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Chapter 1: A usual but different ending.

It was a sunny day in the house of Burt Burtonburger and his family which consists of him, his daughter Millie and his son Coop Burtonburger. He is currently making pancakes or flap jacks happily until he heard a crash from upstairs. He sighed, then leaves his pancakes and ran to Coop's room. He opened the door and saw that it was a total mess his son's bed and everything was glued to the ceiling and upside down. He saw Coop on the floor and he guessed that was the noise he heard. He ran to Coop and picked him up and checked whether he was okay.

"Dad is that you" said Coop, as he opened his eyes

"Yes Coop, are you okay and what did you do to your room" said Burt, his voice sounded caring.

"I am okay, but it was Kat" said Coop. Burt sighed in disappointment cause Coop always blamed the sweet and innocent Mr. Kat. Burt helped Coop stand up and said "Coop you can't always blame Mister Kat and before I leave go take a bath pancakes are almost ready…oh no the flapjacks." He ran out to the room before it was over cooked. Coop heard a meow from the window and saw Kat snickering and a bottle of glue at his hand. Coop could only snarl at him as Kat jumped out of the window.

After breakfast Coop and Millie got ready for school and left. In the bus Coop met his best friend and wing man Dennis at an empty sit by the window. Dennis and Coop are the only one who knew about Kat being an alien but before it was also girl named Fiona but after little space adventure Kat erased her memory and now she thinks Coop and Dennis are crazy just like everyone Kat has fooled everyone in the town.

Dennis smiled and waved to Coop. Coop walked to him and sat beside him. They talked about what happened to their morning.

"Dude that's got to be rough" said Dennis. Coop had told him about what happened earlier. Coop sighed sadly "they got to be a way to get rid of Kat." Dennis felt sorry for him. Coop always has to live with Kat torturing him and his dad not believing him and they foil all of his plans but Kat always make a comeback no matter what happens.

"So have you done the science homework." said Dennis trying to change the subject.

"Yep it's right…." Said Coop he put his hand in his hand and brought out a shredded paper "over here." He looked at the paper he worked all night and became angry not only will his teacher give him detention but his Dad will ground him for life but it seemed Coop didn't care as anger appeared on his face. He tore the paper and faced Dennis "When we get home we're getting rid of Kat one way or the other."

After school and detention, Coop and Dennis setup to look for Kat. They checked all over the house and tree house including his secret base in Millie's room and didn't find him.

"Where do you think Kat could be we've check everywhere" said Dennis exhausted.

"Not everywhere we've not checked the woods" said Coop determined. He was about go to the woods but Dennis came to his front and asked "Coop what are you going to do to Kat his an alien monster and might rip you to shreds"

"When we find him that's when I'll think of something" said Coop not thinking about what Dennis said. Dennis sighed in defeat knowing that he can't stop Coop and followed him.

When they reached a clearing in the woods they saw Kat working on a machine (A\N: I don't know how to describe the machine but it looked like the one Phineas and Ferb created the portal to mars) and was attaching some few wires. Coop without thinking ran out of their hiding place and ran to Kat yelling his name and Dennis being the one with the smarts waited so that while Coop was fighting Kat he will find a way to switch it off the machine.

Kat with his super hearing heard Coop and ran towards him hissing and both of them collided fighting each and making dust around each other. Dennis took it as the time to deactivate the machine but Kat saw him and left Coop and ran towards Dennis. Coop shouted "Dennis look out" and Dennis saw Kat and ran from him. Kat missed and activate the machine and soon there was a Purple swirl at the machine. Coop looked around and saw a big log he called Dennis and pointed the log so both of them carried it.

"Hey Kat it about time your machine is bashed and thrashed" said Coop. Coop and Dennis threw the lord at the machine causing the machine to malfunction and the purple swirl change to green.

Meanwhile in another Dimension, Ben is running from two of Dr. amino mutant toads. Earlier that day they were enjoying a nice day at a park but was ambushed by Dr. amino three mutant toads and one of them ran chased Grandpa Max and Gwen separating them from Ben while the two of them chased Ben luckily he found a scooter and used it to get away but the mutant frogs we're coming faster and his watch aka the Omnitrix was not working no matter how much he tried.

"C'mon work you stupid thing please" said Ben pleading to his watch or aka Omnitrix. The watch face pop up and he slamed it down and turned into what looked like an alien with four hands and eyes, red body and wearing his usual clothes except he was wearing black pants. The mass of the body crushed the scooter. He ran towards the two giant mutant toads and punched the first one to the other one. The two toads stood up and ran towards him. One of them release its tongue to Fourarms but he jumped out of the tongue way and landed on the toad. He picked the toad and twirl the around him and threw the toad to a far place. The second toad hit him sending him to a tree. Four arms picked up the fallen tree and used it as a baseball bat just when the toad was running towards him he waited until it was close enough and like a baseball bat he swung it at the frog sending it far to the skies. Then the Rustbucket came and Gwen came out along with Grandpa Max.

"Nice swing" said Gwen.

"So what do you guys do to the mutant toad chasing you" said four arms.

"Well we…." Said Grandpa Max but a static noise is heard up at the skies. Max, Gwen and Fourarms looked up and saw a green swirling portal. The green swirling portal shot a lightning bolt at the ground they were standing on and they fell to the ground few meters away from each other. When the green swirling portal disappeared Grandpa Max stood up with a little pain at his back and walked to Gwen. He woke up Gwen who fell unconscious and Grandpa Max helped her stand up.

"Gwen, are you okay?" asked Grandpa Max concerned.

"I'm okay Grandpa" said Gwen. She looked around and didn't see Fourarms or Ben and asked worriedly "Where's Ben."

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