Report # 343: On the Izaya Grail War.

Author: Xylouris Trigger. Origin: War, weapon Sacrifice Dagger. Confirmed former Executor and mid-tier magus. Specializes in reinforcement of body through magecraft.

"Yes, Bishop Magnus, all seven Masters and Servants have been confirmed as arriving here." I spoke into the magecraft communicator. "Yes, the situation is indeed dire." I looked over my shoulder. It was an irrational action; there were no windows, but the cellar of the church was not enough for me to shake the feeling that I was being hunted.

"No, I have found no indication to see that they are making their move. It looks like this Grail War will be as close to normal as it gets." I said. "Yes, the disappearance of the last supervisors is a cause for concern, but I have no signs as of yet of interference from their faction." Bishop Magnus took a breath.

"Projected level of damage?" He asked. I smiled, but it was a sad smile. "Extremely high, judging from the capabilities of the Servants." I said. "The Throne of Heroes has allowed fictional legends to become reality, including those from more modern sources than others. Yes, I understand that this is probably Hashimoto's doing, but I cannot pick it up if he interferes with the Holy Grail directly." Bishop Magnus replied quickly. What he said was quite the news.

"We are studying it."

"Ho." I said. "The higher-ups really don't want this to get out, for them to be here." I said. "No, it's no trouble, this isn't a small church. Yes, I will continue to monitor the War for any interference from them." After confirming that little bit of information, I put down the phone. I looked over at the side table and picked up the stack of paper there.

I turned the page. It read: "Results of the Investigation on Fuyuki Grail War supervised by Kirei Kotomine." The situation had been steadily worsening for the past few weeks. About a month ago the two supervisors assigned to the job, Shin'ichi Hashimoto from the Magi Association and Ned Denning from one of the hundreds of departments in the Holy Church, went missing. Ned's body was eventually found with the spare Command Spells missing and his Mystic Code taken. Hashimoto and his body remained missing. A team was sent out, myself included, and we found it highly probable that Hashimoto had instigated the incident. After that, I had been assigned the position of supervisor, on the grounds that I knew most about the situation on the ground. The team was still in the city.

Two weeks ago, a large surge in the prana content of the land was detected. On inspection, the leylines in nearby areas had been diverted here. Hence, the Holy Grail War, which would not have occurred for a two months, was accelerated. It was a terrifying political situation, with the Magi Association unable to investigate due to the nature of the Grail War and the Holy Church trying to cover up the mess. Another team was sent in to investigate with support from the Association. It was hoped that this would be sufficient to ascertain the cause of the anomaly.

It was a week ago that shit really went down. One team was annihilated to a man, the bodies disappearing. The survivor, Julius Harway, was questioned and confirmed to have seen a Servant attack him. The Servant wielded a bow that had shot multiple arrows at a time, which explained the quick annihilation of their team. As I could already confirm the identities and the movements of the seven Servants, I confirmed that it was not one of them.

In direct defiance of the rules placed on the Holy Grail spell, an eighth Servant had appeared. This threw the decision-making of the council into chaos. They did not have authority to interfere in the War, but they could not leave this unchecked. With my Origin, I was assured a place in this War, as I was most suited for information gathering. The other team was pulled back and they were to be relieved today by a specialized anti-Servant team.

After some research, I discovered that it was the Hydra Bow, and Hercules had been summoned as an Archer. Determined to find more information, I requisitioned the top-secret file on the Fourth and Fifth Fuyuki Grail Wars. It has been a week with no activity. The town is quiet. The seven Masters and Servants were here, along with Hercules the Second Archer. The Church has decided that the Holy Grail War should settle itself as much as possible, and the anti-Servant team is only to attack Servants who are not under the seven Masters.

I closed the report on Kotomine's Grail Wars and sighed. Why did I get stuck with this job?

"Saber, Archer, Lancer, Caster, Rider, Assassin, Berserker. The seven Servants have been assembled, and possibly quite a few more." I said, deviating from the normal chant. "Fight with pride for your goal. Holy Grail War, begin!" I brought my hand down in the cellar.

Like it or not, the War had begun.

Appendix A– Archer (Hercules) [Area 10]

Strength: A

Endurance: A

Magic: C

Agility: B+

Luck: C

Noble Phantasm: A


Prana Burst: B. Infuses prana into his weapon to strengthen his attacks.

Divinity: A. He is a demigod, above the divinity that humans can reach.

Bravery: A+. Brave nearly to the point of stupidity, it strengthens him (almost Mad Enhancement), and prevents him from being interfered with.

Battle Continuation: A.

Mind's Eye (Fake): B

Clarivoyance: C.

Noble Phantasms:

Twelve Labors: Effectively needs to be killed twelve times.

Hydra Bow (Nine Lives): A. Nine attacks delivered almost simultaneously that can be used with any weapon, however, the power of the Heroic Spirit will destroy any weapon that is not a Noble Phantasm.