Eruka gulped as she looked up at her boss, the person who had her life within her hands. Medusa Gorgon, the Snake Witch, although bitch was a much more fitting word for her. The Frog Witch trembled with fear as she looked at the blond woman. She was certain this would be her final few minutes of life after what happened.

"Eruka, explain to me something: how could you possibly screw this up?" Medusa asked her. She didn't bother putting on a fake smile and sweet face. She was pissed. To her, it was a simple mission for Eruka and Crona: go and pick up a package from a 'special destination'. It had turned out to be a struggle to live for the duo as they were jumped by Black*Star and Death the Kid. Needless to say, it ended with them running away.

"I-it was the Reaper Boy! A-a-a-and-and-" Eruka was shaking in her boots as Crona just looked away, hoping not to face Medusa's glare.

"And you ran." Medusa finished, Eruka's face turning more pale then ever as Medusa raised her hands and formed her fingers as if to snap them.

"W-w-w-wait! Please! Give me one more chance! I'm begging you!" Eruka begged, getting on her knees as tears stained her face. She knew what was coming: she was going to have the snakes inside her tear her apart like the Older Mizune Sister.

"I have no use for a cowardly witch." Medusa said coldly. She was about to snap her fingers when-

"It was my fault."

Time seemed to have stopped around everyone and everything as they turned to the one owho spoke, Crona. The Black Blooded Terror was actually going to take the blame for their failed mission.

"I wasn't strong enough to stop them. It was my fault." Crona continued. Medusa smirked a bit, finding it cute her child was risking its skin to protect the cowardly frog. So cute, she decided to humor the pink haired meister.

"Alright. I'll deal with you later Crona. As for both may leave." dismissed Medusa. Eruka was still in shock. So much shock she was still frozen, even when Crona was leaving the room. Eruka flinched as she quickly got up and followed the child out the room.

Once the two left the room, there was an awkward silence. (Why would Crona do that? Medusa was going to kill me. She could have did Crona save me?!) "C-Crona?"

"Hm?" the child asked as she turned to face Eruka, his face having that nervous look as always.

"Well...why did you do that? I mean...not that I don't appreciate it, but...what do you get out of this?" Eruka asked her.

"...Nothing." Crona answered, "I wouldn't know how to deal with seeing you die in front of me."

(Wait...don't you kill people all the time?!) Eruka questioned, but was against saying it. Why look a gift horse in the mouth? As the two continued down the hallway, Eruka looked at Crona, ", kid." Eruka said. Crona looked right back at Crona. Then the meister began to tremble and turn away.

"I don't know how to deal with people thanking me..."