under the water. After a couple minutes, I noticed Tamara's tail swishing back and forth next the rowboat.

A hiss slipped through my lips and I swam up to the other side of the boat, quietly listening to Tamara. I didn't want to attack her but I wanted to see what she was doing first. I stayed unnoticed as Tamara conversed with Jack.

"Are you my jolly sailor bold?" She asked, using the same question as last time she encountered a rowboat.

I growled and swam under the boat, my hands gripping Tamara's slick tail and yanking her under water. I hissed at her and she growled back as she backed off, swimming back down to the ocean floor. I popped my head up above water, Jack's smile waiting for me.

"Are you here to eat us too?" He asked, and I glared at him.

"No, I'm here to give you your jacket back." I said, unbuttoning it and tossing it up so it hit him in the face.

Angelica smiled and Jack pushed the soaking wet jacket off of him. I smirked and he glared at me.

"Well, it's best we get on our way." Said Jack, gripping the oars of the boat and pushing them against the rough water. "I have some business to attend to." He added and Angelica glared at him.

"He's dead." I said, looking to Jack for confirmation. I knew that I was right, but I needed to make sure.

"Of course." Nodded Jack and I felt relief.

"You're welcome." I said, waving my tail up and down so that it pushed me softly away from their boat but I stayed on my back so I faced them.

"For what?" Asked Jack, his eyebrows scrunching.

"For saving your life." I answered. "Bye Angelica." I called and she yelled bye back. I had a small smirk on my face as I watched Jack touch 2 of his fingers to his hat and then pointed them at me. I did the same before turning around and putting my head underwater.

I lifted my tail above the water, sort of like a whale would do, and then disappeared into the dark depths of the ocean.

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