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Chapter 23: The final battle.

Through the outskirts of space, two pods flew. Within these two pods, Coop Burtonburger and Ben Tennyson were trapped, struggling through the bonds that held their legs and arms. For the past few hours, the pods kept going with no destination programmed in it. If there wasn't a destination, the two boys knew the pods would run out of gas and they'll plummet.

"I can't break free." Ben groaned, trying to stretch his hand to the Omnitrix. When kats placed him in the pod, they made sure that his hands were far apart to prevent him from reaching the Omnitrix. So far it worked and Ben couldn't reach it, "Can this get worse." He dropped his head and sighed.

Like a weird coincidence, both pods shook and the gas gauge went down.

"Me and my big mouth." Ben mumbled to himself.

The power in the pods soon gave out as well and both began to plummet. Coop and Ben screamed as it was the only thing to do. Eventually, the pods will hit something and that will be their deaths. It really looked like the end for them Coop and Ben.

Something made Coop's pod, bringing him to curiosity and fear. He looked through the only window in the pod, looking for any stray asteroid that might have hit him, but there was none. Before he could question himself, the pod shook again and he shrieked when a familiar face faced the window with a smile.

"Coop, it's you."

"Millie?" Coop narrowed his eyes at the window. Indeed it was his dear sister and he smiled, "Millie! Men am I glad to see you!"

Mille smile grew, "You too, Coop. Hang on I'll get you out of here in no time."

Coop thought about it, but then remembered something. If Millie broke him out that instant he will die due to the lack of oxygen. Before he could tell her, she already flew off. Coop could only hope that she didn't break through the pods. The first thing he notices was the ship shaking for a while, along with the power coming back up.

The next thing Coop knew, something shook his pod. He tried rapidly to look around him, but the metal bonds only tightened him, preventing him from looking. Suddenly, the pods fired up and began to fly straight. Coop didn't know what was going on, but he remained quiet. He watched as they passed some planets and asteroids before coming to a familiar sight.

"Earth." Coop smiled happily.

Coop watched as he entered the earth without any problem. The pod began to slow its speed and soon touched down on the ground. Next, Coop's bonds unclasped from his arms and legs, freeing him. The door then opened and Coop ran out. For the first time in hours, his feet touched the ground and he loved it, though not to the extent to kiss it.

"Coop!" Millie called out, next to her was Ben.

"Mille! Ben!" He ran to them, "You both made it."

"Of course we did." Ben smiled back, "It'll take more than an alien empire to take us down."

"True to that." Coop said and then turned to Millie, "But really, we should thank Millie for helping us back."

Millie blushed a bit, never expecting her brother say such words, "It was nothing really. I found you guys in those two pods, reprogrammed them to earth and everything went well."

"That's good, but what now?" Ben asked, mostly facing Coop, "My best guess is those aliens took over."

"His right." Millie frowned, "Just in hours, the entire world leaders gave in to them and the kats ruled. I had to find you guys to stop this."

Coop fell silent at the news. A lot of things were running through his mind, mostly about his friends and family. His best guess was that they were locked in jail. The more he thought about it, the more he thought about the kat invasion. Now that they had taken over, it will be hard to take them done, unless he didn't have a plan.

Coop looked back at his friends with a determined face, "We have to break Fiona, Dennis, Lorne and Hailey out. I have a plan, but we'll need their help."

"I'm up for it." Ben said.

"Me too." Millie nodded.

Coop looked up to the sky with the same determination, "Then let's do this."

******************************************************************(LINE BREAK)***********************************************

It has only been hours, but the kats has been successful in taking over the world. Once any other defense was removed, the world leaders gave up and the kats ruled. Anybody that tried opposing them were sent to the jail, but the location wasn't decided. Until a prison could be built, the only current jail was in the mothership.

The ship was the same ship that Coop, Ben and others fought on, but in the end lost. Ever since then, it has been going through repairs. While the repairs took place, kat soldiers and robots patrolled the outside as security. Their numbers was much that it would be very hard to gain entrance into the mothership, unless you were invisible.

Unknown to the soldiers, three invisible beings flew right pass them with detection. The undetected beings kept going and phased through the wall before the invisibility dropped.

Coop climbed off Ghostfreak, "Okay, we made it."

"Yeah, but that was the easy part." Millie said, scanning the area. Through her enhance sights, she scanned through the walls, "According to my scanners, there's a lot of kats in this ship."

"Then where are Fiona and the others?" Ghostfreak asked. That instant, the Omnitrix began to beep and changed him back to normal in a flash of red light.

"North-east of us." Millie answered and shut down her scanners.

No sooner had Millie told them, the group ran off together but it wasn't easy. The place had security cameras that surveyed a particular corridor, meaning if they walked passed an active camera they'll be found. To avoid getting caught, Millie blasted any camera as they passed through. It didn't do much help when the alarms went off, but the three continued their way.

The kids encountered a brigade of kat soldiers in front of them and ducked from blaster. The wave of lasers heading towards them was too much that they had to hide behind nearby bricks.

Millie closed her eyes and clutched her fists, turning them into laser blasters. She got out of her hiding place and charged at the kats, opening fire on them. The kats shot back at her, but it was futile. The young cyborg girl had a green shield in front her to protect her. She shot multiple lasers at them that none of them.

"Nice work, Millie." Coop said, walking to her.

"No prob." She changed her cannons back to hands, "Sometimes, that can be creepy."

However, kat soldiers rushed from behind and opened fire at them. The two were cut off guard and couldn't do anything to avoid it. But then a black and blue blur ran to them and carried them away. It took a short while, but Coop and Millie were able to process what just happened and know who just saved them.

"Thanks for the help, Ben." Coop sighed in relief, "We were almost goners."

Ben as XLR8 smiled, "You're welcome, but next time, watch your back."

Coop nodded. With XLR8 speed, they were able to get there fast. Millie directed him to the different corridors and turns they should take in order to avoid getting lost. Of course, it wasn't easy passing kat soldiers took over and opened fire. This wasn't a problem for XLR8 as he avoided them with ease, while still making his way.

Any kat soldier that stayed in XLR8 way was knocked away with a kick. Since Ben held Coop and Millie, he mostly kicked or brushed passed them. They came upon a door and it slides open, allowing XLR8 and the others to enter. When they entered, XLR8 dropped the two siblings.

"Is this the place?" Coop asked, looking around them.

Mille sighed and rolled her eyes, disbelieving that her brother didn't see it. At their right there were cells that were empty. She didn't reply to his question, but held his shirt and brought him to a cell holding a certain group of kids.

"There." She said, motioning her hand to a cell.

Coop followed where she indicted and smiled, "It's them! We found them!"

"Duh." Millie rolled her eyes. Something suddenly came up in her mind and she turned to Ben, "Ben, there's another force of kats heading this way, think you can handle it." XLR8 nodded and zoomed off in a flash.

As he left, Millie and Coop turned to the cells and noticed something was wrong. Though their friends were there, they lay on the ground unconscious, well Coop hopped. None the less, it worried Coop that he tried to pull it open with no avail.

"Let me handle this." Millie pushed her brother proudly. She cocked a small smirk, cracked her knuckles and pulled the cell door off its hinges. She then threw it aside like it was paper. The sound of the door crashing was loud enough that it woke the others up.

"What…happened?" Fiona moaned, waking up from her slumber.

"Fiona!" Coop shouted happily and ran to her.

"Coop?" Fiona got up, slightly confused. When her eyes landed on Coop she smiled and embraced him in a hug, "Coop, It's really you." The two kids hugged each other, enjoying their own moment. While they did, Millie helped the others up.

Dennis yawned, turning to his best friend, "Nice to see you're alright, Coop."

"Good to see you too, Dennis." Coop said, already letting go of Fiona.

"Hey, what about us?!" Lorne yelled.

"Yeah!" Hailey added.

"Um, sorry." Coop said, a bit taken back, "Glad to see both of you are okay."

Before anyone could speak, a rush of air blew in the cell. Everyone turned to the entrance, the source of the breeze and found XLR8 standing there.

"Guys, you think you can hurry it up, we have to go." XLR8 said urgently.

"Right." Coop nodded firmly, "Come guys, let's go."

Everyone agreed and rushed out of the cell. They ran as fast as they could, avoiding any chances of getting caught, however that wasn't easy. The security cameras picked them up and activated its security. Millie handled it, being the only one with the ability to do so. She charged up her eyes and shoot multiple lasers blasts, hitting everyone of the guns.

As they ran, Coop explained his plan, something he formed before they got there. Since most of Kat Nebula forces have settled around the world, it won't be hard to take down the kat commander while they still had the chance. Millie will lead them to the location of the kats armory where they will arm themselves with weapons to fight. Ben was to stay as standby in case they needed him.

Millie led them through the corridor, to the location of the armory. Along the way, they encountered Kat Nebula security forces, but Millie took care of them easily. Soon, they arrived at the door, but a lone alien stood in their way.

Right in front of them, the director of the science division of the Kat Nebula Empire stood. She was very well known as Dr. K.

"Stop if you know what's good for you." She said calmly, holding a gun.

"Yeah, right cat lady and why should we do that?" Lorne snorted.

"I'm glad you asked." Dr. K cocked a grin. She pulled the trigger, but it didn't fire. Instead, it began to build a metal suit all over her body. It also grew in size that it towered over them. When the sequence finished, Dr. K stood in a twelve foot robot that was well built. The only thing that could be seen of the scientist was her face in the helmet of the robot, "You were saying?"

Everyone fell silent as all angry glares turned to Lorne, who smiled sheepishly.

"Um, Oops." He chuckled nervously.

"It's over, humans. Stand down if you know what's good for you." Dr. K took a step forward, making the ground to shake.

Mille glared at her specifically. She wanted to attack her, but Fiona held her back, looking at her with a calm face. Millie didn't know what Fiona wanted to do, but she complied and stepped back. Fiona then turned from her and to Dr. K.

"What has happened to you?" Fiona asked calmly, "You helped us the last time we met, but why this? When we met I'm sure you wouldn't even use a blaster like this to fight. You were dedicated to science and not more than that. So tell me why this?"

Dr. K fell silent and frowned. She let all the words soak into her mind and turned away, not sure about her next move. Originally, she only planned to scare them and if they fight back she would fight back. However, now she wasn't sure.

Instead of attacking them, she made the robot suit to return back to normal. She looked down to the ground and sighed, "I'm sorry for this, but I didn't have much choice. Since the last we encountered, the commander has gotten smart and saw the video of my assistance to you. Ever since then, he told me he'll arrest my boyfriend if I didn't help him."

"I'm very sorry." Fiona said, "If you help us, we'll take down the commander. So are you in?"

Dr. K looked up at her with a smile, "It will be my pleasure."

"Good, now let's get those weapons." Coop smirked.

Dr. K gladly allowed them in, even joining them. She gave them each a laser blast that was fully charged. Lorne and Hailey were an exception because of their destructive personality. Instead, Dr. K gave them glowing metal clubs.

Coop held his weapon, a highly charged laser gun, "Alright, let's do this."

Dr. K was about to reply, but her watch beeped. She pressed the center and gasped when she looked at the face, "Oh no."

"What is it?" Fiona asked, knowing it was trouble.

"According to my readings, the commander has ordered the mutant aliens to this direction, we're doomed."

"Oh no we're not." Coop smirked and brought out his walkie-talkie, "Ben, do you read me?"

"Loud and clear." replied the voice of XLR8.

"Dude, you're still XLR8?"

"Yeah, the Omnitrix hasn't timed out yet and I hope it doesn't."

"Okay. Anyway, I need you to stop a herd of mutant aliens, can you do this?"

"Of course, dude. I don't see what…oh boy."

"Ben what is it?"

"Nothing; I gotta go, bye." XLR8 said in a hurry and went off.

Coop glance at his walkie-talkie, a bit worried for Ben. He didn't allow himself to worry much about it, knowing Ben could handle himself. So he turned back to the others, "Ben has that taken care of, but we need to act fast. To strike the final blow, we need Kat to help us."

"Why that furball?" Lorne said, but earned a growl from Millie, "I mean…nice."

"But how are we going to get him?" Dr. K asked, "He's back on my home planet."

Millie step forward, "That won't be a problem for me."

"I know." Coop confirmed, "But I still think someone should go with you."

"I will." Fiona said boldly. Knowing Coop would object, she cut him off, "Don't worry I'll be fine, just go according to plan and we'll be back soon."

Coop seems hesitate, but nodded, "Fine, but be careful."

"I'll be." Fiona went and kissed him on the cheek, "You worry too much."

Coop blushed and tried to look at the ground to hide it. The others chuckled, but it didn't last for long. Fiona walked to Millie's side, ready to leave. Everyone watched as Millie crossed her arms and both girls disappeared in a flash of light.

"Good luck, girls." Dennis muttered.

**********************************************(LINE BREAK)***********************************

XLR8 ran through the woods, heading for town. When he left Coop and the others, he stayed on top of the mothership, watching for any intruders. So far there wasn't any sign of trouble, bringing Ben more boredom. He was even surprise that he hadn't changed back to human and wondered if the Omnitrix was on the fritz. He waited for a while before Coop called him and informed him of the herd of mutant aliens heading their way. However, between the conversation, Ben spotted the aliens and rushed and end the call.

While keeping his speed in check, XLR8 ran fast and soon came out of the woods. He then rushed to the top of a house and looked forward and found the small army heading his way. The army consisted of Mutant Eye Guys, Mutant Dittos, Mutant Blitzwolfers and Mutant Waybigs.

XLR8 made the visor on his head to move, revealing his face, "Now that I've seen these guys, how can I take them down?" He said thoughtfully, "If only Grandpa and Gwen were here this wouldn't be hard. But since they're not here I might as well slow these guys down."

XLR8 jumped down from the house and stood on the road. He watched as the mutant aliens came closer and closer with each step. Once the time was right, XLR8 began to run in circle in rapid speed. He built up a large tornado blur kept spinning, creating a force that began sucking all the smaller aliens. The only exception was the mutant Waybig, but they could feel the force dragging them a little.

The other mutant aliens were sucked into XLR8's tornado effect and were thrown out into places. Due to their inferiority, they dissolved into goop after crashing into something. The same thing happened for a while until XLR8 stopped, feeling dizzy. At that moment, the Omnitrix began to beep and flash red and changed him back to normal.

Ben felt dizzy as he tried to regain his footing. The spinning had made him dizzy that it took a while for his head to regain itself. But when he did, he found the mutant Waybigs coming.

"Uh oh." Ben began to run. But due to their size, the mutant Waybigs were coming closer, making the ground the shake and shatter. Ben tried to run, but when a mutant Waybig step on the ground it sent some rocks at him, sending Ben flying a few feet to the ground. The young hero got back to his feet, looking back at the mutant aliens and then to the direction of the woods, "C'mon guys, do something."

********************************************************(LINE BREAK)***********************************************

Millie flew Fiona through the skies of Kat Nebula, heading to the holding cells building. Fiona wore a space suit in order to avoid lack of oxygen from their space travel. The planet's security didn't pick them, which was luck for both of them. Millie used her enhance heat scanner and began searching for Kat. She headed the direction she saw and landed on the metal ground.

"Are you sure his in there?" Fiona asked, pointing at a nearby round building.

"Yeah, poor Mr. Kat is in there."

"Okay, let's go."

Fiona silently walked to the door and went to the side. She held her gun and was about to open it. However, a missile flew at the door and burst it into pieces. Fiona was taken by shock and surprise having not expected it. She looked at Millie and shot a small glare.

"What?" Mille gave her a question look, "So I blew down the door, it's not like they still won't know we're here when I free Mr. Kat."

Fiona opened her mouth to reply, but made sense with what Millie said. The two girls then walked in and were surrounded by the security guards.

"Stand down and surrender." One of them commanded.

Fiona clutched her gun, ready to use it. However, Millie walked in front of her with a smirk, "Just get out of our way." Without giving a warning, she raised her hand forward and they changed into satellite dish rays. She then shot a high frequency that made all the kats to cringe in pain and fall to the ground unconscious. Once the last one fell, she stopped the effect and changed her hands to normal, "Well that was easy."

"Wow, you just took them down. How can you do that?" Fiona stared at the unconscious kat soldiers.

"It's because of the symbiote in me."

"Yeah, I know that. I'm talking about your level of power. When you faced Ben, you didn't show this much, how is it possible that you can do all this?"

"I didn't know about them at first, but while I was gone, I met two boys and their friends and they helped me become good. Along with that, I discovered these new abilities."

"So who were they?"

"Phineas and Ferb." She answered and began to walk away.

After their conversation, Fiona didn't talk about the subject. Both girls made their way to the cells without any problem, since Millie handled them at the entrance. She also led the way, following her scanners to find Kat. Her scanners pinpointed to a lone cell and the girls went there.

"Mr. Kat!" Millie called.

A few minutes went by, but Kat emerged from the shadows, "Millie? Is that you?" He smiled, "It really is you."

Millie felt happy at that moment. She was so happy that she smashed the control panel for the door, causing the laser door to open. Immediately, both of them ran to each other and embraced themselves, with Millie mostly crying. Fiona smiled and allowed them to have their moment. She didn't want to interrupt them, but then something didn't feel right.

Though the sound was weak, Fiona jumped to the right, avoiding a laser blast. The shot of the blast also brought Millie and Kat attention. They turned to the entrance and found Kim and Ken standing.

"Stay away from our son." Kim snarled.

"No, I won't leave him!" Millie yelled at them angrily, "He's coming with us, whether you want to or not."

Ken stretched his fingers out, allowing his claws to grow, "Then we'll rip you and that pesky human alive!"

"Hey!" Fiona said, offended.

Ken jumped at Fiona, but the blond jumped back to avoid. While Ken dealt with Fiona, Kim charged at Millie. She raised her laser gun and began to shoot rapidly at her. Millie reacted to the blast by creating a blue circle shield. She held the shield with ease and then threw it at Kim. However, the motherly feline jumped over it and flew straight at Kim.

At the meantime, Fiona dodged most of Ken's claws and kicks. He was highly skilled that he almost got Fiona a few times. The young blond had to keep her senses up along with her reflexes to counter attack. She also used her laser gun to fire, but Ken easily avoided her shots and took the gun when he got close. The two then engage in a hand to hand combat and fought as much as they could. Fiona tried to keep herself to Ken's level, but he was too strong and kicked her at the stomach, sending her flying to a wall.

Kat watched as the battle continued and tried to think. Earlier, he had tried to convince his parents that he wasn't forced by the humans, but they didn't listen. He knew now that he couldn't convince them, so he shot a laser beam from his claw at Ken, knocking him to a wall.

Kim stopped her attack on Millie and turned to her son, shocked about his action, "What did you just do?! You're suppose to hit the girl, not your father!"

"You don't get it, mom. That was my shot." Kat said boldly, "Whatever the commander told you were all lies. It's true that I was against the humans, but when I stayed with them I realize that humans were good and didn't deserve a force occupation."

Ken interjected, getting up to his feet, "But the commander said that the humans were forcing you."

"Well what he said was a line." Millie spat, mostly angry, "Kat decided to help when I was controlled by this symboite thing that's inside me. He helped my brother and the others because he wanted to!"

"Okay, we believe you." Kim sighed and dropped her weapon, "The commander tricked us into doing this. We're sorry, son. Can you forgive us?"

Kat nodded with a growing smile, "I forgive both of you, mom."

The moment was sweet, but Fiona had to interject, bringing them back their mission. Kat parents understood and left to arrange a vehicle for them to leave. Millie didn't stay for long as Coop called her (which was odd considering she wasn't on earth) and informed her that Ben needed her help. The younger sibling agreed and flew off to earth.

*******************************************************(LINE BREAK)***************************************

Ben hid behind a building, panting rapidly. The mutant Waybigs had turned their attention from the mothership and to Ben. It was a good thing and a bad thing, but Ben just wanted to find a way to get free.

Unfortunately, a giant hand lifted the house Ben hid behind, exposing him. The brown haired gulped and began to run as fast as he could. However, he didn't get far as one of them caught him and lifted him to his face.

While being held, Ben tried to pull himself but he couldn't. The mutant Waybig opened its mouth wide, ready to eat Ben. As much as he tried, the mutant Waybig still wanted to eat him.

"Oh men." Ben stared at the mouth frighteningly, "I guess this is the end."

"Not on my watch!" said a voice.

Millie flew through the sky and shot a laser beam at the Mutant alien's hand, causing it to let go of Ben. The young hero began to plummet to the ground, Millie flew towards him and caught him bridal style.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, but this… is awkward." Ben said.

"What do you mean?" Millie asked, but then notices how she was holding him. She blushes, "Um…my bad.

However, they were cut off as the mutant Waybig began to approach them. The Omnitrix soon ding, indicating its charging was complete. Ben smirked, excited, "Alright, it's hero time!" Without any warning, he pushed himself off Millie and began to plummet to the ground.

Millie was surprise and shocked that Ben pushed himself off. She didn't know why, but she was just about to go and save him. However, a mutant Waybig came closer and almost grabbed her, if not for her quick reflexes that made her to avoid it. The mutant Waybig tried to catch her, but Millie easily dodged them. She tried to shoot back at them, but their body was too thick to feel any of it.

Suddenly, a large alien rose from the ground. It almost resembled the mutant Waybigs but his colors are clearly different, "You're in big trouble. Waybig." Millie was reflief. For a second she thought it was another mutant alien. Luckily, it was Ben as Waybig. He turned to her, "Go help Coop and the others, I got this guys." Millie nodded and flew off; knowing Ben could handle three Mutant Waybig.

"Now, let's get this show going." Waybig said, getting into a stance.

********************************************************(LINE BREAK)********************************************************

The Kat commander paced around, back and forth. He was getting impatience with repairs and now furious his prisoners have escaped. Recently, he also got reports that Ben and Coop were back, which only increased his temper. It only became worse when he heard that Dr. K has turned against him and were helping the humans.

"Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow!" He yelled angrily.

Suddenly, the door was blasted around the room, creating a small smoke. Emerging from the entrance, Coop, Dennis, Fiona, Lorne, Hailey and Dr. K came, armed with weaponries.

Coop raised his gun specifically at the commander, "Give up now, cat scum, its over."

"I don't think so." The Kat commander sat down on his seat and pressed a button. He pressed a button that caused everyone, other than him, to float in the air. Gravity was instantly removed that everyone, including his nearby guards began to float. The Kat Commander didn't have the effect on him and smirked, "What do you have to say now, Burtonburger."

Coop struggled to gain balance, but failed. He was about to respond with glare when his eyes caught something that made him smirked, "Speeding sister close by."


Suddenly, Millie flew through the metal walls and straight at the Commander. The leader was surprise, but regains himself and turned a knob at his arm rest. The same lost of gravity affected Millie, halting her in the aim and making her to float. The Kat commander laughed, "Anything else to say? Now it's time that I destroy that friend of yours."

"But Kommander…" One of the guards tried to say, but the Commander silence him.

With a wicked grin, he made the ship to move up in the air, heading straight at WayBig.

****************************************************(LINE BREAK)********************************************

At the meantime, Waybig blocked a mutant Waybig punch and kicked it at the chest. The mutant stumbled backwards, but Waybig ran towards it and threw an uppercut to the chin. He then began to throw rapid blows before lifting him off the air and tossing him away; causing it hit to the ground and explode. But just as he threw that one away, another mutant Waybig jumped on him.

Waybig tried to get the mutant off him, but it didn't. So instead, he began to spin so fast that the mutant flew off his back and hit the ground, exploding into goop. Waybig began to pant, trying to catch his breath. He fought multiple Waybigs since Millie left and was glad they were down.

The Kat Nebula mothership flew closely to Waybig from behind. From the ship, a large cannon emerged from the front and began to charge up. The sound of its charging caught Waybig's hearing and he turned. Unfortunately, the cannon fired at that moment, shooting a large blast. It directly flew straight at him.

Waybig reacted quickly and used his hands to shield his chest. The blast hit him, but he still stood. He fought back by moving forward, enduring the pain from the blast. No sooner, he stood directly close to the ship and tore out its cannon, throwing it away. The giant alien held grabbed the ship with his barehand, "You shouldn't have messed with me." His eyes darted at the frightened commander.

Since Coop and his friends were in the ship, Waybig shook the ship a little, shutting down the loss of gravity. Everyone was free and soon Coop, his friends and Dr. K surrounded the frightened commander.

****************************************************(LINE BREAK)*****************************************

A few hours later, the mothership was on the ground and everyone was out. Also, a small cargo black ship stood close with AOI agents standing. The kids rejoined with their families after so long. The Commander was in handcuffs and was led into the cargo ship, but not without Kat giving throwing a punch at his arm for payback during his time as an agent and his current state.

Dr. K had quickly taken charge of Kat Nebula forces as indicated by the planet's constitution which stated that if the Commander was gone and the son was unfit (which he was) the closest in charge will take over. The commander never trusted having a general so Dr. K took over due to her high status. As the new commander, she ordered all Kat Nebular forces all around the world to head back to their planet. Along with that, she shut down the mutant aliens all around the world.

"So what now, dude?" Ben asked, standing next to Coop and Dennis.

"Beats me." Dennis shrugged, "I'm just glad it's all over."

"Yeah…" Coop said with a smile, "But to tell you guys the truth, I'm going to miss those times we tried to stop Kat from taking over the universe.

"Yeah, me too."

Ben chuckled and wrapped his arms around their shoulders, "Come on, guys, let's go celebrate."

The boys quickly agreed and soon enough everyone. That night became a victory party that the entire town attention. Coop, Fiona, Dennis and Ben were recognized as heroes. Everything that happened that night was worth all the trouble they went through. Planet earth was safe.

******************************************************************(LINE BREAK)**********************************************

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