"Ugh! Hurry up Maka!" Soul screamed. We were chasing a kishin. I ran a little faster and somehow ended up in front of a house. I paid no attention.

"Kishin Dreyah! You die today!" I yelled before I sliced him in half with Soul. All that was left was a floating kishin egg. Soul turned back human and ate it.

"Souls are yummy," he said drooling. I laughed as he closed his heads and bowed his head. "Maka thank you for a good meal."

"Y-YOU J-J-JUST CHANGED FROM A WEAPON TO A SCYTHE! WHAT T-THE HECK?" I heard a girl screech. I looked to see a girl with blue eyes and brown hair. She was dressed in a blue sundress and had ribbons in her hair. Then a boy with orange hair and red eyes came out, and another boy with silver hair and purple eyes. Then a man with a tanish robe came out. I felt color drain from my face and looked at Soul, who was adjusting his black headband.

"Maka! You didn't check to see if people were here first?" Soul growled. I glared.

"Oh sorry, in case you haven't noticed, we had a mission to complete! I didn't really think it was important to give the house a damn inspection!" I sneered.

"Ugh, you idiot," he said.

"Shut it," I said.

"Uh, mind telling us WHO THE HELL YOU ARE?" OrangeTop yelled. Someone has an attitude.

"I'm 2 star Scythe Meister Maka and this is my weapon, Soul Eater," I said. "Now while we're here, can we use a mirror?" I asked.

"Sure," PurpleEyes said. I smiled and we followed him to the bathroom. I thanked him and breathed on the glass.

"42-42-564, whenever you wanna knock on Death's door," I mumbled, writing the number on the mirror with my finger.

"Hiya! Hey! Wazzup! Wazzup! Wazzup!" Lord Death said in his funny voice.

"Hello Sir, Scythe Meister Maka reporting. We completed the mission," I said.

"You killed all the kishins already?" Lord Death asked.

"Kishins? I thought there was only one!" I yelled.

"No, there was more than one. That area is crawling with kishins. It'll take more than a few weeks to kill them all," he informed.

"Yes Sir," I whined. "Bye." And with that, he hung up. I was sulking and walked outside to see Soul leaning against his motorcycle. I cried.

"Uh, you okay Maka?" Soul asked.

"There is more than one kishin egg and it'll take more than a few weeks to kill them all!" I cried.

"He could've told us that before we came out here!" Soul shouted.

"Uh, not to interrupt, but, would you like to stay for dinner?" BlueEyes said. I smiled.

"Sure BlueEyes," I said smiling.

"Oh, I'm sorry I must be being rude! I'm Tohru! The one with the orange hair is Kyo and the one with the purple eyes is Yuki, and the pervert checking you out over there in the tan robe is Shigure!" BlueE- I mean Tohru said.

"Nice to meet you all," I said. "And you weren't being rude." Tohru smiled at me and ran back inside with us trailing behind.

"What the hell are they doing in here?" OrangeT- I mean Kyo said.

"Well, asshole, Tohru here was nice enough to let us stay for dinner. She offered we didn't refuse. Gotta problem with it deal with it," Soul said with his hands behind is head. I sighed.

"Who do you think you're talking to shorty?" Kyo sneered.

"I don't think, I know I'm talking to you!" Soul said, his voice raising a little.

"You wanna peace of me smart ass?" Kyo yelled.

"I'll kick your ass," Soul snarled. This was getting outta hand.

"Maaaakkkkaaaaaaa-CHOP!" I said chopping both of them with my newest read.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Kyo screamed the same time Soul screamed. "OWW! THAT HURTS REALLY REALLY BAD!"

This dinner will not go well if Kyo and Soul keep fighting. We'll just have to see